Written by Dawn

17 Apr 2005

At the time I was 33 and had been married for 12 years, my husband, Bob, was a couple of years older. We had always enjoyed a great sex life, we were soul-mates as far as sex was concerned both enjoying the same things. By that I mean that we didn't just have it in bed, we had it everywhere, every room in the house, in the garden, in the car, out in the country, in car parks, you name it. However, not unusually, we had reached that stage where it had become pretty mechanical. Not that we didn't enjoy it, just that the old spark wasn't there. Then, one evening, we were at a party thrown by a friend when a man we didn't know came on to me very strongly. He asked me to dance and made it obvious that I turned him on by pressing his sizeable erection against me. I didn't react and he thanked me when the dance ended, having learnt that I was married. Back with Bob I told him, laughing, what had happened. "Did it turn you on?" he asked. "Matter of fact it did," I replied. "Hmm," was all the response.

Later that night we made love and the subject of my dancing partner was raised. "What did you feel about it?" Bob asked, "Would you have liked to have it off with him?" "I certainly wouldn't have minded," I replied, "not that I would want anyone to take your place, just that it would be something different for a change. You know, just experience another cock, another man doing me differently." Then Bob surprised me, "I don't think I'd mind, not with that man I mean, but perhaps with someone you got to know and wanted.... well... wanted that way I mean." "You wouldn't?" "No, I expect we both have a feeling to do it with someone else now and again, and, in a funny way, even just talking about it turns me on. The idea of having you after you'd just had someone else...wow!"

That was the end of the conversation at the time. Then I went out to a hen night with a dozen women that I knew and, to cut a long story short, got talking about sex to some of the more mature women, those of my own age and a bit more. It turned out that I wasn't the only one to have an itch to experience someone else without wanting to jeopardise my marriage. "I can tell you what the answer is," said one of my best friends, Judy, "have a solo holiday in Turkey! The men there are fabulous, young, good-looking, well-hung, and only too willing to bed Western women!" Then turning to me she went on, "They particularly like blondes like you, Dawn!" "How do you know?" I retorted, not believing for one minute that she had ever done such a thing. "Because I have two holidays a year in Turkey!" came the reply, "I've had loads of young men over the past two or tree years, but I have a regular lover out there now. He's 22, extremely good looking, extremely well-hung, over 9 inches if you want to know, and he can make it last for as long as I want it!" Well that did it for me, I drove her home and got all the details of where to go etc., then went home and told Bob.

"Well, as I said, I wouldn't mind, the only objection I'd have is that I shan't be there to fuck you afterwards!" "Tell you what then," I said, "let me go out, once at least, so's I can see what's what, then we'll go out together, I'll go with whoever and I'll make sure that we can enjoy a good time afterwards, how's that?" "Yes," he replied, "I like that, let's do it!" So that's what we did.

I had my reservations about what Judy had told me, but I followed her advice. I booked everything on my own, a hotel that she recommended because the rooms were in, effect, private apartments. They would also would arrange for me to be picked up from the airport from the flight that I booked direct. Couldn't have been better.

The resort was Altinkum and I arrived there at about two in the morning, so I had a reasonable sleep. Then I spent the first day partly on the beach and then exploring the town, not that there was much to explore. But I did find the bar that Judy had recommended and after dinner that evening that's where I went. I had hardly sat at a table with my brandy and coke before a young man asked me to dance. It was quite an experience the first time even though I knew what to expect. Judy had told me that all the young men would have an erection when they danced, it was true! Afterwards I returned to my table and another woman came and sat down, "Always safety in numbers!" she said, "My name's Shirley," she giggled, "I see you've found out about the young men here!"

"Having a hard-on when they dance, you mean? Oh yes!" We laughed together. "Did you like that?" Shirley asked. "It's what I was expecting," I replied, "a friend at home wised me up." "In that case I imagine that you're like the rest of us, wanting a change of dick! You'll find that they're extremely clean, ignore the rough looking ones and you shouldn't have any trouble..... you want to take precautions though, these lads are extremely virile, you don't want a bun in the oven!" "Oh, no fear of that, I can't, wanted kids but no chance I'm afraid. I make up for it with lots of sex!" I explained. "Lucky you, there's nothing like feeling a load shooting up you. I can't take the risk myself."

