Written by L & P

20 Jul 2003

We were on holiday in Jamaica and were out for a drink one night when Lynn noticed two black men standing at the bar, and said "I bet they've got massive cocks". I told her to go and ask them which she did, as she'd had quite a bit to drink. She stood talking to the tallest one as the shorter, muscular one went to the toilet. When the shorter one came back she spoke to him and then came and sat down next to me. I said "well what did they say" and she said they had asked her if she wanted to feel their bulges and she wanted to ask me what I would say, so I told her to go ahead if she wanted to.

Since we started swinging she has been a total dirty bitch at times, and she gave me a dirty smile then went back over to the bar and stood between the two men, then put her hand down to their bulges and felt their cocks in full view of anyone who happened to be looking, and I thought what a dirty little slut she was. They appeared to be enjoying this as they made no attempt to move her hands. The taller one then put his hands on her arse and pulled her to him and started rubbing his cock against my wife's stomach, as he was quite a bit taller than she was, the shorter one then stood behind her and started grinding his cock against her arse. She looked at me with a surprised look on her face and I smiled back.

She managed to squeeze out from between them and then came and sat down beside me and said that they did indeed have big cocks and that she had nearly fainted when they had rubbed against her. I told her to ask if them if they wanted to sit with us, which she did and they followed her back to the table and introduced themselves to me. Carl, the tall one then got Lynn onto the dance floor and dirty danced with her. Bob, the short, muscular. one then asked me what I thought about my wife behaving as she had, to which I replied that I encouraged her as we had a liberated view to sex.

Meanwhile, Lynn had left the dance floor to go to the toilet and Carl had gone to get a drink. When Lynn came back she whispered to me that Carl had told her to take her knickers off, which she had done. Carl then came back and I put my hand on Lynn's thigh and eased her dress up so he could see she had taken her knickers off, at the same time Lynn eased her legs apart to show him her smooth, shaven fanny. He reached over and slid his hand up her thigh and rubbed her clit with his fingers which sent shudders through her body. Bob then leant over and started to feel her tits through her dress. Things were starting to get a bit out of hand as we were still in the bar and I asked them if they wanted to come back to our room, which they agreed to.

On the way to our room we had to pass a pool table which was on the terrace next to one of the swimming pools, and I suggested that we had a game of pool, as the night was quite cool I thought this might have calmed the situation down a bit, how wrong I was. I suggested that Lynn and I would play Bob and Carl, Lynn then bent over to play her shot and Bob positioned himself so that he could see down her top, Carl, meanwhile, had positioned himself so that he was standing right behind her with his bulge up against her arse, she then started to rub her arse up against his cock as he ground against her. She eventually played her shot and missed the ball altogether, not surprising as I noticed she had her eyes shut whilst she played it.

I moved around the table to see why this was and saw that Carl had lifted her dress up and was finger-fucking her from behind. I told him to leave her as it was his shot so he left her alone to play his shot. I whispered to Lynn that I thought she should try and put him off as he had done to her. At this suggestion she walked over to him and started to stroke his cock, he played his shot and potted a ball and laughed that she would have to try harder than that, she looked at me and winked then as he bent over to play his next shot she knelt down on the floor and slowly pulled the zip down on his pants and eased his cock out, then started to suck it. I was stunned that she was being so sluttish but also that she managed to get such a big cock into her mouth. I soon had a raging hard-on watching my wife being fucked in the mouth by a man who only moments before was a complete stranger. This had the desired effect though as he missed his next shot. She then stood up with a satisfied look on her face as she had made him miss.

The game continued and every time Lynn bent over to play a shot Bob, Carl or myself either ground our cocks against her arse or rubbed her clit with our cues from behind. After a little while I mentioned to Bob that it was one of Lynn's fantasies to be fucked over a pool table. As Lynn bent over to play her next shot he moved behind her and slid her dress up over her hips and pulled his cock out and started to rub between her legs with it, after a few moments as she was so wet, he slowly slid his massive cock into her fanny, he stood motionless as Lynn stretched her legs apart and got accustomed to such a big cock inside her, then he slowly started to fuck her. I could tell from the noises she was making that she loved every minute of this and clearly didn't want it to stop. Me and Carl just stood to the side and watched my wife getting well fucked from behind. As Bob got more carried away he started to ram his full length, hard into her until she squealed out and had an enormous orgasm, Bob then said that he was going to cum and Lynn responded by telling him, crudely, that she didn't want him to waste a drop and that he had to shoot his hot spunk right up her fanny, which he did soon afterwards.

