Written by Telalgar

14 Nov 2004

Jack and Jill.

Jack sat by his computer his mind drifting into trying to make a major decision that he has been trying to make for a long while. Satisfied that he has nothing to loose he clicks on the send key, his details have now been logged with the dating agency. Not a normal agency but one that hopefully will find the person he desires so longingly in his penis.

Being married for several years his sex satisfaction could be measured in a negative quantity, not for many months has he managed to fill his wife’s fanny with hot cum. His lot in life was to occasionally lay on his side, if he managed to get blood into his penis to make it hard enough. Finding the monotony of the same old thing making it hard to get excited, laying back and performing what had become his husbandly duty. Jack wife taking his penis in the corner of her mouth, sucking like enjoying a rocket ice lolly, her left hand would pull Jacks hand onto her nipples liking them to be gently rubbed with the flat of his hand. Jack obliged thinking he was rolling something which had nothing to do with the job in hand. Having persuaded Jacks hand to raise the nipple above its normal flat state she let her hand wander down onto her clit, rubbing slowly for a start, up to the front then nearer her fanny feeling the soaking wet hold that could harbour the Queen Elizabeth in a storm. Juices running she rolls her clit from side to side, up and down, probing that hole with her fingers she becomes tense and sucks a little hard on the tool that by now has got fed up and thinking a good pee would be better. After what seems an eternity to Jack, she moans and rocks her hips rubbing harder and deeper, it is obvious she is coming to climax and a final rub brings the orgasm that all the rubbing was meant to bring. Laying for a few second she lets Jack’s dick go, free and served what is his lot in life, she rolls over and picks up her copy of the Daily Mail, the crossword must be finished before she goes to sleep. Jack lays there bollocks full and pissed off, dying to shoot his lot into a tight warm welcoming fanny. Will he ever feel that he is satisfied and can satisfy a real lady?.

The form has gone off now, nothing he can do, can’t stop it, it’s gone. Wondering what results if any it will bring he day dreams about the type of lady he would like to meet. Perhaps someone who is married and in the same situation not being satisfied by her partner. It seemed unlikely that he would meet a single lady, he could only hope.

Looking through a web site he found pictures that excited him to the extent that his penis was growing in a way that it hadn’t for quite a while. A movement in his scrotum moved his bollocks around in a way that no hand had done in a long while. Feeling the pressure in the tight confines of his trouser he unclips the belt around the waist, lifts the tag of the zip which fly’s down without further help. A wiggle of the hip and the trouser are down on the floor, the underpants show a wet patch of excitement just where his knob end is trying to find a way out. The picture he is looking at becomes less important, his thoughts go to the lady he hopes to meet. The underpants have to go, in one movement they join the trouser and his hand grips his hard member, this is the hardest he has been for a while and dreams of fucking his ideal partner. Picturing a pair of well presented tits, clean lines around a slim waist, a cuddly welcoming body. Thinking of what else he liked his mind picture a fanny cleaned of hair with a clear picture of a little clit standing to attention between the glistening wet lips, just moist enough to make entry to heaven with pain, dry enough make every movement his tool makes felt throughout his body. Too much to bare his thoughts turn to action as he finds his prick warming to his rubbing, the tip showing and being covered with every stroke. The sensation he feels is throbbing that he can only achieve in this way, he rubs a bit harder, he pictures his dream clit glowing a little pinker. A wheeling in the pit of his stomach tells his to point the end to the waste bin, not the ideal to fill but all he has at present. A tightening of his balls and he starts to pump out his warm white cum, so pent up he misses the bin with the first shot but gets it with the rest. Going into dream mode Jack wonders if he will find a partner to fill with his cum, he longs for the day. A quick wipe up and the pants trouser cover a hopeful penis, will his day soon come? Back to work. Hold on Jack thinks, “see if there is anything on the site” log in, no nothing maybe tomorrow.

What will chapter two bring

Jack & Jill Chapter 2

Several days have gone by and there is no reply from the web site, is Jack to be reduced to dreams and looking at pictures for the rest of his days he wonders. He remembers the excitement of that day when he filled in the web form, the hope, the desires and wants of his naked willy.

