26 Jan 2019

The vacation thus far had been wonderful, the tone set on day one with James as the perfect guide; in oh so many ways ensured that all were relaxed and comfortable with each other. Arthur had travelled up to Leicester on his business with his eager bride Jenine waiting for his return. It would be unusual for them not to make love immediately, shower, then plan the evening sojourn. They particularly loved English pubs where they could drink relax and eat. The rumour that English food was terrible was just not true; you just had to know where to go and James saw they were well informed.

James was next to meet them on Friday. He suggested a walk down the South Bank starting at Tower Bridge. This is the bridge that was once confused with London bridge which by comparison is a rather drab and utilitarian design. Tower Bridge pulls on the architectural wealth from the Tower of London, a bastion fortress built by William the Conqueror shortly after his successful Norman Conquest. Now approaching 1000 years old it was an astonishing antiquity. It still houses the Crown Jewels of the British Royal Family.

They walked past a Second World War Battleship, through and area called Hays with its bistro and coffee shops before reaching the Golden Hind, an Elizabethan ship used by Sir Francis Drake on his escapades in the Americas famed for bringing back tobacco and potatoes to the west. Further on they passed Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. No longer the original but accurate to design and position from his active days of writing some of the world’s most studies plays and prose.

They passed the Tate Modern which was housed in a redundant power station with its brutalist architecture and daunting front façade. Some Busker and street sellers plied their trade along the river bank, river traffic busied about its own business and Jenine, Arthur and James were loving their walk. The came eventually to Southwark Cathedral, a small Cathedral by standards but in its environs there sprouted a market called Borough Market. Here the immigrant population of the world that had made London their new home set up produce and street-food stalls for the delight of all Londoners but now also increasingly the tourist population. The beauty was with communal seating a group of people could buy whatever food took their fancy but eat together. James selected a Asian wrap of chicken with Indian spices for lunch, Arthur was tempted by seafood and plumped for fish and chips while Jenine browsed longer and by herself.

Not sure of what she would have she encountered a Jamaican Soul Food store selling all things Caribbean, such a choice of vivid colour and incredible smells. The stall holder was a dreadlocked Jamaican man of about 40 years old called Jethro. His eyes sparkled and his beaming white teeth smiled at Jenine as she pondered over her choice. Jenine smiled back and they struck up conversation about her vacation and also about Caribbean food. The talk was flirty, suggestive and becoming full of double entendre. Jenine had never made love to a black man and a most gorgeous specimen was in front of her now. Her nipples stiffened as she felt herself being turned on, it was obvious also to Jethro who had noticed the gorgeous breasts and nipples. A naughty thought crossed Jenine’s mind…..had he become aroused too?

Jenine, bought some Jerk Chicken with rice and beans. Jethro carefully put it in a container and added the receipt to the top. Receipts are not normal in this cash only market not that Jemine was aware but she smiled, looked back at Jethro and laughed as she realised that it was his cell number he had scribbled on the till roll. Jenine secured it and returned to the table with James and Arthur to eat her food and confess of her encounter. The food was delicious, James asked for and took the telephone number but nothing more was said for the rest of the afternoon.

The walked back over Westminster Bridge, past the Houses of Parliament and took a tube back to the Hotel. James stayed in the lobby while Arthur and Jenine went to their room. Jenine wanted to make love to James again but the thought of Jethro was still in her head and would not leave. James called up to the room by phone, he had to go but suggested that they had a nap and ordered room service that night as they would have visitors. ‘Visitors’ Jenine exclaimed, more than one visitor, her tummy turned knots but as she was told she had a nap with Arthur holding her gently on the bed. At 7pm their room phone buzzed, it was James he was coming up. Arthur and Jenine rinsed their faces and were alert and beautiful by the time James arrived. James came in the room, his face was non-committal, he told Jenine to make up her face , undress and lay on the bed. Arthur was to undress. James applied the cock truss but also used the straps to tie him to a chair positioned adjacent to the bed. 3 minutes later a soft knock at the door and Jethro walked in still beaming his white smile. He took in the scene as if he already knew what it would be, his eyes focussed on Jenine he immediately undressed and lay beside her. Arthur squirmed in his chair, they were kissing passionately, Jethro’s dark chocolate coloured skin in contrast top the white soft skin of Jenine. They devoured each other’s mouths. Jethro kissed her neck and down to her perfect breasts while Jenine simpered and sighed. Jethro’s hand reached down to her pussy as she opened her legs in signal of permission and encouragement. As Jethro shifted position to move down Jenine’s body his torso twisted and Arthur gulped to see a magnificent rock hard and huge cock. It must have been 8 inches long, chocolate brown, shaven completely with a tight sack of brown balls below. Arthur said ‘wow’ he liked to see Jenine fucked but had never seen a cock this big, he was unsure she could take it. Jethro slid down her body and let the flat of his broad tongue lap up the slit of her pussy. She convulsed immediately, opened her legs wider and pushed Jethro’s head closer to her pussy. Her hands gripped his dreadlocks which she twisted round her hand determined to keep him doing this wonderous thing to her nerve endings in her now drenched and throbbing pussy.

