Written by Steve

2 Sep 2005

Internet meeting 2

HI, here is another true meeting - that happened about a year ago. I guess I am trying to log down all my most meorable encounters and this certainly was one..

We met online through Aol, and chatted for a while on the Instant message thing. Her name was Jude and she lived in York with another girl. I cannot remember how old she was, but probably about 25-30. I am 32. Anyway.., after a huge flirty session on aol one night, she mentioned that she would be free the next day, after work, so I was to jump onto aol when I got home from work.... which I did. We chatted and she said that she was feeling very horny and would I be able to get over to York that evening. Being a bloke, I had to check that I had not any prior arrangements! Hell yes! I am there!! So logging off, I was straight in the shower, dying to get over to York. Jude gave me the directions and number of the flat, and I set off. Got to York and found the Street, around some pretty high rise flats, not those huge things though. There were different blocks and I had to ask some kids where the right place was. They took me there asking who I was going to see, although I did not tell them.

I found her intercom and rang it. Jude answered and buzzed me into the building. I went to find flat 8, I think, and arrived there to find the door open, but no one waiting at it. All there was was a Post it note on the door telling me to come in. I opened the door and found post it notes on the stairs... Follow these... keep going... are you horny... not far to go.... round the corner..... straight on... etc.... this eventually got me to a bedroom door with a post it note on, saying please knock... so I did and Jude shouted Come in. She was sat on the bed in a skimpy white nurses uniform, made of rubber or PVC. and a cheeky grin on her face. I smiled - horny straight away, she asked, do you like my outfit? My god, YES! and I went to hug her. We were both stood up and I think both a little nervous. Because of this nervousness, we suddenly kissed, which led to a full on snog, as I grabbed her arse through her uniform. She it turn, grabbed mine and I took this as a green light. So I reached further down and found her bare thighs. Placing my hand on her thighs I slid it up to lift her skirt from her arse. This made her tongue me deeper and I got even more horny. SHe then stopped and turned around, asking me to unzip the uniform as it was sooo hot. I did and it dropped to the floor. All I could see now was Jude in her red, cool, furry knickers and no bra. She turned to me showing me these fabulous tits and asked me to suck them. I bent over and grabbed her tits while sucking on one as she bend backwards slightly, her eyes closed. I then went for her arse again while sucking her tit, and had my hand under her knickers, feeling it. I moved my hand round to her pussy to find it shaved and smooth, and gorgeously juicy. She stopped me and undid my jeans, pulling them down and taking off my shirt. She then pushed me to sit on the bed, and knelt on the floor infront of me. She rubbed my now massive cock, through my tight boxers, and licked my thigh. And then she pulled down my boxers to get my cock out. I was beside myself at this point and loving every minute of it. She started to lick my balls, holding my cock in her hand, and then going on to lick the shaft of my cock really slowly - it was fantastiic! She teased me doing this for a good few minutess, and then slide her mouth around the head of my cock and started to give me one of the best blow jobs ever! Her mouth was really soft and so wet, which made it even better. I was almost about to cum, so she spun around and laid on the bed and asked me to lick her out. This was great as I went down on her pussy, She was so wet and clean I didnt mind getting her juices all over my face. I was fingering her at the same time, and also playing with her arse hole. This made her cum as I felt her legs shaking uncontrollably. She was out of breath, but flipped me back over telling me it was my turn. She Straddled my face with her pussy over me so I could lick it as she gave me a blow job again. This time I came almost instantly, and seh sucked me dry, swallowing everything... Licking me clean and kissing my balls. This was amazing... Straight after, I became soft and we laid for a few minutes talking about nothing really. She was saying that her flatmate had gone out, knowing I was coming round, and that she had called Jude a Dirty Lucky Bitch, before leaving...

After a short conversation, Jude started playing with my soft cock again, which, to my surprise became hard as a rock very quickly. She didnt say anything, but just laid on her back and opend her legs either side of me, pulling me towards her.I got the message and slid my cock deep inside her, making her gasp and pull me deeper into her, with her hands on my arse. She asked me to fuck her hard and fast, so I grabbed her ankles and lifted up her legs, and far apart, and began shagging her hard. As I had cum earlier, I did not cum easy, so I really enjoyed this, pounding her pussy hard. She came again after a while, which made me cum again, stronger this time..

I think then we spean tthe rest of the eveing, licking, sucking, wanking and shagging each other until I had to leave.

Most definately one of the cutest most horny girls I have been with... and would love to see again...

This is 100% true and brings back great memories when I think about her....