Nearly given up, he turns on his emails to find a reply from a lady in Hull. This may just be a false hope so he does not expect too much, he reads with interest the information given on the web page. Obviously married as it says there is a partner, who is into much more that Jack, anal is mentioned, Jack has never tried this, doesn’t know if he really wants to, would rather have a nice tight pussy sucking him in. Jack decides to reply, his fingers are nervous as he types a reply. What does this lady look like? Is she slim ? Is she big ? Is she tall ? most important on Jacks mind can he make her feel relaxed enough to meet him.

Many thoughts are going through Jack’s mind, his penis raises in the hope of things to come. He pictures this lady in his minds eye, he wonders if there being a husband if it would be threesome, or would it be a party?

A picture arrives, a nice looking lady he thinks, his prick starts to fill, what he would give to give this lady a good fucking. He wants to shag it already and he is only looking at the picture. Is the blond hair real or bottle, are the fanny hairs the same colour, he hopes there aren’t any. Sliding into a clean shaven pussy is like heaven on earth, he dreams of kissing the warms lips both ends of the body. Of sucking the dampness that comes with expectation, the aroma of a pussy wanting a hot blooded willy pushing past the clit into the depths of the canal that pleases all men. With even more nervous hands he replies and waits the results. Can’t wait, dreams mean action, action means that the throbbing knob between his legs won’t let go of the thoughts in his mind. Sitting at his desk, nobody realises that he has the hardest knob he has known in ages. It urges him to whip it out and tickle the smooth end, its wet in hunger, he looks again at the picture he has made from the web picture she had sent him. It lay on his desk, he wishes it were her laying on his desk, with a firm desk under her buttocks he could give her such a shafting that she would get every inch inside her, balls hitting her tight rounded cheeks. How it was he does not know but somehow his dick had escaped and lying full length in his hand, what to do with this excited member? He looked round to see who could see what he had hold of so tightly so that it could not escape. Nobody, so he moved the bin a bit nearer, he found himself thinking his hand was this ladies tight pussy, he shoved it in to the hilt, pulled it back, okay so it was only his hand, he could dream. A little faster, imagination running wild, he imagined her hot breath on neck. Push harder make her scream. He wanked a bit more until he could feel his buttocks getting tighter, for Christ sake hope nobody realised what he was doing he thought, then “what the hell, I want that lady”.

A few more strokes and that feeling of stomach muscles starting to tighten ready to eject the love juice he wanted the lady to receive. His balls rock, they twitch and suddenly they empty, what a cum, he pumps for what seems an age, don’t know if he hit the bin, doesn’t care all he wants is the lady in the photo.

To Jack’s relief it is agreed that he will meet his dream lady, to make it even better she invites him to her home. At bit worrying this as he is expecting to meet not only his dream lady but a partner as well, perhaps a pub meeting would have been better. Excited Jack climbs into his car at the appointed hour, what will he find, will the lady like him ? so many thoughts are going through his mind, he misses the turning and has to turn back. Standing on the door step, his whole body is shaking with the thought this could all be a disappointment.

He rings the bell, he waits for what seems to be an age, then through the glass he sees somebody coming to the door. The door opens, he sees his vision and wants her immediately. He is ushered into the lounge and sits on the settee. They chat, he finds out there is no partner, to this his is very pleased.

What will chapter 3 bring, will he at least get a cuddle ?

