6 Feb 2019

Jenine and Artur’s vacation had been wonderful so far, guided by James, with whom they had developed a close and trusting relationship, they had seen more of London than a tourist would and enjoyed erotic, sensuous but safe adventures of sexual discovery.

They had both noticed how their libido was heightened, even when just alone their sexual excitement was at a peak. They would make love at the drop of a hat as their memories or some recollection of recent fun flashed through their consciousness. It was already day 6 of their 10 day trip, over half way which was a thought that brought some sadness to both their minds. But still 4 more days….and nights to enjoy.

Arthur was due to travel to Leicester today, he had been able to mix a bit of work with pleasure which had helped to fund the travel. It was a little before 5.30 in the morning, the dawn light was peaking at the edge of the thick curtains. The Hilton was well appointed and comfortable and they had been able to sleep well. This morning however Jenine’s dreams had been extremely vivid as flashes of their vacation and sexual experimentation had appeared almost as clear as an Imax 3 D cinema show. She remembered James cumming deep in her mouth the first afternoon they had played as Arthur fucked her from behind. She recalled the taste of his semen as being sweet and rich. A couple of days later as James had arranged a meeting with 3 black men she recalled the taste of Eric as his sperm flushed into her mouth. This time it spilled out as she was overcome by the sensations happening in her pussy and ass which were both filled by stiff black cock. Eric did taste different, a smokiness to his semen, thinner in consistency but very different from James. She awoke to the realisation that she had not actually tasted the sperm of her husband. She liked to suck him of course, to see the ecstasy in his face but an aversion and perhaps feeling that she would like him to cum deep in her pussy had prevented this happening. She was now awake and about to put that right. He was to catch a train from St Pancras at 7.30 AM and she wanted to send him on his work trip with a lightness of step and smile on his face.

Jenine slid down the bed, there was only a light sheet covering them as they slept. It had been a very warm summer in London this year. Arthur was sleeping, his hands folded lightly across his chest and abdomen with his legs slightly apart, one leg folded at the knee. Arthur shaves his genital area, just the slightest of stubble was visible as Jenine inspected her husbands flaccid and limp cock. With her right hand she cupped under his balls and held them softly while her left hand slowly peeled back his foreskin. Jenine lowered her head and sucked the whole end of his cock into her mouth and help it there for a time, nearly a minute, as she could feel the subconscious arousal happening in Arthurs sex organ. He stirred slightly but only to straighten his bent leg while opening the space between his legs. His cock was growing and now Jenine was able to use her tongue to roll around the bulb. Her left hand slowly masturbated the cock to her mouth and her right hand gently squeezed his sack as the thumb massaged the testes inside. Arthur was not quite awake but perhaps having a dream of his own. Now fully erect his hips thrust slightly in a rhythm matching the actions of Jenine. Her mouth withdrew and she licked a broad stoke of her tongue along the shaft coming to rest and concentrate on his frenulum. At the same time her right forefinger reached to find the pucker of his ass and slowly draw circles on the entrance to his ass. Her left hand pumped the cock and she knew, now from experience of feeling a cock about to erupt, she put her mouth back on the head. Arthur started to cum, a short and small pearl came first giving Jenine a taste of what was to follow, this followed immediately as a convulsion of Arthurs stomach, anus and balls shot a jet of warm creamy cum deep into his wife’s mouth. Jenine still pumped and her finger was now inside his ass just up to her fingernail. Arthurs was cumming with a regular flow of rich and creamy semen. Jenine recognised it again as different, this time sweet and sour, a salty foretaste followed by a sweetness. Its consistency mid-way between her only other tastes.

Arthur was now awake and panting, this orgasm had shook him awake. He felt down and pulled his wife to kiss him deeply. They held each other closely, what a way to say good morning. The first time he had cum in his wife’s mouth and it was electric. This trip was paying dividends as Jenine was now very comfortable with such intimacy. He felt down to her wet pussy hoping to return the favour to her for an early morning orgasm. But Jenine pushed him off, ‘to the shower with you working boy’ she said. I am meeting James later who is taking me shopping to entertain me while you are away. As she said this she also hoped that she might experience her first BDSM as James had indicated he would love to play in that way and introduce the aphrodisiac of pain to Jenine.

