Written by Jan

4 Mar 2005

Iam Jan married and 35. I wrote a short while ago about my hubby taking me dogging and the fun we had. I would like to tell you about our second adventure. We had talked about our first and how we each felt. Pete told me he was hugely excited by seeing me holding another guys cock and him feeling me. We decided to go out again.We went to the same place with parking bays surrounded on three sides by woodland. I was excited and trembling a little as we sat in the car in the darkness of the car park surrounded by trees. It was again a warm night and we didnt have long to wait before a car glided silently into the space near us. I had learnt from last time and wore no bra under my blouse and wore a black thong and black stockings under a fairly short skirt.

The driver of the car got out and stood for a short while as though trying to make up his mind what to do. In that few seconds we could see that he was youngish probably under 30 and slim. He walked to the back of the cars then slowly began to make his way between the cars. Pete wasted no time in opening my blouse to give him a good view. He stopped level with my window looking in. I could see his face now and he was quite nice looking. Presently he slipped down the zip of his jeans before taking a careful look around.His hand went into his zip and emerged with a semi hard cock. It looked quite big in its present state. He began to play with it and it grew stiff and hard.

Pete looked at me and I nodded. The window slid silently down. At once his young hand moved in to cup my left breast, he had a warm gentle touch as he began to excite my nipple. I reached out and put my hand around his thick cock. It felt marvelous, very thick and hard as I explored its length to his heavy balls and back to the foreskin which I moved back and forth. His hand moved down between my thighs as Pete pushed up my skirt. His fingers moved my thong aside as he began to excite me. my eyes were closed as I enjoyed holding his cock and the pleasure of his exploring my pussy. I became aware that my breast was being caressed harder.

A hand took hold of mine and moved it, my fingers instinctively closed around the cock but it felt different, slightly thicker and just different. I opened my eyes to see that he had been joined by another guy and they were sharing my caresses and sharing me. I became very excited by their actions. Hubby told me that the other guy had approached on his side of the car whuile I was busy and pointed. Hubby nodded and he took that as the ok to join in. We later found out that the two men knew each other from their nocturnal activities.

It was very crowded at the window and so at Pete's suggestion I opened the door. That was a lot better theu were both able to reach me and I could hold both cocks with an effort.Pete suggested I get out of the car for a while. That felt great I was facing them holding both cocks as they groped me front and rear as well as my breasts. The first guy dropped to his knees and pushed up my skirt to slide my thong down over my stockings and throw it into the car. He held my bum as his face pressed between my thighs. I parted my legs and his tongue found my clitty. he was very good and soon had me gasping as I frantically rubbed the other guys cock who was sucking my breasts. I felt a good orgasm comeing on and cried out at the same time as the other guy began to grunt and throb in my hand as his thick stream of cum arched into the air. He moved back and watched. Presently the guy licking me rose to his feet. I held his thick hard cock for a while before he moved me back against the car pushing his cock between my thighs. I moved back and shook my head and he seemed a little crestfallen until I began to play with him again. Sure enough he began to twitch after a while and he too jetted his hot load into the warm night air.

We made ourselves decent and chatted for a while before they went off to their cars.

We found out that they were regulars there and told us about who was best to avoid and such as well as about other couples who went there and what their preferrences were and again they both had mobile numbers to offer us.

It was time to head for home and on the way we talked about it. Pete said he thought I was going to let the guy do me. I asked if he would have enjoyed that. He was hesitant and said It would have to be with a condom if you did. That gave me food for thought. When we got back we rushed in and got down to a really hard session that left me exhausted. I did wonder how that cock would have felt inside.