Jack & Jill Chapter 3

Its like nervous tension, both sitting on the settee, one at one end the other at the other, both trying to gauge the other, each wanting to know what the night ahead holds in store. Jack knew as soon as he saw Jill that he wanted to lay her on her back and fuck her brains out but being unsure of himself due to lack of recent practice the talk was small about work, the house and other trivia. Jack longed to get his tongue searching the innermost areas of the soft warm lips that could only talk, a coffee was offered and accepted. Perhaps this was a way to get Jill to sit just that little bit closer. Having decided that it might be safe to do so, Jill moved over to sit next to Jack after he moved his hand up and down on the next cushion. Jack had much more ambitious plans for that hand, but for the moment his arm around this firm and well maintained body was all he hoped for. The coffee finished, the cups put down, that left two pairs of lips with nothing else to do, so drawing together that first kiss was scent to the mind of Jack. It lingered for a while, a stop for breath. This was a kiss that Jack had not had in ages, it was warm, inviting and was given without preconditions. Looking into Jill’s eyes he had but one thought, a kiss was excellent a full blown snog was ecstasy. They drew together as if some magnetic field was drawing their lips ever closer. Tight lipped the kiss began, little by little Jacks nervousness calmed, his lips parted, Jill’s responded and the full warm lust of a full kiss began. It was but a few minutes before each was discovering the others most innermost parts of the partners tongue and the warm cavern that was to receive many more such adventures. Jack was aware that his penis was now shouting for action, but not wanting to push the date too fast so that he lost control of himself he suffered the long wait. There was something about this lady that Jack didn’t want to hurt in any way, to fumble his way to heaven on a record of recent misadventures could mean that Jill was put off for ever. Besides Jack was still very much aware that he was a guest in this house and should behave accordingly. Another stop for a breather, another coffee, was it to be Jack’s lot that, with all this coffee the only use his erect dick was to be put to was to pee out off. He prayed for otherwise.

Coffee over, petting and hot delving of tongues continued, dare he, he thought, why not, this lady can’t be too put off or else she would not be kissing him so. Taking his life into his own destiny he moved a hand over to Jill’s breast, a warm glow came over him. To Jack’s delight he found there was nothing under to top layer of Jill’s clothes. He held the breast firm until it was clear that no fatal objection was to come from Jill. Breathing had by now become somewhat deeper and hotter, perhaps Jack was to become the happiest man alive that night. Pray, pray, pray.

His hand moved gently around the breast, hoping to find a nipple that responded to his caress. It wasn’t too long before he had his answer, Jill pressed her breast deeper into Jack’s hand, the nipple started to stand proud to the rest of the breast asking for more. Jack liked this feeling, at long last a lady was responding to his attentions, as if in reply to his thoughts he noticed a wet patch on the front of his trousers which certainly hadn’t been there an hour earlier when he stepped over the threshold of No 22.

Not wishing to push his luck too far, although wishing to find the prize he longed for, a warm and inviting pussy he carried on caressing the two lovely globes he found beneath the top that moved aside to make room for his hands. The kisses came more quickly and deeper, tongues clashed as if in war, delving ever deeper into each other. I can’t hold out much longer thinks Jack, this lady is so lovely and driving me wild. He wants to roll her over, lift her skirt and find heaven. There can be no more torment than a man without satisfaction at home, finding a beautiful woman with a wonderful body, and he is too frightened to take it. Jill notices his arousal and suggests they go upstairs, not to asked twice Jack follows, his by now very large penis way in front. On the way upstairs Jack wonders if he will have to use the two condoms he has in his pocket, it would be so nice to keep them in his pocket.

Arriving at the bedroom Jack notices a well made bed, how long will that last, not long if the desire in Jacks cock has anything to do with it.

Will Jack get his way in part 4?

Jack & Jill Chapter 4

It was quite warm that evening, the bedroom seemed full of an expectant atmosphere. The bed Jack noticed was a metal 4 poster which called out to filled with writhing bodies. A bit of small talk was interrupted by the intense meeting of two hungry pairs of lips, tongues wanting to find out more about the other. Jack held Jill so close he could feel the pressure of her lovely firm tits pressing into his chest. He was sure he could detect a slight movement of Jill’s hips around his proud member.

Getting more worked up by the minute Jack wanted to release Jill’s body to his full view, moving both hands round her back he slid under her top. The smoothness of her skin the lithe shape of her back made him want her even more. Just enough cover on her bones to give the shape he desired but no spare to detract from her shape. A glancing thought went through his mind, “if I don’t fuck this lovely creature soon I’m going to cum in my pants”. Her top now lay on the floor beside them, jack looks at the two mounds with the pert nipples, noticing that one was slightly larger than the other. His hands cupped the tits in turn, gently squeezing the nipples, feeling them grow by each caress. Bending his back he took the larger of the nipples between his lips, it felt good, soft becoming harder as he sucked and gently bit the ring around the back of the nipple. He wanted to suck until he could suck no more, he wondered how it would have been to draw mothers milk through this wonderful system he now had control of. Jill’s back arched to offer more tit to Jacks attention, pushing every beautiful inch into Jack’s face.