Jennine hardly noticed but another soft knock at the door was answered by James. A slightly younger, more wiry built Afro-Caribbean man entered the room. His hair was more closely cropped and as he undressed his already stiff erection was a reduction on Jethro, but magnificent all the same. Probably 7 inches long but remarkably slim in its girth. He also seemed to understand the scenario and he dropped to the bed and kissed Jenine passionately while all the time Jethro was lapping at her pussy. Leroy then kissed her breasts lovingly before offering his cock to her mouth. Jenine was in delirium, she accepted the cock greedily and lavished long sucks along the shaft. She tried, because it was slim to deep throat the cock as much as she could.

Jethro was now ready to fuck her, momentarily he removed his head, turned her over on to her knees and slid his massive cock into her soaked pussy. Leroy shifted on to the bed so her mouth could continue to the attention being paid. Jenine groaned, she had never taken a cock this big, it seemed to stretch her in every way. She was in a constant state or orgasm occasionally needing to stop her loving of the cock in her mouth as she recovered composure from each wave of ecstasy convulsing through her sex.

A third knock on the door and in came Eric a stylish gentleman who hailed from Barbados he was about 50 but all the senses about him were of a refined and dignified man. He went to Arthur, kneeling by his side as to judge the frustration and enjoyment being felt by this cuckold husband of this most beautiful woman who was being ravaged by 2 black men. Eric was in charge, that much could be seen from his demeanour.

All the while James was by the window, quiet and contemplated. This is what Jenine had secretly wanted and his task, even though he was having no carnal pleasure was to bring her fantasy to life. The 2 men sensed Eric and slowed their efforts to be directed by the chef. Eric undressed, his body was toned and cock a merciful normal size. Leroy and Jethro disengaged. Jethro lay on the bed, no instructions were given but the choreography seemed pre-determined. Leroy helped Jenine to straddle Jethro and sink deeply on his cock while he slowly started to use his hand to touch her pussy impaled and transfer the wetness of their lovemaking on to her ass bud. His finger then probed inside, first one knuckle then a second. He then eased Jenine forward on to the chest of Jethro which raised her ass and he positioned the tip of his slim cock on the entrance to her forbidden hole. Just the bulbous head was inserted. Jenine gasped but the sensation of this monster cock now pressing against her clitoris caused wild abandon, she cared not that her virgin as was about to be fucked at the same time. Eric now moved beside her on the bed and offered his cock to be sucked. Jenine was numb, a cock in her ass, in her pussy and now in her mouth. All three black men new moving to a rhythm that was unspoken, perhaps deeply primitive. She was not so much doing anything expect being fucked by 3 cocks simultaneously.

They were clearly trying to climax together. Eric called the shots but Jethro had been going longest. His cock was fucking the most beautiful white pussy he had known. Leroy was fucking a most tight ass, the friction was immense and he could not hold out much longer. Eric sped up his thrusting knowing that three volcanoes were about to erupt. Leroy grunted first, he body contorted as he pumped his seed deep in her ass ending his last stroke at the depth of his penetration. Jethro yelled as his hips bucked upwards, his orgasm seemed endless as thrust after thrust . Eric pulled the back of Jenine’s head close as he erupted into her mouth which she let drip down her chin and breast.

Eric pulled away his cock softening quickly as Leroy and Jethro also pulled away but their cocks still stiff and long. Jenine curled up on her knees while Eric shifted her position so Arthur could see the thick white semen ooze from her pussy and ass. Eric whispered into Arthur’s ear as he released the straps bonding him to the chair. Arthur moved on to the bed and lapped the semen oozing from her, first her pussy then her ass. He stayed there to clean every last drop his humiliation complete. He had not noticed the 3 black med dress and quietly leave the room ushered by James. James moved over to the bed, kissed Jenine softly on the cheek and gave Arthurs back a gentle pat before he too left the room. He would meet them again in a few days time.