I suggested that we should go to our room as we may have woken people up, Carl, though, had other ideas and as Lynn straightened herself up off the pool table he spun her round and sat her on the edge of the table and pushed her so that she was lying on her back, he then lifted her legs and rested them on his shoulders and slowly pushed his long cock into her soaking wet fanny, he started to fuck her hard and my cock couldn't take any more and I knelt on the pool table and offered my cock to Lynn who obligingly took it into her mouth and started to suck it, in no time at all I came in her mouth and she lustfully swallowed every last drop before loudly having another orgasm as Carl pumped his cock into her. Carl then pulled his cock out of her then spunked all over her belly. When Lynn complained he brazenly told her that no woman got his spunk in them until they had tasted his cum.

Once in the room I suggested that Lynn should go and freshen herself up which she did, after towelling herself dry she entered the room to see us all sitting on the sofa talking. She walked over to us and started to dance suggestively in front of us. She positioned herself in front of me and I put my hand between her legs and rubbed her clit, she rubbed back then I sat on the edge of the chair and licked her clit with my tongue. She grabbed a hold of my head and ground her fanny hard into my face and came almost immediately. She then straddled me and kissed me hard on the mouth. Bob and Carl, who had been sitting on either side of me reached down and took a nipple in each mouth and started to suck and nibble on it. They both then stood up and took their clothes off and pointed their cocks in Lynn's direction. Lynn turned to face them then leant forward over a coffee table and took Bob's cock in her mouth and he moaned loudly, meanwhile Carl positioned himself behind her and rubbed his glistening cock up and down her lips and across her arse cheeks. He then slowly but forcefully pushed his cock into Lynn's stretched fanny and slowly started to slide in and out of her. Meanwhile Bob was fucking her mouth hard, whilst at the same time Carl was starting to buck hard and fast into her fanny, seeing her tits slapping all over whilst getting well fucked by two black men was too much for me and I quickly spunked all over her back. Soon after Bob came in her mouth, which she allowed to run down her face, then arched her back and started to buck back onto Carl's thick cock, soon he had started to pump his hot spunk right into her, which at the same time brought her to an earth shattering orgasm and she nearly woke the whole hotel up with her screams.

She clearly wanted more as she then started to poke herself and play with her nipples which soon had us all hard again. She then bent over the coffee table and we all took turns to fuck her doggy style until we had all emptied our balls inside her fanny. After this she really excelled herself when she said, with a lustful look on her face, that she wanted all three of us to fuck her at the same time, on the bed, and that she wanted me to set the video camera up so that she could watch it again and again. This got us hard again in no time and we were eager to please. Bob lay down on the bed and Lynn slid her lips down over his cock which clearly caused her some pain as he was so thick. Once she was comfortably fucking his cock, Carl knelt on the bed and Lynn turned her head to take his cock into her mouth which she started to eagerly suck and judging from the gagging sounds, she was really deep throating him. I then positioned myself behind her and slowly slid my cock between her arse cheeks and started to slowly fuck her arse. The sight of my wife bouncing on a man's cock whilst getting fucked in the mouth by a big black cock, together with the vision of me fucking her tight arse from behind caused me to cum very quickly inside her, her body shuddered with the first of many orgasm's. I then took the camera of its tripod and filmed some close ups of the two black cocks fucking into her and had the camera directed at her face as Carl spunked down her throat which she eagerly swallowed without wasting a drop. She then fucked Bob hard, as he sucked and nipped her nipples, until she came, again very loudly, as he emptied his balls into her.

This whole episode left her worn out on the bed and the two men left us alone but said they might see us in the bar again the next night and could possibly bring some friends along for our mutual pleasure, which we said we would both look forward to very much.