They showered together enjoying the soaping of their fit bodies, so relaxed and comfortable with their adventures and Arthur not at all worried about leaving Jenine, his bride and only love in the safe hands of James for the day. Jenine was looking forward too. This next experiment without Arthur was another first for her but she wanted to see if she liked erotic pain without him there as he had been reluctant to participate in their adventures in this way.

James called up to the room a little after 10am. Jenine now breakfasted and having received a reassuring text message that Arthur was in Leicester she looked forward to a few hours with James. They took a tube from Edgeware road to Angel Station to exit into the bright sunshine. They were to visit a shop called Regulation, the premier BDSM shop in the UK. James had been browsing their catalogue and was interested in the whips and punishment section. He had an idea of what they wanted to buy but you just had to see the item first. Jenine was a little nervous but assured by the presence of James as they entered the shop. She need not have worried there were many couples inside browsing the goods, some single women and some single men also. Once directed to the appropriate section they spent their time looking at the various implements available to extract erotic pain. Jenine has watched and been engrossed in a young Czech girl, Caprice, and was keen to replicate the punishment she had had. The examined the cat’o’nine and a series of slim whips. Jenine also noticed a pretty young assistant who offered her help. ‘is there anything in particular you like’ she asked ‘I am just beginning’ replied Jenine ‘ I want to have marks left that give sharp pain but want it to heal quickly and not cut the skin. ‘Then these 2 are perfect’ said the assistant ‘My name is Sabine and please ask if there is anything else I can help with or recommend’ she flirted. Jenine blushed a little and returned to the concentration of both items and decided they would take both.

As they reached the checkout Sabine was serving. She registered the goods and asked, as is custom in many shops in the UK, if Jenine would like to go on the mailing list and could she have an email address. Jenine acted on instinct, said yes, handed over her address and also added her cell number. Jenine then got bold, ‘we intend to try these this afternoon if you might be able to help with a demonstration’ ‘ but of course said Sabine but I am a giver not a taker if OK with you’ ‘perfect with me was Jenine’s shy retort. Her legs felt weak and her panties flooded with her excitement. The flush was clear in James eyes as he saw her face and witnessed the interchange.

‘Can we go back to the Hotel please’ asked Jenine, ‘I need to cum, I am so turned on’. James obliged but as they stepped outside he hailed a black cab, they sat on the flexible seats with their back to the driver and James hand went immediately up Jenine’s skirt, found her soaked pussy and he slid two fingers inside her while his thumb found her clit. Jenine opened her legs, she was biting her own lip to prevent a scream as her pussy convulsed and pulsed on James’ hand. By the time they reached the hotel she lost count of her orgasms. They said little as they moved to the elevator, she kissed him deeply once they were alone but said no further words as she entered the room. ‘I have been naughty James’ she said quickly with a hint of excitement ‘please punish me’. James said ‘check your phone first’ there was indeed a message from Sabine ‘answer and invite to come to this room in 45 minutes’ James was commanding. He was short and precis in his direction, now undress completely and stand by the bathroom door.

James bound her hands above her head, she felt vulnerable and exposed. Jenine has the most perfect breasts, her nipples were stiff and engorged brought about by the speed and urgency of her orgasms. James walked around her in a menacing manner. ‘You are a naughty tart’ he said ‘ flirting wantonly with a shop girl’ ‘needing to be wanked in a taxi’ what should we do? ‘Sorry’ blurted Jenine, not in tears but on the edge of being upset. James swished the cat across her breasts and Jenine sucked in her breath. Her legs buckled a little as James swished again with a little more force. The next swipe caught a nipple, so much more sensitive and a whimper from Jenine. The next caught the opposite nipple with the same effect. ‘can you withstand it and not scream?’ asked James. Jenine nodded she could ‘then your safe word is Paddington’ do you understand, if you want to stop you must say that word or I will continue your punishment’. ‘I understand Sir’ Jenine sobbed just as the cat flicked across her once more this time leaving the faintest of red welts across her pert tits.

