Written by Anon

24 Oct 2004

Being new to the swinging scene, we just didnt know what to expect and finding someone that would just have me and not my husband was really difficult. In the end we decided to try a club and Bob scoured the websites to find one that looked clean and friendly. He finally found one and on the day we were going I could tell he was extremely excited.

We didnt talk much as we got ready, I was really wanting to look good for him, sexy and appealling. Id chosen a short white dress, with no bra, tight enough to push my pert little tits together and lowcut so my nipples could be seen by all. It was so short I couldnt have bent over without showing my smooth, shaven pussy and tight ass hole. The over-the-knee boots showed off my long, tanned legs. Good job id got my long overcoat or id have given the neighbours a heart attack!!!

Bob was pleased with the result and while we were in the car, he couldnt keep his eyes off me. I could see he was excited and even though we never spoke i knew what was going through his head. I slipped off my seatbelt and leaned over him, slipping my hand inside his trousers. Boy, he was hard!! I undid his belt and let his throbbing cock loose. My mouth watered as i saw the glistening end and i couldnt wait to get him inside my mouth. Going down on him, i ran my tongue slowly up the shaft, feeling it twitch as if it knew what was coming. I teased the tip a little before taking all of him in. Bob was groaning as my head bobbed up and down and i was sure i felt the car swerve at one time. My tongue flicking him as it went in and out of my mouth. Cupping his balls i felt him tense, but before he could cum i sat up and tucked him back inside his trousers. Smiling at him, he mouthed "you tease" and we carried on with the journey.

When we arrived it was quite busy and it was hard to find a table, so Bob suggested going to the pool area. Wow!! There were naked bodies everywhere. People were kissing and touching all over. I was nervous, but Bob put his arm round me and assured me it would be ok. He suggested that we try the jacuzzi, so we went into the changing area and took off our clothes. I wasnt prepared to go naked and i had brought along a black thong which i slipped on before wrapping myself in a towel and meeting Bob outside.

I lowered myslef into the water next to a buxom blonde, she looked at me and smiled so i smiled back. Bob couldnt keep his eyes off her huge tits and she noticed. "you like"? she asked and Bob nodded, to which she replied "you can touch, you know" He didnt need telling twice and his hands eagerly cupped them and squeezed the nipples hard. I was so intently watching him that i didnt notice another woman slip in the water on my other side.

Suddenly i felt something brush over my nipple and i turned to see this woman flicking her tongue over it. The feeling was sensational, so soft and so fast. I gasped and at that she sucked hard on it while her other hand cupped my other, Squeezing, kneading. Bob was watching and smiling and so was the buxom lady on my left. Looking down I could see she had Bobs cock in her hand and was beating it furiously. Then she leaned over to me and kissed me. I had never been kissed by a woman before, but it was strangely erotic and i responded eagerly. As`we kissed the other womans hand slid down under the water and i felt it run down my stomach. I knew what was coming and i parted my legs slightly so she could gain access. When her hand touched my clit i sighed deeply and pushed my tongue into the buxom ladies mouth. And when the other woman slipped her fingers deep into my pussy, I mimicked her movements with my tongue. In, out, faster.......here I was kissing a woman, having another finger me and watching my hubby be wanked.....Heaven!!

My first orgasm was so intense i could hardly breathe, but there was more to come. Bob came over to me and lifted me onto the edge and then he left the water altogether and kneeled beside me along with the second lady. The buxom lady sat in front of me and lifted my legs over her shoulders. I was shaking, was she really going to go down on me? Suddenly i knew the answer. The feel of her tongue flicking over my clit bought me to orgasm straight away. I laid back panting and Bob leaned over me so I could have his cock in my mouth. I could feel this tongue probing deep into my pussy, my body shuddering as her finger slipped into my ass. Deeper, deeper. Bob was fucking my mouth hard and sucking the second womans tits. Id never felt him so hard and he was driving deep into my throat. I was sucking him hard and i heard him moan loudly. I knew he was cumminmg and so did the second woman and she quickly moved down to my face and Bob withdrew just as he was shooting his load and we both licked his end as it shot out, He came so much and it was so erotic that I came really hard and the buxom lady moaned as my own cum oozed out. Then she quickly pulled me up and kissed me, licking Bobs cum from my lips and letting me taste my own.

I desperatley needed cock now and Bob was happy to oblige, sitting in the jacuzzi and sliding me onto his still hard, erect cock. It didnt take long for him to cum again, after all, he was watching the other two women lick me all over and kiss me hard as i touched and sucked their tits in turn and then shove my fingers hard and deep into their pussies. We all came together. It was great!

It was a helluva night, one i wont forget. When we got home, he took me again doggy style and i was surprised when he woke me 2 hours later and fucked my ass! Lying in his arms after, he whispered "Thank you Hazel" He didnt need to thank me, id loved every minute!!