Looking after Jill’s tits meant that Jack’s hands were free to explore further the delights that stood before him, his hand held her buttocks so firmly he found that they were a wonderful shape, firm and rounded, perfect he thought. Raising both hands to Jill’s waist he found his way into her waistband, no knickers on but a g string that was not hindering his caresses of her bottom. The uncovering of her arse was in one swift movement, he gave them a squeeze with pushed Jill’s pussy nearer his waiting prick, still enclosed in soaking wet pants and straining trousers. This was resolved as Jack lost his trouser on the floor, the bulge in his underpants told its own story, a 7 inch rod of passion was wanting to come into free air. Jill’s hands grasped the cock before her gently rubbing it with the flat of her hand, the tip showed over the top of the underpants, rolling down the pants Jill brought the erect member into the daylight, the heavy balls hanging were relived when Jill’s hands cupped them and moved them around in the sack that kept the desired liquid in control. Jill’s hands are now covered in the oil that is ousing out of the end of Jack’s cock. He has not oiled like this in many a month and wonders if he should rescue the condoms from his pocket. This thought was not to last, the G string came of in one swift movement revealing a lovely flat stomach topping the closest saved pussy Jack had ever seen. One look and he wanted to feel it around his cock, but first he wanted to explore this delight, to make this possible without having to break his back he laid Jill on the bed. Looking more at this pussy he lost no time in probing the folds around the clit that was to give so much pleasure. He found the little knob of pleasure at the top of the folds, already firm and moist. His finger probed lower until he found the edge of the entry to heaven. Wet and ready for his probing he let his figure gently probe deeper into this cavern, he could feel how tight and warm it felt. He longed it get his prick up inside this tunnel and fuck it until it came, but for now he remembered the kissing he had had on the sofa and standing by the bed, more whilst he had probed her hole, shaking with excitement. Jack left Jill’s lips to kiss her tits, roving further he found the pierced belly button on his way down to the warm mound he sought. His lips slid on the shaved pussy straight to the folds, sliding his tongue between the folds he found her clit, standing, waiting for the kiss that would make her back arch pushing her womanhood deeper into Jack’s mouth. Jack kissed, sucked and gently took it into his mouth, the aroma of a real woman filling his nostrils. How long he worked on this heavenly object he could not tell, he was aware that his cock was being warmly rubbed by Jill’s gently hands. “If I don’t fuck it soon” he thought “I’ll burst”. Gently Jill moved to have Jack’s rampant member in front of her face, with one movement Jack could feel his cock being sucked and rubbed by Jill’s wonderful mouth. In a swift movement he was inside her mouth, deep enough feel the inside of her cheeks rubbing his end, holding to every bit of self control Jack stopped himself shooting his cum into the depths of Jill’s throat. Both bodies were rolling to the probing of the other, Jill’s back arched to offer the firm base for Jack’s tongue to probe further. Moving a little lower Jack pushed his tongue into Jill’s fanny as far as he could, it tasted like nectar, his tongue darted in and out, the faster he went the faster Jill’s hips pressed her wet fanny into Jack’s face. Jack could feel her tensing, was this to be the moment when she juiced to his attentions, would she cum over his darting tongue, would he loose control and fill her with his cum in the hole that was sucking his prick to drive him wild? In a movement in the bed they found themselves face to face again. Jack kissed Jill with a desire and passion he hadn’t used for years, their lips were moist from the oil that Jack had left on her lips. They breathed in and out each others air, savering the moment before the knob end touched the lips of Jill’s fanny. Moving his end slightly around the lips of Jill’s fanny he wondered about the condoms. Too late he could feel the lips of her fanny sucking him into her. Jack pushes gently not wanting to hurt Jill at this first encounter. Pushing a bit firmer his cock slides into her fanny, he wonders at the muscles gripping every inch as it reaches the full extent of penetration. Pulling out a little way, he feels her hips pushing into him, she doesn’t want it out, so Jack pushes a little harder this time, their bellies hitting in a sweet sound of two lovers entering into bliss. Movements now get a little more urgent, Jack pushes his erect cock as far up Jill as he can, he pulls out just so the tip rests against the entry to her hole. He pushes hard, a more urgent movement takes over, he hits the spot which makes him squeeze her buttocks with an urgency which can only mean one thing. A couple of more pushes, feeling Jill arching with an urgency which told him that she is ready, he starts to quiver, a welcome feeling is coming over his every being, his bollocks tighten. This is it, he starts to pump out his seed into that cavern, he can’t believe how many pumps it takes to empty his bollocks, he must be completely empty. Jill’s fanny tightens and she climaxes, a warm glow keeping Jack’s seed deep inside her.

