Written by Carrla - Katerina

25 Jul 2019

I like sex , good sex the emotion of a full on orgasm sets me off , some of my boyfriends were selfish more interested in their own enjoyment but not so hands on or tounge on with mine .

Dont get me wrong , some of my exs bfriends where open to help me reach my peak , my story is with too many fumbling and frustrating experiences my thoughts would stray to what would it be like with another woman.

Well a few months ago i met Kat , younger than me but very confident, after a few get togethers as a group , i arranged to meet Kat and her friend for a few drinkies , i got a message from Kat it was only going to 2 if us , her mate was caught up with something else.

We went to a local pub , made our way up stairs were it was quiet, the cocktails flowed , then the shots , i became a little touchy feely and flirty.

We were talking about boyfriends and stuff , then Kat said her last relationship was with a married woman at work , the alcohol helped like a truth serum, i was all ears.

She said they only got together in her office , she said it was hot , fingering , kissing , touching i was getting wet.

Kat asked me if i had ever been curious, i blushed like a teenager, my silence gave me away .

We ordered more drinks then Kat said shall we move to a more secluded table , then she asked could she kiss me , i nodded and her lips were soft , i responded , from a gentle kiss to a full on tounges touching , then i felt her hand on my boobs , i wanted her to stop but the alcohol and the moment responded to her touch.

Then looking deep into my eyes her hand moved onto my knee , she moved my skirt over my knees she said open your legs , gently i opened my legs , she caressed my inner thigh then her fingers touched my panties , i was so wet , i was so turned on.

There fingers found their way into my panties and touched my pussy , we kissed again and 2 then 3 fingers were inside me , i was getting ready to cum big , with fingering and clit rubbing , i told Kat i was going to cum , i grabbed her arm pushing her hand and fingers into my cunny.

We kissed again and this set me off again.

I went to the ladies to compose myself , Kat said it was fun , and to arrange another meet at her place , she said she like sexy undies and toys .......we finished our drinks and she left , when i got home i frigged myself off with my rabbit, eyes closed remembering my 1st lady / lady moment .........i will tell you all what happens next