Written by guyforks

2 Nov 2008

hi this happen last night we had a fireworks party last night and one guessed a nabour was getting very drunk she was flirting with my ali and me all night so when every one had gone home it was just us 3 ali and jill were talking in the kitchen i was clearing up when i noticed that they were hugging. i said very nice but its should be me that should get a hug jill said your turn next but first i need to show ali how much ive enjoyed myself tonight. at that she just dropped there skirt to the floor and grabbed ali hand and stuck it straight down her knickers. before ali could do anything jill was kissing her full on. ali just went with it and stuck 3 fingers up jill fanny.they were all over each other. there clothes started to come off and very soon they were both stripped off and fingering each other and sucking on there tits. i stripped off and walked over to them jill just looked at me and started to suck my cock. ali was licking jill like a cat with the cream. soon jill came with suck force she left a wet patch on the floor. i then took ali place and tasted jill for the first time. ali was sat on jill face and crying out for jill to suck her harder. i started to fuck jill she was so wet i came in minute. ali just turn round so they were in a 69 and started to lick jill clean. jill came again. we went upstairs and ali got her dildo out of the draw and jill in one move had it up alis fanny and was fucking her with it. ali said i need a real cock up me so i started to fuck ali jill started to fuck her own fanny with the dildo.wot a sight. jill started to lick my balls and ali fanny the tonge kept getting closer to my arse very nice it was then jill jjust stuck a finger into my arse i let out a little mone then jill started to finger fuck me. then she did the same to ali.we were all loving it when jill said to ali you ever seen him getting fuck . no at that jill just said ok get over here and watch. at witch she got the dildo and started to slowly push it into my arse at first i thought that my arse was on fire. but they just said to enjoy it soon it was all the way up my and yes i did start to enjoy it. ali started to suck me of and jill pushed the dildo that little bit more and sent me over the edsge i came in ali mouth. she did not swallow it she just started to kiss me and the i got a mouth full of my own cum. jill and ali started to fuck each other then jill fucked alis arse with the dildo. wot a great night. when jill was leaving she said next time she will bring her strap on and fuck us both with it.