As James continued to whip the welts grew deeper red. He paused a little leaving Jenine tied there and extracted an ice cube from the fridge in the room. He rubbed the cube across her nipple, at first a relief from the burning sensation as the ice froze her skin but only for the heat to re-emerge seemingly stronger as the cold wore off. James was a sadist! He was making it even more painful but without inflicting more damage to her skin. Jenine did not know if it was pain or pleasure. There was clear pain but the pleasure of relief was electrifying, also orgasmic like. James took some ice to her pussy, the cold next to the heat and engorged flesh could not be processed. Jenine did not know if it was pain or pleasure until James placed his hot tongue on her labia breathing heat and sensations. The nerve endings seemed instantly frozen devoid of feeling until his mouth energized her sex. She moaned as a flood of her juice wetted her once more. James checked his watch and untied Jenine carrying her to the bed, she was weak and drained. He gave her some hot tea with her composure returning just in time for a knock at the door.

James opened the door to Sabine who too in the view, a naked and vulnerable Jenine with red welts across her breasts. A sweet beautiful woman who seemed submissive to her presence. Sabine took over, she undressed to show a leather bra and pantie set with a slit in the panties exposing her pink labia. She strode over to the bed and pulled Jenine to lick at her pussy. Jenine obeyed although this was the first pussy she had ever tasted. She knew what she liked and used her tongue to do the same to Sabine. She rolled her tongue into a phallus and dated it in and out of her pussy then flattened the tongue to lap at her clit which was engorged and poking through the leather slit. Jenine was good and it was clear that Sabine was feeling the rising sap of her orgasm but she pulled away. She took from her back an enormous dildo. A black veined rubber cock that was even bigger than the real thing that Jenine had tried earlier that week. Jenine was unsure she could take it and whimpered some relief as she realised she was to use it to fuck Sabine. Sabine undressed and lay on the bed handing the dildo to Jenine ‘make me cum’ she instructed. Jenine did as she was told, inserting the cock into Sabine astonished of how much she could get in before pulling out and re-plunging into her pussy. Jenine had never seen penetration this close before. She had had an experience with Arthur watching others fuck but her face was 2 inches from the pussy of this dominant lady telling her too fuck her. Sabine moaned, swore and encouraged the motion before cumming with a long building sigh that turned into a roar. She slumped back on the bed and they all took some rest.

James was quietly sitting in a chair admiring the view, 2 beautiful ladies engaging in a dominant and submissive session of erotic lovemaking. He was hard and wanted to join in but remained content to let Jenine fulfil her fantasy. He was sure he would play later.

Sabine rose to grab the leather tipped whip she had sold this couple just a few hours earlier. ‘on your knees’ she instructed Jenine and a flash of the strop caught he bum cheeks. Jenine yelped and moved quickly. ‘ Have you been a good boy?’ she asked James ‘of course’ he replied. ‘Then lend me your cock’ she continued. ‘Undress and place it in her mouth’. James complied and moved round the bed and placed his large erect cock in Jenine’s mouth. ‘Suck’ ordered Sabine as the whip swished down on her ass once more. A gentle rhythm was established as Sabine encouraged Jenine to suck and impale herself on James’ lovely cock. Red welts appeared on her cheeks but there seemed an absence of pain as a mix of sensations flew around Jenine’s mind. ‘Make him cum’ ‘keep it in your mouth then kiss me with it’ ordered Sabine. Another new idea thought Jenine, this was called snowballing by the kinky British set and Jenine was looking forward to it. Jenine could sense the eruption about to happen, her hands were supporting her weight so she had no control as the thick spurts of the sweet tasting semen flooded her mouth. She tired her best to keep it in her mouth as she turned to face Sabine and embrace her. The embrace was a thank you in so many respects as their mouths opened on each other and their tongues swirled the warm spunk between their mouths. Some dribbled artistically onto their breasts as the kiss endured as more cum was swallowed by each beauty. Sabine lowered her head to lick away the drops on Jenine’s tits and was invited to reciprocate which Jenine did, perhaps lingering a little longer than she needed.

All three went to the shower and hot fountains of water brought them life and cleansing. Jenine peed as she stood but Sabine cupped her hands and splashed it over her breasts. ‘Sit’ she commanded to Jenine and James, open wide as she let a jet of warm pee shower the pair of them directing a strong jet into Jenine’s mouth. This was a day for first times and she could not wait to tell (some of) it to Arthur on his return.