Written by Anon

7 Dec 2004

It is coming up to the first anniversary of an event that was rather interesting, to say the least.

My wife S and I decided that we would book a weekend away before Christmas last year in a rather pleaseant hotel. The idea was a bit of time away from the kids before the Christmas madness.

We arrived at the hotel and booked in and went to freshen up before dinner. Well, we ended up having a shag and got down to the dining room rather late. It was rather full. We eventually sat down and the waiter came over and apologised due to the fact that a rather large group was staying that night and all decided to eat at the same time.

Anyway we got fed and then went to the bar, where this group were.

I got a couple of drinks, and S and I began chatting. We seemed to be the only couple there apart from this group.

After about half an hour a very attractive blond came over and introduced herself. She then asked us if we wanted to join the rest of the group, and explained that they were all a bunch of friends who had met on holiday in the west Indies.

As she talked I noticed that there was a lot of groping and fondling going on by the vast majority of the group. The blonde turned to see what I was looking at, and said "don't worry, we are all very friendly, we all met in a certain sort of club, if you know what I mean".

I said "I think so".

I went to get some more drinks, and as I got to the bar, a guy said to me "are you going to join us then?"

"Well, yes, I think so"

I got the drinks, and the guy said "the hotel staff have set aside the function room for us, we going through in a minute, come through when you are ready"

I went back to S, who had been chatting to the blonde lass, who got up and said "see you shortly"

S seemed quite excited.

"They are all swingers, you do know that don't you?" I said

"Oh yes, it would be fun to watch"

Now S has always wanted to watch others having sex. We swapped with some friends of ours a couple of years ago, and had enjoyed it, but had never done anything like this before.

So with a little bit of nervousness, we got up and into the function room.

As we went in, the chap I had spoken to at the bar said "Ok girls, get your numbers out"

I watched as all the women got out tickets. For a minute I thought S had one, but no.

The chap said "Ok, number 11, step forward!"

A very good looking brunette stepped out of the group.

"Its Jacky tonight folks. Ok, Jacky you know what to do"

The brunette walked over to a table that was in the middle of the room, lifted up her skirt and bent over the table.

She was wearing sheer black stockings and suspenders and a pair of black silk knickers were stretched across her perfect shaped arse.

"Oh come on Jacky,you know the rules, no knickers" said the guy, and he walked across to the woman leaning across the table. He took hold of the material at the edges of her pants, and pulled them down to her ankles, where she stepped out of them.

He then gave her arse a slap, which made her gasp.

"Ok folks you know the rules. You can all play with Jacky, but if she says no, it means no. So who's first?"

What then started was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. It would take to long to describe what went on in detail, but needless to say she was licked, fingered and fucked by all the men and a few of the women as well.

She had cum running down her legs from both her cunt and her arse, and I lost count of the times she came. The only word of protest I herad amongst her groans of enjoyment and the various crude suggestions from the crowd, was when a chap took his turn with her and started to fuck her arse. She was groaning because what his dick was at least 9 inches long and looked as think as a baby's arm. I nearly shot my load there and then as I watched this monster disapear up Jacky's by now well lubricated arse. She was being well and truly stretched.

She kept saying "Fuck me but slowly, please more slowly"

After about ten minutes of slow deep fucking the guy came, and pulled out. jacky lay there panting, and then the blonde who had spoken to us walked over to the table and knelt down behind Jacky and started to lick and finger her.

I stood and watched as she slowly worked four fingers into Jacky's dripping stretched arse and with her other hand put four fingers into Jacky's well fucked fanny. She made her cum again, and then stood up and beckoned to me.

I must admit, I had enjoyed watching what was going on by hadn't expected to be able to join in!

S said "go on, I want to watch you fuck her"

So I went across, and got my by now solid cock out.

The blonde took hold of it. Her hands were cool, and slighty sticky from the spunk that was on her fingers, and she guided my dick to Jackys stretched arse hole.

"Finish her off by fucking her really hard"

The blonde held my knb against Jacky's ring, I took hold of Jacky's hips, and thrust my cock hard into her. Now I've had S up the arse before, and she was tight,and this usually made me cum within a few seconds, but God was this girl wet. I went straight in as far as I could. Jacky gasped, and said in a very husky voice "Just fuck me as hard as you can, until you cum". So I did. She was still tight, but so wet! I banged away,with each thrust she let out a little gasp, I kept pushing my dick up her hot slippery arse for all I was worth, and I couldn't hold it any longer. I shot my load up her, it seemed to go on for ages, and when I had stopped I pulled out.

I took hold of Jacky's hand and helped her stand up. She was a bit weak at the kness. Not surprising really, after being bent over for nearly an hour whilst at least 20 guys had been fucking her.

She turned to face the group, and she had a slightly dreamy smile on her face as she smoothed her skirt down.

The guy, who appeared to be in charge, thanked her and said "a big round of applause for Jacky, we'll let her get away back to her hubby know, who I dare say will want to have a go now" I turned and saw one of the guys at the back smiling.

I zipped myself and went back to S, who was chatting to three of the guys in the group.

"I'm just off up to the room, with these guys, come up in half an hour" she said.

What happened then is another tale of sordid fun, though suffice to say three into one does go!