They rest before Jack rubs Jill’s clit in thanks for what he has just been given, he thinks that had they been 30 years younger, with all his cum inside her she would have his kids.

Jill not wanting to miss out starts to move to Jack’s attention again, her hips arch, pushing her still erect clit into Jack’s hand. They move together for a while, Jack’s cock is so empty he knows he will not be able to probe further, but he wants to make Jill cum again, wishing she would let him know how she is feeling his attentions he can only try to satisfy her. He is sure she is about to cum again, he rubs a little harder, she arches her back. Jack fell back onto the bed knackered but with a broad grin on his face, Jill looks so beautiful and satisfied, with a full fanny of cum, a promise of more and better to come.

Jack leaves to go back to his own pad, he dreams of his adventure all night and can’t wait to get back into Jill’s arms.

What will happen at the next meeting

Jack & Jill Chapter 5

Was it only a couple of days ago when Jack enjoyed the body of his dreams, it seemed an age had gone by. Keeping the print of the emailed photo Jill had sent him pinned up by his desk, he found himself staring into her eyes wondering what will happen at their next meeting. That meeting can’t come quick enough, it’s not many times that Jack wishes his life away but this was one of those occasions, and he wanted to feel her firm body possessing his every emotion. Only a couple of days to go, it seemed like it was to be a couple of years, while his eyes probed the face staring back to him he felt the end of his filling knob probing the cloth that restrained this wild being that wanted to express its need as it had done a few days before. His mind remembered those first few tentative kisses, the drawing closer of two bodies. The moment when two pairs of lips parted: just slightly but enough to allow tongues to exchange glances, to mix the juices that flowed between warm moist lips. The feeling of pure lust that Jack had felt in those heady moments when his tongue went deeper into Jill’s tender lips, feeling her pull him further in, flicking his tongue with ever faster movements, his heart beat like it had not pounded before, his now hard prick wanting to have this lady.

Enough of memories of the past meeting, Jack came back to the present realising that he had unzipped his trousers, finding his tool ready in his hand, full, hard and eager. How can a photo create such a desire but it does, Jack feels he wants to know more about this lovely creature but first he dreams and with every thought his prick gets harder and longer, drips of oil are oozing out from the slit that would eventually shoot his seed into the air and freedom.

With a broad grin on his face with the release of his practical frustrations in sight he moves his two main fingers gently over the bulb at the end of his cock, he likes the feeling, each movement is like the entry into her love tunnel, that moment when it needs to be savoured as a sweet success, all the time wanting to ram it in to the hilt but controlling his desires. With each rub of his knob end more oil covers his fingers; no woman has got him this aroused for so long. The feeling of desire to cum overtakes his control and his hand closes round his granite hard shaft, he thinks that it is bigger than in the past, there can be little blood left in the rest of his body, its all in his prick. Movement gets a little stronger moving along the shaft his big fat hands not a touch on her delicate fingers, but it will have to do for now. Breathing deeper he can feel the animal instinct overcoming his brain, he needs to for-fill what he was put on this earth to do, shoot his lot... There was a time when he played this roll to the best, his live seed finding a warm fanny welcoming his every drop, keeping his sperm swimming up to the promised land they find an egg waiting to open its doors to the wonderful small creature. Those days long gone he could still get that feeling in his hips that said he was there to please the woman who welcomed his prick into her cunt. Rubbing now seemed a poor second best but he needed to expel his seed, not wanting to be too full before the next meeting. To be too full would mean that he would not be able to control his moment of satisfaction to wait for the beautiful lady to raise to his attentions and cum herself. A gentle rubbing becomes more an urgent full length gripping action, his end poking out from between his fist at every stroke, his hand hitting his stomach on the return stroke, his bollocks hanging free gently swaying with every stroke.

