Written by DEB

29 Oct 2003

I went home and by five thirty this evening I was ready for action, my boyfriend rang me and said seeming as I was of out he would go to his mates house and have a takeaway with him and his girlfriend, I thne thought what the hell am I doing, the thing is my boyfriends mates girl is my boyfriends ex and he at one time loved her until she went of with someone else, so I suppose im jeolous.

Well at six oclock jeff rang me and said what hotel to go to and be there in thirty minutes, so of I went. when I got to the hotel I sat outside and puton some lippy and then went inside, Jeff said he would be in the bar having a drink and would wait for me there.

When got in to the lobby I walked in to the bar and there was Jeff sitting in a corner with someone else, but the man had his back to me. I walked over and kissed Jeff on the cheek and then he said "Deb this is Charles a work collegue" charles got up and kissed me on the lips he smelt of whisky and tobacco.

I sat down and Jeff went to the bar to get me adrink, i felt uncomfatable and dirty, charles was looking me up and down and paying alot of attention to my tits. He was grey and had a suit on with a tie he was very over weight and nothing sexy about him at all. Jeff came back and we all chatted and then Charles suggested going to his room.

I looked at Jeff and he then said "charles is working here tomorrow and is staying here tonight" it all fit then it had been planned Jeff wanted to share me with this pervert. We all went up to Charles un-suit room with a big double bed and silk sheets, the lights were dimmed and straight away he took of his jacket and then asked me to relax.

Jeff disapeared leaving me alone with charles, he came over to me and sat by me on the bed he then stroked my cheek and run his hand down my blouse stopping at my button trying to have a look inside at my bra. I folded my legs and he then run his hand up my leg as he did this he was staring into my eyes and smiling he was breathing heavy like a dirty old man. He then stood up and took of his shirt he then pulled down his trousers, his body was disgusting and fat and it was at this moment I asked myself what am I doing. He left his pants on and came back over to me he knelt in front of me and said "right then little girl lets see what you have here for me" he started to un button my blouse and took it of me then started stroking my tits with my bra still on, but not for long he reached behind and unclipped me and took my bra of, he then stared at my tits and was breathing so heavy it unnerved me I felt cheap and really dirty. He then carressed my tits and flicking my nipples with his thumbs he then put his tongue on them and lightly nibbled them until they were hard and errect he was panting and breathing heavy as he licked them. He then stood up and ordered me to strip of "take all your clothes of for charles" I stood up and pulled my skirt down and then noticed Jeff coming back in the room with a camera he started to take pictures of me undressing coming up close to me and taking shots of my tits and face, he was nodding at Charles who then put his hand on my cunt and held it there while Jeff took pictures of him standing there with his hand in one place and his mouth on my nipple.

I couldnt take any more and ran for the bathroom taking my clothes with me I got dressed and walked out telling Jeff "I cant do this"

As I drve home Jeff rang me and said I needed you to fuck him, I told him I cant not tonight.