Written by robbee

9 Aug 2006

My wife and I had recently to go to her fathers house to clear it out. As we had a lot of furniture etc to bring back to London we took with us our West Indian builder/handyman who has been working at our house on and off for about six years. I have always wanted to see him fuck my wife and realized this could be the opportunity.

Realising it might take a couple of days I had booked two rooms in a nearby hotel..

After a long strenuous day packing boxes etc we jumped in my car a headed up to the hotel.

We checked in our double room with Robert in a single just along the corridor.

We arranged to shower etc and meet down in the bar before dinner.

my wife stripped off to get the shower and i couldn’t keep my hands off her. I was grabbing her tits , sliding my hand up in her shaved pussy, before she got in the bathroom.,.

“you want me to fuck him dont you “

Yes babe I think I do . with that she squeezed my hard on and whispered “ well you might just get lucky tonight I fancy a bit of black cock”

We got ready over the next half hour , both playing with each other , knowing we would be for an exciting night.

We went downstairs , very expectantly and Robert was already in the bar. My wife went up to him put her arms round his muscled teeshirt and gave him a great big kiss and a hug. I think it was at that moment that he also knew this was to be a special evening.

He is very fit thirty five year old jamacian , fifteen year younger than us, but with big hands and feet, and what my wife was also going to find out a massive cock.

We sat down in the restaurant at a corner table, and as the drink flowed our conversation turned more and more to sex and relationships. Vanessa became quite brazen , saying how she liked Robert and had not been with a Blackman since a holiday in St Lucia when she was twenty five.

Robert looked a little embarressed but I said , whatever happens tonight is just between the three of us.

I meanwhile was fingering my wifes pussy under the table as she,d conveniently forgotten to put her knickers on.

By about 11.pm we had finished and got ready to leave.

“ Lets go upstairs ,get showered and get seriously sexy – I want every inch of you ! “ she panted to Robert as she squeezed his by now growing cock.

With that we left the bar and went up to our rooms. The sexual energy between all of us was amazing as I opened the door to our double room and all three of us went in.

As soon as we were in she stepped forward pulled him close to her “I want you and I’m going to give you the screw of your life” . His hands had quickly gone round under her skirt and onto her pussy, all her womanhood was easily available as he parted her legs. He panted in her ear “ oh what a fantastitic pussy you have “ they kissed passionately and my hand also moved to the right bits. she reached his trousers , and slid down his zip, out popped his gleaming black monster cock. Vanessa gasped and told me to sit back and enjoy babe, with that I got undressed as well and sat on the bottom of the bed.

she took hold of his cock, still semi-hard and dangling down. I couldn’t take my eyes off it , she pulled his foreskin up and down exposing his large black head, He was a genuine “two-hander” with both her hands wrapped round it it still stuck out by a couple of inches.

This was raw sex,she led him by his cock to the bathroom and turned on the shower. The warm water cascaded down as they embraced, the contrast between her white hands on his black dick, his big black hands exploring her body and between her legs made me close to coming . It was time to get serious.

I sat on the edge of the bed and watched as she took his cock into her mouth. It was a wickedly sexy thing, long and meatily thick, the silky darkness showed off the veins of his throbbing erection. she took the first couple of inches in and sucked hard, Robert looked down in absolute ecstasy. she rolled her lips around his glans and licked up and down his shaft. Robert was slowing moving his hip so the head of his penis slipped in and out of her warm mouth. I fondled my cock as my wifes right hand pumped his cock, she was wanking him hard as well as giving him head like never before.

He couldn’t take it any longer and freed himself, deciding it was his turn to sit on the side of the bed.. As he sat down she turned around and positioned herself away from us with her wet pussy towards his huge erect ebony pole she bent over with her back side up showing us her swollen pussy in all its glory I put my hands on her cheeks and pulled open her pussy lips so he could see the lot.. His hands squeezed her arse as he slipped his fingers between her splayed legs, a moment later he guided his massive 9” cock into her engorged cunt. His large hands gripped her behind as I worked myself up and down. I stood round in front of her and she took my small white cock into her mouth as she was riding his massive black cock. Her body began to shake uncontrollably and she orgasmed like never before.

.” Come, spunk over me , I want to see you shoot over me” I couldn’t believe how dirty she was talking..

“ Oh let me feel you all over my face “ she jumped onto the bed asking us to cum over her.

Suddenly Robert stiffened let out a grunt and a stream of spunk hit here over the mouth and chin, the second spurt ran over her neck and tits. I continued to work my dick and finally spurted alongside him.

We all collapsed in a emontional jumble on to the bed my wife fondling both our softening cocks and saying what a fantastic threesome it had been.