Written by Robert and Jane

2 May 2004

I met my boyfriend 3yrs ago now Robert is 32 and Im 46 it was just ment to be a week-end shag a 1 off for both of us well 3 yrs later and we are still at it like rabbits. We have always been very verbal when we shag and told each other our deepest sexiest fantasies some were so horney that I would get soaking wet when we talked about them my cunt would be gagging for a good seeing to and Rob never failed to deliver the goods he served me up good a proper filling me with his hot spunk making cum time after time till the spunk poured out of me. One of the horniest fantasies was going to a swingers club Rob wanted to see me being fucked and spunked on by a stranger I went along with this never beliveing this would happen it was just something to get off on well one afternoon Rob was more excited than usual he showed me a paper there was a advert in for a party taking place the same night I was sick with nerves it looked like this was 1 fantasy that was going to become real.Rob was so turned on and I must admit I was feeling a little wet myself it was a long drive to the place and on the drive Rob was telling me what he was expecting it was turning me on to listen to him and by the time we got there I was up for anything that might happen.