Written by bidboy1

4 Jan 2007

My wife and I are in our 60's and I am the only man she has had. Sex has always been o.k.but she has never taken the lead and never talks about our sex life. Oral sex for her is a no no but she enjoys me going down on her.Recently I've taken to fantasizing about her being fucked by another man. Problem was ; how do I broach the subject.

Lying in bed one Sunday morning I mentioned that I'd had a dream that she'd met this bloke and that he'd somehow found his way back to our house, and had spent an hour or so pleasuring her, with me hidden from view on the landing,wanking myself silly. At first she didn't say anything, but then asked me if I'd enjoyed it, t o which I replied by showing her the damp patch on the sheet. Nothing more was said, but while we made love shortly afterwards I noticied that she was putting a lot more into it than normal. I seized the moment and said that my dream must have turned her on.She was embarrased and shrugged it off.

During the next month or so I said that the dream kept coming back and slowly she started to talk about it , eventually asking me if that's what I really wanted, and whether it would affect our marriage. I answered yes to the first and I didn't know to the second.

Several weeks passed without any further talk on the subject.

Two weeks ago we visited for the weekend, our oldest friends. Jim has always had a soft spot for my wife and I'm sure it's been the same for her. Now this sounds made up but it's quite true. When we arrived the four of us gathered in the kitchen and talk got round to what decorating had been done since our last visit. to which jim said he'd done the two spare bedrooms. My wife and Jim went upstairs to look at the rooms while I said I'd finish my coffee and go up in a minute.

After about five minutes I remarked that the two of them were a long time and I'd better check on them in case they were getting into mischief. Now Jim's wife has bad knees so she avoids to many stair journeys and tells me to go up, after all she has seen his handiwork.

As I get to the landing something makes me stop and very slowly I creep forward and look through through the crack of the half open door, to be greeted by the sight of my wife on her knees with his cock in her mouth sucking away and wanking the stem of his quite considerable man hood.

My reaction was to burst in but I held back because I had a really hard erction. So instead I kept watching and started to wank myself. After a short time it was obvious that Jim was going to come. I couldn't believe it , because she had never given me o proper blow job but here she was about to let someone else come in her mouth.

She suddenley stopped sucking, stood up and motioning him to be quiet, nodding in the dirction of the door, she very

quickly stepped out of her trousers and panties, unbuckled Jim's trousers and pulled them and pants to the floor.

By this time I was about to come so stopped wanking a nd gazed transfixed as she lay down on the end of the bed with her feet on the floor and spread herself, opening that delicious cunt of hers with both hands.

A word about my wife's cunt. It has very nicely proportined curtains which when held open as she was now doing revealed a delicate very wet cave mouth, and a lovely sized clitoris. All this is surrounded by a very fragrant bush which was fastidiously kept clean and sweet smelling.

Jim gasped at the sight and moved forward, inserted his cock deep into her and with her ankles now on his shoulders and her lower body well off the bed proceeded to fuck her with wild thrusts which culminated with visible tightning of his arse, her legs ramrod straight and squeezing his neck and violent spasms from both of them as they both reached a massive orgasm. I'd also shot my load,all over the carpet.

"You@re very quiet up there" comes the voice from downstairs.I've shot into the bathroom and emerged a few minutes later to find everyone back in the kitchen. My wife gave me a funny looj, much as to say did you see that?

I winked at her.

Later that night in the same bedroom as we were getting undressed I laid my wife on the end of the bed, lifted her legs onto my shoulders and as I gave her a seeing to ,the likes of which she hadn't had for years, she smiled....