Written by Alan

3 Nov 2003

For some time now I have been trying to persuade my wife to take part in sex acts with other men. So far she has refused. We have had sex in the car ,out of the car etc, but no luck with sharing her. The best I have got is a man watching as I fucked her over the bonnet, she didn't see him. I finaly got my wife to agree to letting someone listen and talk to us over the phone while we had sex. She was not keen. However the day came, she had a bath, put on a short top and white knickers. I dialled the number, a man I shall call TOM answered. I told Tom what she looked like , what she was wearing and gave the phone to my wife. He stright away told her he had his cock out and would like to have the pleasure of fucking her. I was fingering her, she loves that. He was telling her what a dirty slut she was and how she should be licked off by him before he shot his load up her. He could hear her cumming from my fingering. Many times. I was by this time fucking her,Tom was telling her she should have his cock up her arse. She was dripping wet. I took my cock out of her, fingered her again, then made her lick her own cum off my fingers. Tom was by now telling her that his cock was ready to explode. He told her again what a dirty slut she was and that she was only good for fucking, she came!! She got on top of me, I held her nipples tightly, she rode me off, cumming herself , Tom also came telling her she should be swallowing his cum. I told her, she should have his cum up her for me to lick off.

We are hoping to repeat this a few more time. I would still howvere love her to do it for real. It's good to talk.