Written by Roxy Fan

28 Feb 2011

Hi please forgive me but what I'm about to tell you is true a bit tame compaired to other stories but never the less gospel.

Last week I was doing my weekly shop (and I dont want to get anyone in trouble by naming it so I'll just say, at A--i. Now shoping is somthing that I dislike at the best of times, so there I was with my list pushing the trolley when I came across the store manager who I recognised and we exchanged hello's but stood next to him was the nearest I have seen to a Brian Ferry look alike, you know the singer in the seventies Roxy Music band well my mouth went dry I started with butter flies and I could feel my heart pounding, my god my teen heart throb and I'm a still a big fan well he looked at me and introduced himself as some region manager and he proceded to ask what i liked about the store, I just went dumb all I could was look in to his eyes and melt I could feel my pussy twinge. I barbelled some stupid comments and found my self saying yes to answering some more questions in the office. In there I mind was running wild and eventually he asked you are looking at me as though you know me have we mett before. I said sorry and explained he was a look alike of a heart throb of mine. He then explained he was a fan and people have commented before on how he looked like him. Any way we finished the questions and he then asked if I took advantage of any of there electrical offers, stupidly I blabed ho yes I missed out on the camcorder last week, he then offered to take my number and if one turned up in the back he would give me a call. I said my thanks and went home thinking dirty thoughts and also how lucky I was not being made to by another as I did by one the week before. Any way shopping put away me with my feet up hubby away for the weekend kids out for the day enjoying the peace when the phone went and to my suprise it was my Brian Ferry look alike telling me a camera had turned up and did I want it, I said yes just for the off chance of seeing him again a girl can dream cant they! It was then he said he could bring it to me at home. Well my heart was pounding I quickly tided upa bit and soon as the door bell went I opened the door to this tall broad shouldered beautiful middle aged man, if there is any fans out there you know the jealous guy video well that wasthe look hair suit the lot. I quickly asked him for a drink he said no but, asked as a fan could he look at my records. Great I thought mind working over time we went up stairs to the spare room and soon had my records on show. The atmosphere was electric and the was an awkward silence from that he asked if I collected pictures I went bright red and said yes I have one on my wall I felt a right nerd we then went in to my room and shown hin the poster, wether it was because we were close between the furniture and the bed that I just reached out to him and we kissed the smell of him the crisp sharp suit was all to much we fell on the bed He had a his hands on my breasts soon I was just down to my panties but I just did not care he worked down to my pussy my panties on just on one leg his never moving from mine his tongue flicking my bean I could feel my juices running down to my bum I came in no time looking down between my raised legs seeing his eyes looking back and then the poster behind him on the wall I will never forget, I then begged himto fuck me he stood up slowly took of his shirt and tie to reveal a beautiful smooth chest, I quickly undid his belt felt inside for his cock my god it felt so warm and thick I then began to suck him deep in to my mouth his balls hung heavy he was so hard soon I was being pushed back on to the bed where he spun me round on top of him and I rode and rode feeling his cock telling him to fuck me he then pushed me to his side and entered me from behind my favourite Fuck me Brian I screamed harder harder I came again I then felt a finger pushing in to my bum hole being lubricated by my own juices it felt lovely I did'nt care I was being fucked by Brian Ferry the hours I have masterbatedin front of this poster being shagged by my hubby all the time fantising but I did not care this was the nearest I could get, I then heard my self say just use me as you wish Brian and with that he pushed deep in to my arse and he fucke me like I have never known soon I felt a warm glow and a throb in my arse and I knew he had come, he then asked me to lick him clean this I did with out been told twice he then pulled my hips back and I felt his tongue dip in to my arse sucking the spunk out we then licked each other clean. Then reality clicked in and we both looked shocked at what we had done we said are good bys and he left I did keep the camera as a gift, I still have not told as soul my hubby would love it if he new as he knows how I feel about Brian and masterbate regular, its especially good now when I wake up with his hard on in my back and unknown to him I gently masterbate and let ny jucies lubricate my arse so I can push back on his cock and think of my Brian I was his real slave to love. I