Written by DEB

27 Oct 2003

Posted my story yesturday saying that Jeff hasnt touched me and cant look at me after fucking me not long ago.

Well after posting yesturday my boyfriend came home from playing football and said his mum had rang him and asked us to theres for tea I thought no Jeff will be there, but had to act normal so of we went.

On arriving Jaff was in his garage fixing there grandsons bike, my boyfriend shouted "hi dad" to him but he just stuck his hand up. I thought yes dirty bastard. We went in to the house and my boyfriends brother and his wife were there with there kids and my boyfriends mum was making coffee, we all stood talking and then in came Jeff, he still couldnt look at me and everytime I spoke he put his down, I found this so funny and perthetic this man had fucked my cunt.

The evening arrived and Jeff was very chatty and drinking brandy with his sons while I chatted with my future mother in law and sister in law when i noticed Jeff had left the room, someone said he had gone to the garage. I went upstairs to the toilet and had a pee while pulling up my thongs the door opened slightly, I was taken back and said "hold on wont be a minute" thinking it was someone wanting the toilet, when Jeff walked in, I was shocked and siad nothing he grabbed me and put his hands up my jumper, I was not wearing a bra and he soon had his head under my jumper and nibbling my tits saying "oh yes" he was feeling my tits and panting the way he did before I still never said a word, he then un buttoned my jeans and his hand was down my nickers feeling around, the day before I had shaved my pussy for my boyfriend, Jeff also liked this by saying "shaved little cunt you horny girl" he was fingering my hole and kissing my tits his whole hand was up me and this time he was more rougher than the last time which was making me groan with every shove of his hand in my nickers, he then rubbed my clit fastly and pulling my eans down licked my cunt he was sucking and licking all over me then pushing a finger in my hole I could feel myself getting warm and he stood up and sucked on my neck, I thought he was going to mark me so pushed him awaym he then said in awhisper "you need fucking" he pulled down his trousers and pushed me down on his man hood I was sucking and wanking his hard massive cock he was wet again on the end he was thrusting in my mouth and grunting he was holding my head so I couldnt pull away, but with a struggle I managed I stood up and took a leg out of my jeans when i heard my boyfriend shouting me i shouted back "wont be a minute" I turned round and told Jeff to fuck me and quickly he rammed his cock in my cunt and as I stuck my bare arse in the air his cock fucked me hard and fast with his finger in my arse hole he was ramming me backwards and forwards he was grunting and holding on to my hips as he shoved his whole lenght in to me I felt him slow down and slowly push it one big shove and he filled me right up with spunk he then stayed in me and carried on fucking me he was still hard and as he pushed it up me he rubbed my swollen clit and with a few more pushes of his hard cock i shook and orgasmed all over him.

I cleaned all the spunk away and so did he, he then kissed me on the lips pulled up my jumper again and said "you have fantastic tits next time there going to get fucked" he then walked out of the bathroom and returned to the rest of the family.

All day today I keep thinking of the sex ive had with Jeff and want alot more