Looking deep into the eyes staring back from his wall he blows her a kiss, a kiss that means that this lot about to explode from his innermost regions is for her. He thinks of her mouth wide open waiting to receive his pumped liquid. He is sure the photo smiles back at him, is their a hidden telepathy between them, does she know that he is thinking of her, wanting her, longing for her, ready to fill her. The photo smiles that smile that knows, his prick is starting to feel a warm glow, the pit of his stomach is feeling ready to empty his every being. It starts with a twitch in his balls, a rub more and he feels the tunnel up his prick starting to close at the back and move forward along its length, the movement is now stronger not pumping air but thick warm white cum. Several pumps are shooting through the air in a stream of longing for Jill’s body. Empty he wipes his end and returns his member to the confines from where it came from a short time ago, a broad grin, another kiss across the room lands on Jill’s lips. It may only be a photo but Jack is sure her lips are moist, is it kissing moist or is it Jack’s seed escaping from her lovely mouth.

Not long now before he is to stand waiting at her door to be let in to her home. A couple of days in fact before the moment is with him. The car pulls up outside, still very nervous, Jack is not sure of himself yet he thinks he must behave like a human being and not like the animal he feels in his hips. The door bell rings, it’s a while before Jill answers, Jack worries is she in, has he got the time wrong. At last he sees her coming along the passage to the door, the door opens and Jacks heart misses a beat or two. Jill looks lovely and inviting, a gentle kiss and Jack passes to the lounge. Sitting on the settee Jack can’t help but notice that there is only one layer of clothes between Jill’s body and his thoughts. Her breast are poking out just enough to get his pulse quickening, he is sure he can make out the shape of her folds that hold her love tunnel and clit under such thin cloth. He can’t keep his eyes off this lovely creature, undressing her in his minds eye he hopes that his wandering eyes don’t give the game away that he desires to fuck the arse of Jill. By now Jack’s heart is doing a good impersonation of a 60’s rock band drummer in full flow. Coffee is offered and accepted, time to cool off and get over the initial excitement. Small talk about work, life and loves continues for a while, Jill make it clear that she does not do love and has important people in her life. Jack listens, there is something in Jill that Jack wants to respect and treat with more than lust, he is aware already that he doesn’t want to use this body just to satisfy himself, he wants to make her happy as well. Coffees over, the cups put to one side, the small talk slowed as Jill moved over to be encircled with Jack’s arms. Jack starts to massage Jill’s body her back feels good under Jack’s hands, a bit rough from work but he tries not to press too hard. Her shoulders are caressed, gently rubbing her neck with his hands he moves his lips closer to Jill’s. a quiet kiss, more a peck on her lips finds the response Jack is looking for, another follows a bit firmer. Jack’s hands are exploring Jill’s backbone and finds that she responds by writhing a little in his hands, moving to circle her shoulder blades Jill pushes her chest a bit closer to Jack. Both are kissing longer and deeper than before, it is not long before lips part and tongues meet, playfully Jill holds Jack’s tongue in a vice like grip, he squeals but thinks that this is the grip he wants to feel around his shaft. A while goes by, both are enjoying the others attentions, by now Jack is becoming a little more confident and doesn’t think that Jill will reject his wanderings, he tries this theory out and moves a hand over her clothes to encircle her breast, this wonderful globe he had warmed before. No movement to move him away, he liked this he desired to release these to full view. With a bit of help from Jill, Jack removed her top revealing the best breasts he had seen in a long while, not too big to be hanging, not too small to be insignificant, in fact perfect. Jack’s hand held each in turn, gently squeezing, rolling and rubbing to the obvious pleasure of Jill. Her pert little nipples started to react standing up to ask for personal attention, Jack held each nipple in turn between his fingers, rolling and gently pulling, feeling the tender flesh against his rough hands. Lips parted for the first time for while, a wonderful kiss jack thought, how he loved to kiss Jill. Taking his chance Jack let his mouth venture down to Jill’s tits, in one movement he had her erect nipple in his lips, it felt good he thought. Pressing her chest closer to Jack’s working lips pushed her nipple deeper into his lips. A little bite and sideway movement of his teeth and her body arched, was this pleasure or pain? No movement to extract her breast from his mouth so Jack carried on giving his every attention to her tits and nipples. Still moving his hands along her back and shoulders Jill made no sound. Jack was worried about this, he didn’t know if he was doing right, what Jill wanted and enjoyed, or wasn’t it right for her?

