Written by Mary

18 Sep 2004

I'm a 36 yr old housewife. My name is mary. I've read alot of the stories secretly so my husband doesn't know what I do during the day. I've often enjoyed and had fantasies about them and while I was never sure how true many were, they did make we wonder just what I was missing.

Well...its 3.30am on saturday morning and I have just got back in from a night out with some girlfriends. A meal, drinks then a night club. We normally dance with guys, have a laugh etc but tonight for some reason i felt really turned on.

This black guy was dancing with me and he started to grope, normally i stop the guys but I let him carry on. My friends were too busy with other guys dancing to notice. He actually slipped his hands up my short skirt which was such a turn on. Then he kissed me and whispered that he wanted to 'fuck me'. Now that is the first proposition I have had in 15 yrs of marriage!!

I laughed and walked away from him but this website and what others get up to made me curious. Eventually my friends said they were ready to go.....I said ok.....went with them and we waited on a taxi. They stay away from me so we normally get two cabs with me getting the first and them the second but tonight I said for them to get the first which they did. Then I summoned up the courage and left the taxi rank and went back to the club. Looking for him, I couldn't see him and felt disappointed but it wasn't long before some other guys asked me to dance. I was enjoying myself kissing them and letting their hands wander without worrying my friends would see me. One guy got very naughty and had me in a corner with my skirt right up and pushed my hand down his trousers. My first cock I had felt except my hubbys for more than 15 yrs and it felt huge.

I knew then that I really wanted fucked by someone but didn't know what to do. It was then that I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked round to see it was my black friend. He said so u have come back for it then......I looked at him and just said yes...want to go ? He guided me out and we grabbed a taxi and went to his place and there he and I had wild, hard sex.....no protection was used....I never thought about it and it was too wild and fast to think about it. He had me for a couple of hours then he called me a taxi and here I am home....still wet from the thoughts!!!! I also have his phone number...should I call him again??