Written by Jane and Steve

16 Nov 2004

It must have been a month after Steve, Sue and Brian had introduced me to swinging, through the "imaginative" use of a gasmask, that I was to have my second experience. This time I will tell you about it and then Steve will give his view.

It was no surprise for us to be asked round to dinner at Sue and Brian's but, after our last experience with them, I guessed that there would be more than food on the menu. It came as no surprise when, at the end of the meal, Sue took me off to another part of their big old rambling house and told me that we needed to get ready. Once again I got into the suede basque, thong, stockings, suspenders and boots. I was feeling like an old hand and looking forward to enjoying Sue and Brian again. I was a bit surprised when Sue handed me the gas mask again. I smiled at her and said "I don't think I'll be needing that tonight". I was a bit taken aback when she snapped that "yes , you will" and thrust the thing at me. As she helped me put the mask on though, I don't know whether it was the smell, the way it controlled my breathing or the way she accidentally-on- purpose brushed against me that turned me on but, boy, I was up for it. Sue's final act was to rub vaseline into my eye pieces so that everything appeared as if in a blur. I could just make out Sue putting her own mask on and then Steve arrived and led the pair of us out of the room and towards where we'd left Brian.

I was vaguely aware of being led down corridors and stairs but had to really concentrate on where I was walking and breathing was very difficult. Eventually we arrived in a dimly lit room and Steve let go of my hand. In a flash it seemed as if he had disappeared and I was left on my own in the middle of the room. I sensed that Sue was behind me and thought I could hear her breathing but my own breathing was so loud I couldn't be sure if it was just myself I was hearing.

Just as I was getting used to standing there and beginning to wonder what had happened to Steve and Brian the hooks on my basque were undone from behind and the basque was removed. In the same moment a mouth settled on each my nipples and a hand pushed into my soaking pussy. A well greased finger pushed into my bum. My hands were clipped into straps and seemed to be tied to a belt round my waist. I was overcome with total panic and in my mask my breathing turned into an overworked pair of bellows. My mind worked overtime and I was just about to totally panic when I heard Steve's voice say "God, she looks horny doesn't she". It seemed to make it alright and I began to enjoy what was happening to me. My breasts felt heavy and my nipples felt like they'd explode. Above all I was dying for someone to fuck me.

From there I was taken on a whirl of experiences. I had what seemed like prick after prick enter me. I was licked and sucked and finally lifted up and deposited on my knees, literally lowered onto a cock. Almost at the same moment I had another enter me from behind and I had my first experience of dp. I thought I was going to burst and feeling of the need to go to the loo afterwards was nearly uncontrollable.

Eventually Steve released my hands again and took me out of the room and back to the one where I had got changed. Once there I took my mask off - was I hot - and saw that I was covered in spunk and nibbles. Steve helped me to get cleaned up and told me what a wonderful experience the whole thing was for him. I was dying to know who had been in the room but Steve told me I would probably never know. Later Sue returned to the room in the same state as me and gave me a big grin. I was getting used to this !

Steve says: I was really quite worried about this evening when Brian and Sue suggested it as I couldn't be sure that Jane would like it. When the guys and girls first set to work on her I was very afraid that she would flip but she seemed to calm down and really got into it. If you could have seen her riding one guy with another up her bum whilst two girls sucked and rubbed her breasts you'd have thought it was one of the great experiences of a lifetime. Later, as I was cleaning her up, she kissed me and thanked me for a great night - she's well and truely in the club now.