Well no objection came so he decided to take the plunge and visit further reaches of the body laying in his arms. With only a tight fitting bottom garment on, Jacks hand ventured around to Jill’s bottom. He found great pleasure in the firm round cheeks, no excess here, perfectly shaped he sqeezed to find out a reaction. Non came, so he moved to the waist band and moved his hand along the warm flesh to inside her clothes to feel her bum again. Kissing the nipples, feeling her bum, hearing her breathing behind his head, he was aware of the bulge inside his trousers, by now his underpants were wet with his oil. This is as close to the gates to heaven as it gets for Jack.

Jill moves to allow Jack full access to her buttocks, his hand is by now only a few inches from her love tunnel, a little more pushing inside her clothes and he feel the dampness that shows he is nearing the promised land. Jill moves to allow jack to leave his attentions to her now solid hard nipples to remove her last stitch of clothing, at the same time removing his clothes to leave just a wet pair of pants to hold his manhood in check. Jill lays in Jack’s lap with nothing to cover her shaved pussy from view, suffering the hard lump forcing into her back, her lips parting to invite Jack’s lips to cover hers. Both kiss with an urgency, the air is filled with the scent of two people excited by the thought of what is to come. As they kiss Jack’s hand moves over Jill’s stomach, stopping to play with her piercing on her navel on its way down to the promised land. He is surprised by how wet and excited this area feels, he moves her legs just a little revealing those light folds that protect her sensitive little clit. A small movement with his fingers and the fold slides to one side to reveal a clit that is standing up to be excited and ready for Jack to make love to. Jack’s index finger rubs over her clit, gently and slowly at first, when he hits the right spot Jill’s back arches forcing her clit firming into Jack’s finger. The rubbing gets a bit stronger and Jack uses another finger to hold the clit and roll it back and forth until Jill moves more urgently in his arms. He is sure that she has juiced some more but as not a sound comes from Jill he isn’t sure. This extra juice encourages Jack to venture to Jill’s sweet love tunnel, with a smooth movement he parts the entrance to tease her, just getting entry but no further he rolls his figure around the edge feeling her dampness making his finger wet and moist enough to enter without causing pain or discomfort. A push from his wrist and he has it up full length inside her fanny, not a loose fanny but tight and holding his finger right up inside her, he can feel her fanny wall muscles moving to suck his digit in as far as would go. Pulling against this vice grip he pulls his finger out so that the tip is just inside her, a push forward again brings the same vice like grip. This feels wonderful to Jack, he wonders if he can bring her to climax before he fucks her with his tool that by now feel enormous. Moving the finger in and out, he ventures to introduce another finger, this is so tight and exciting to Jack that he nearly comes in his pants just at the thought of what he is doing to this love tunnel wrapped around his fingers. Jill keeps arching her back and writhing in sympathy to Jack’s finger fucking of her cunt. More juices flow, by now a small circle of damp has run down Jill’s legs onto the settee, more joining it every minute. Jack has found another part of Jill’s body that reacts, he gently nibbles her ear lobe through the rings that adorn her. A little kiss, a nibble and bite seems to excite Jill. With an ear lobe in his mouth a finger up her love tunnel he works on her body to try to bring a climax that will let him know he is on the right track. Not a sound, no groan, no encouragement, no sigh. Has Jack done it right or not ? he doesn’t know. Probing ever more urgently up inside her he rolls his finger around her fanny walls feeling every muscle, every vessel pumping blood around to keep it warm, hoping she can feel the nerve ends that tells her she has his finger inside her. After a while they move on the settee, Jack has now withdrawn from the promised land and ready for the next attempt to make her let him know he has pleased her. He moves her onto the edge of the settee, her lovely legs over the side, he moves in front of her where he is treated to the most wonderful sight, parting her legs he can see laid out in front of him a map of heaven. Clean shaved, wet with moisture from within her, pink and welcoming. He has never seen such a wonderful sight, having seen many, he is aware that this one is different; perfectly shaped, not big and ugly, no enormous wings of skin that flap in the breeze. It is a sight he hope to carry with him for a very long while. Overcome with desire he lowers his face to look closer at the vision before him, on his knees he thinks this is where he should be in front of sure a goddess. Jack wants to fore-fill this hole desire with his now free penis, drive it up to make Jill squeal but before that is to happen he has another plan for her enjoy.

