Written by katrina

1 May 2006

a few days ago i enjoyed 1 of the horniest nites ever. i've always loved sex and from quite young found my big tits attracted men. my first shag was with a guy a lot older than me. since then ive found older men to be better and dirtier, especially the married ones. my current partner mike is more than twice my age and encourages me to have plenty of sex with other men as he knows he cant give me enuff. i like to be fucked 3 or 4 times a day. i have some older guys cum visiting in the day for a shag. mike luvs cumin home to inspect my spunky holes and hearing about my days shagging b4 likin me out and fucking me again. anyway the other day he said his mate paul had some special clients cumin 4 a meeting and wanted to give them a good time to get the order. i was being offered cash to look after them!

i arranged 4 my m8 kelly to cum to stay the night with mike so he wouldnt be without a shag 4 the nite and left to meet paul at the hotel. i wore my long black skirt and a white blouse that showed my braless tits off well. paul introduced to his clients nick and john. i joined them 4 a meal - nick was in his 40s blonde with a good tan and muscular body whilst john was short and stocky and must have been about 60. during the meal the 2 of them had been groping me under trhe table and feeling right up to my pussy (i don't wear nickers - they get in the way).after the meal we went up to their room and as soon as we got thru the door all 3 had there clothes off nearly as quick as me. they all had good hard-ons nick had just over 8 inches but very thin. john made up for it with the fatest cock ive seen recently altho fairly short. pauls cock i know well having shagged him a few times be4 - its a respectable decent size 1. looked like they were going to measure up. i was already very horny & wet with anticipation. just as i was about 2 grab a cock nick bent me over the bed and started licking my pussy. john stuck his fat cock in my mouth while paul placed his cock in my hand. i came quickly with the attention of nicks tongue. he then got me 2 climb onto john fat cock. it slid into my cunt easily but certainly stretched it. he then licked my clit and arseas i rode john and paul stuffed his cock in my mouth. moments later I felt nicks cock poking at my arse. with abit of moving i soon had the two cocks pounding me whilst i sucked paul. they kept this up 4 a good while until paul said he wanted to fuck me. the other two moved out to let paul climb on me sucking my tits as he got his cock deep into my pussy. he was very horny with john and nick watching him and we quickly came together with him filling with my first lot of spunk of the night. he pulled out and i started licking him clean. with that john came up behind me and rammed his fat dick into my soaking wet spunky cunt. nick started to finger me at the same time and started stroking john's cock. he then used the cum from me to rub into john arse. i had sucked paul back to full hardness. then nick positione himself behind john and must have stuck his cock in him as i felt johns fucking become far more intense and both of them must have come at the same time by their moans. i quickly licked the both clean whilst paul started fucking my arse.

the rest of the night was spent with the three of them fucking me and john and nick having sum bi action as well. i joined in helping them sucking cocks. i must have been spunked at least 3 times by each of them having all my holes well used. i left in the morning being given an envelope of cash by paul and went back home to mike. i let myself in and went upstairs to hear that kelly was really enjoying mike. i walked thru the door to see her riding him and at that moment he shot a big load. good timing - a cock and cunt to clean up and some more fucking and licking from mike and kelly. for the first time for quite a while i actually felt a little sore but that didnt last 2 long.