We were both asked to dance several times and I enjoyed the feel of nice hard cocks against my belly. Then, very late on, about one in the morning, a very nice lad that I hadn't noticed asked me to dance. He could speak a little English and we got on well. We danced several times and it ended up with him asking me if I would like to take a walk with him. I would and we left the bar. It didn't take long to walk out of the resort, at that time it wasn't very big and he guided me out into a wooded area. As soon as we were well into the trees he stopped and kissed me, his cock rammed against my stomach. I felt my body responding and when he felt my breast through my thin blouse and bra I unbuttoned and let him feel me properly. I slipped my bra straps off my shoulders and exposed my breasts for him and he immediately took advantage by sucking my nipples. I was open, wet and willing in seconds. I felt for his cock and he released it for me to play with. A few minutes later, obviously very excited, he panted, "I love you with my yarak!" I knew what he meant as Shirley had told me that it was the Turkish word for 'cock'.

I put my hands up my skirt and hooked my pants down, managing to get them over my shoes, I put them in my handbag. Arkan, as he was called, felt up my skirt and started caressing my fanny. I was very wet. He gasped, "I fuck your cunt, yes?" "Yes!" I replied. He leant me against a large sloping rock and I pulled my skirt up to my waist and opened my legs. He'd felt me a little but he was impatient and couldn't wait to get it in and I felt his knob rubbing my clit. I put my hand down and entered it for him. He immediately pushed right up inside, I'd reckoned that he was at least eight inches and I had certainly never had a cock as deep inside me. He fucked gently at first, I had my hands on his bare bottom and pulled him in with each stroke. He became very excited and started moving harder and faster, thumping into me so that my love-juice squirted out onto my thighs. My senses swam and I kissed him passionately, "Oh, yes, Arkan! Fuck me, fuck me!"

I suppose he lasted about five minutes and I thoroughly enjoyed the way his cock rubbed my clit and massaged me deep inside. I didn't come but I came very close especially when he suddenly grunted and shot his spunk up me, it was a wonderful feeling. I held him there, feeling his cock soften, he went to let it slip out but I stopped him. "No, you get hard and fuck me some more!" I told him. I squeezed his cock rhythmically with the muscles inside my fanny as I kissed him and stroked his lovely tight little bum and, sure enough he began to get hard again. As soon as he felt himself getting hard, he started fucking. Oh, bliss, I was sloppy with spunk and love-juice and it took him a long time to come a second time. When I heard his breath shortening I slipped my hand down between us and teased my clit. He didn't like that at all but I came just after he had started spurting. We kissed almost crazily in our passion, it was the best fuck I'd had for a very long time.

That was the first one on that holiday, I had several more very young men, they were all virile and had loads of stamina. However the best I had was with an older man. Tariq was a man in his forties, he was extremely handsome and ran a jewellery shop in the town. Obviously every woman looks at jewellery, especially in Turkey where there is no tax. Tariq's shop was his own and we hit it off when he came out when I was looking in his window one evening and invited me inside. I won't bother with the details, suffice to say that the next day I accompanied him to his apartment at lunch-time. The apartment looked out over the town and the sea and, wasn't overlooked. Tariq took me out on the balcony and pointed out the local areas of interest. He stood behind me and it wasn't long before I felt his cock becoming erect and pressing against my bum. I was wet in seconds and he turned me round to kiss. In no time we were stripped on his bed. He had the biggest cock I had ever seen, at least nine inches and thicker that the average cucumber. He was a complete gentleman, even asking if I liked oral sex before kissing and tonguing my fanny. I returned the compliment, not that I could get much of that huge member in my mouth. He was an artist with his tongue and I came several times before he even slid his lovely cock inside me. He was an artist with that too. I always thought that Bob was the most considerate lover, always ensuring that I had as much pleasure as he did, but Tariq was a master. He fucked me to near insensibility through sheer pleasure, I had never had orgasms like it. His lunch hour wasn't long enough to complete his task and he lasted for at least another half hour. When he came it with such force and in such quantity as I had never experienced in my life.

Tariq was a realist, he realised that I'd fucked around before meeting him but didn't hold it against me. "Everyone has to learn," he said, then, "you will come again and we will be lovers all the time. You spend the night with me tonight and I will show you what you can expect." What I could expect, apparently, was to have loads of oral sex, whether I was full of spunk or not, and to be fucked at least six times a night!

I kept my word to both my men. I told Bob exactly what had transpired on my holiday and told him that I had found the man I would sleep with when I returned. I also told him that every morning when I returned to our apartment I would be anticipating a thorough seeing-to as I would be so sexually aroused. The following autumn when I retuirned it was with Bob and that day I explained to Tariq what was going to happen. he said that he would be honoured to be my 'second husband' and pleasure me to the utmost of his ability. He did too!

The first morning I returned to our apartment, Bob fucked into a fanny sloppy with Tariq's spunk and my love-juice, I had never experienced him so turned on and determined to add to the pleasure Tariq had given me. This happened every day, my fanny never had a chance to get sore because I was so wet all the time, but I was exhausted by the time we had to return home simply because I came so much. What a holiday that was! And it was the first of many!