Moving his face closer to her love tunnel, he changes the love juices from their kisses for the love juices coming form deep inside her. A gentle kiss to start with, just strong enough for Jill to feel, her eyes are now closed resting back on the cushions, what is she thinking? goes through Jack’s mind. A deeper kiss to the top of her folds he can feel her clit probing his lips looking for something more. Jack rests his lips around her clit lips, he sucks against her tender body, drinks in the scented liquid that fills the air, it tastes wonderful, full womanhood at its best. His tongue probes until it feels an erect object that needs to be licked and sucked. The right spot as Jill pushes it hard against Jack’s mouth. His movements seem to be pleasing, at least she is not drawing away as he had feared she might. After a few moments jack lowers his attentions to the slit that is waiting to receive his dick, he kisses the hole with a lusty urgency, again drinking in the liquid that Jill has made for him. Sucking every drop that he can persuade Jill to part with, his tongue feels around the ring of her fanny, pushing inside as far as it will go, he wishes it were longer but this would take the pleasure from having his member inserted into her. Tits cupped in his hands still working on her nipples, her fanny pushes harder against his mouth, she rolls on the settee with what seems to be an urgency for a good hard fucking. With his mouth warmed by her juices and softened by her delicate pussy he pulls away from her fanny to place his lips on hers delving his wet tongue deep into her mouth, he pushes her back into the settee with his kisses. Lying nearly on top of Jill now it lifted his erection and pulsing cock within inches of her ready fanny. Moving his hips slightly he felt her leg against his tender end, just rubbing across as he moved to find what he was looking for. Moving slowly up her body not loosing contact with her lips he found his end laying on her fanny. Without having to be helped, he is sure she opened her tunnel to accept his cock, it entered just enough to feel the tightening of her around him, This really is heaven he thought. Lust takes over, with one push from his hips he enters her to the hilt, he can feel her drawing him in, wanting to be fucked. He moves to kiss her and darts his tongue into her mouth as his prick darts in and out of her. He fucks her deep and pulls out to the edge only to plunge back in as far as he can. Every time he pulls out he is afraid he will pull to far and miss the next plunge, he needn’t worry with every thrust his cock slides up to massage her fanny walls, his balls slapping her bum. He moves up a bit on Jill’s body hoping that his shaft will rub against her love bud with each thrust, this movement results in his end rubbing the rear wall of Jill with such a sensation to Jack’s cock that he shakes with excitement. This woman is one wonderful, lovely fuck, Jack is so in need to satisfy her before he shoots his lot but with the feeling in his swollen end that is going to his brain he can’t hold much longer. A few more deep thrusts, feeling Jill holding on him, lips clasped together in one long passionate kiss. Push hard, pull out light, Push deep, come out to the edge. Fuck I’m going to cum.

In all too soon a time he feels that feeling in his guts, he is about to explode. His bouncing balls tighten in their sack, the tube shortens, the blood surges through his prick. It starts to pump his love juice, to make sure it reaches it’s mark he pushes hard against Jill, stopping the thrusting to feel every pump meeting the end of Jill’s welcoming love tunnel.

They rest before Jack is sent home to dream about what he has done, his only hope is that Jill enjoyed it enough to see him again.

What will happen when they meet again.?