Written by steve m ............ blackpool s.s

3 Apr 2004

i am a married man , but recently i have been bi curious . a mate of mine lent me a porn video my wife loves watching the porn anyway when the film ended a swithed it off after a bit of rampant fucking with my wife , she went up to bed . i put the tape on and fast forwarded it at the end there was a section on other videos to buy and there was a section on gay sex - it was only on for about 3 mins but i had a hard on looking at the men fucking and sucking . anyway my story - i went down to the local park and i was dying for the toilet so i went into one of the cubicles i was reading the stories when i noticed there was a hole as big as my fist in the wall stuffed with toilet paper . i carried on reading the stories when i heared voices and they went into the cubicle next to me , my heart was pounding i heard one of the men say get on your knees and suck my cock - i thought he had brought his wife in for some fun . i could hear suck noises and he said are you enjoying sucking my cock the person who said yes was a man. i didnt know what to do - but i was getting a fuckin hard on after a minute or so i heard him say take my knickers off and lick my hole - i needed to see what was going on so i tryed to look thru the cracks in the loo paper . then i heard one of them saying theres someone next door - then the loo roll was pulled out of the hole and there i was sitting with a hard on - he asked me to look thru the hole and did i like what i could see . his mate was wearing jeans but under them he was wearing stay up stockings and a thong and a big hard on - he was just wearing track suit bottoms he then went away from the hole and next thing his mate put his cock thru the hole , i didnt know what to do , i touched it and give it a gentle wank i heard his mate say suck the cock - i bent down and licked the end then slowly o put my lips around it sucking very gentle his mate knocked on my door and came in and said he likes it rough watch - with that he deep throated him and sucked realy hard he the stopped and said you have a go , i put it in my mouth and the lad was coaching me saying suck it all - get it down your throat - he was saying are you enjoying it ,do you like sucking strangers cocks i just nodded my head i was loveing it . he the bent over and said to me lick my arse hole i didnt know what to do and again he said lick my arse hole do it - in a trance i started eating his arse out while he was wanking his cock . hos mate said lets go next door to the ladies no one ever goes in there - i didnt have time to think i followed them the mans arse hole i licked said do you want to fuck me - i said this was the first time i had had a cock in my mouth , but his mate in the stockings said dont worry i will fuck you - he bent him against the sink and pushed his cock all the way in he waited a second or so then he started pumping his arse with his big cock , i couldnt believe what i was seeing the the lad fucking said get between his legs and suck his cock , i dived over and sucked the best i could - he said rub our bollocks and feel my cock going into his arse - i was still sucking his mate said im going to come dont let him spit any of my cum out he pulled out his mates arse and he was wanking next to my face as i sucked his mate - then he spunked in my mouth i gagged and some came out his mate then pushed his cock into my mouth and he spunked . he said lick us dry which i did . which one of us do wyou want to suck you off i said the one with the stockings - ok he came over knelt down and gave a the best gobble i have ever had - his mate said fuck his mouth he loves it anyway i started spunking and he swallowed the lot . when i fuck my wife or she sucks me i keep thinking of thge two lads in the park ... ive got the taste for it , my next fantasy is to suck a black cock ........