Written by Jason

1 May 2004

I was 19 years old when I met Jenny, we were both competitive rowers at the time and it was through the sport that we made the connection. Jenny was a member of a female team that was stacked with talent for the male eye.

Rowing is a gruelling discipline and as a result there are some pretty amazing physiques in the sport. Jenny was no exception, who, after a couple of years spent representing our country, and the subsequent training involved was ripped.

She was about 6ft tall, tanned, lean muscled and so very hot. We had been introduced by mutual friends but it was really my ex-girlfriend who surprisingly was the catalyst for what was to happen.

As it happened my ex, who I remained good friends with, rowed in the same team as Jenny, through chatting Fiona had learned that Jenny was keen on me. Todd and I had been best mates for ages, he and I had always talked about sharing a girl at some stage and we figured that Jenny was going to be our best shot because of some stories I had heard about her at rowing parties.

After many occasions spent flirting with each other I finally asked Jenny if she wanted to come swimming with my mate and I. She accepted the invitation and so Todd and I drove by, picked her up and headed to the lake.

It was a hot Summer afternoon, we all walked the short distance to the swimming dock and then, as Todd and I had previously planned, we stripped naked and jumped in the lake. Jenny declined our repeated invitations to join us even though she had brought a bikini, stating that she was too shy. When it came time for Todd and I to get out I noticed that Jenny made no attempt to hide the fact she was staring at both of our flaccid, circumcised penises, and we made no attempt to hide them from her as we dried.

On the way home Jenny sat in shotgun and Todd in the passenger seat behind.

As I drove Jenny and I continued to flirt and after a while she casually placed her hand on my thigh and left it there. All that separated her hand from my cock was about 2 inches and as a result I began to get an erection under my towel, I looked in the rear view mirror and this had not gone unnoticed by Todd who was grinning at me in the reflection. Jenny noticed my ‘growing’ interest and giggled but did nothing more about it. I remember thinking that things were looking good for tonight.

We made plans to go out that night and dropped Jenny off at her home where she lived alone. On the way back to our flat Todd and I hatched a plan. We thought the best option was to all get tipsy and then suggest a game of strip poker, it always seemed to work for the guys who wrote to Playboy and Penthouse so we hoped it would for us.

Later that night Todd and I picked Jenny up and went to the local for a beer, as planned we all got slightly drunk and then decided to head back to Jenny’s to finish the night. Once there I suggested that we should have a game of strip poker, which everyone agreed to, everything seemed to be going all so easily.

I remember I was the first to lose my shirt and not being much of a cards player most of my other clothes followed quickly in the next rounds. By the time I was nude Jenny was sitting in her bra and panties whilst Todd was still in his jeans. She lost the next round and chose to remove her bra much to our delight, her breasts were perky and on the end of each poked a lovely bullet shaped nipple, so obviously turned on by the situation. Before we started the next round Todd excused himself to the toilet, as the door closed behind him Jenny motioned me over so I stood up from my chair and approached her. At this stage I still had a soft penis through nerves I guess, but without a word Jenny, still sitting, grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to her mouth and took my cock in. Seconds later Todd walked in to see Jenny with my now semi-hard dick in her lips, she pushed me away and told me to sit down because we needed to finish the game. I did as I was told and exchanged a grin with Todd on my way back to my chair. It was Todd who lost the next game and his jeans with it. Todd is a big man, a rugby player, tall like myself but solid muscle with it. As he slipped off his jeans I noticed his cock sprung up against his belly, Jenny noticed it too.

So there she was, sitting at a table flanked by 2 good looking guys with hard-ons, something had to give and it did. She put her cards down stating that there was no need for them anymore and basically took control of the situation. She asked me to stand, got on to her knees and resumed where she had left off minutes before with my knob in her mouth. Todd pulled out his chair from the table, positioned it side on to Jenny and I and proceeded to masturbate as he watched Jenny give me one of the most unbelievable blow jobs of my life.

Working my dick like a pro she used her tongue to slide over the head expertly while she tugged gently on my balls with one hand, her other hand at this stage had found its way in to Todd’s lap and was doing the same with his. He has a pair of the biggest balls I have ever seen and by the look on his face I knew he was enjoying her touch on them. Although I had seen Todd naked plenty of times I had never seen him with an erection, his cock was about the same length as mine but the shaft was wider and his bell-end looked like a mushroom. I guess Todd was sizing me up as I was him, in the same competitive bloke kind of way.

Caught up in the heat of the moment and feeling like I couldn’t hold out anymore, I withdrew from Jenny’s mouth and shot my load over her chest, big creamy dribbles ran down her front and she made no effort to clean it up which was so sexy.

As she got up off the floor Todd took the opportunity to remove her panties, he slid them down her legs and she stood out of them one foot at a time. She had a nice tight looking pussy, bare except for a strip of trim hair at the top, she looked so good naked. Jenny walked over to the table we had just been playing on, wiped the cards off and lay on top of it facing up. Todd and I didn’t need to be told as he positioned himself over her open mouth and me between her legs. I watched for a few seconds as Jenny shared her oral attentions between sucking Todd’s monster balls into her mouth and licking the underside of his shaft. He kept his hands busy rubbing her tits. I parted Jenny’s pussy open with my fingers to discover how wet she was, I licked at her with my tongue, first teasingly at her clit then building into long laps that ran the length of her slit. She wiggled in enjoyment and opened her legs a little wider for me to completely bury my face in her, she tasted good. Between watching Stace go to town on my mates prick and enjoying eating her out it did not take long for me to get excited. Unfortunately I had to wait for sex as Todd had left his end and was nudging me out of the way so that he could enter her, I obliged and let him while pulling up a chair to watch the action. Todd easily slipped in between her pink lips and was thrusting in and out amidst a chorus of sloppy, wet sounds. Enjoying my own private porn show I began to tug myself, every now and then reaching over to lend a rubbing finger to her clit. Jenny was holding her knees up in the air and was trying not to slide up the table as Todd pounded her with a fair force. Grunting aloud I knew he was at his peak when he pulled out and sprayed his wad across her tummy, it was a big load and exactly what you would expect from someone with sacs like his.

What happened next was unbelievable, Jenny dipped her fingers in some of Todd’s cum and , with legs lifted a little higher, began to rub it around her arse rim. She then told me that was where she wanted to be fucked now and I figured out she was actually lubricating herself down there. I had never had anal sex before and didn’t hesitate to give it a go. Despite asking for it, my cock didn’t go in easy and took a little working but once inside it felt just like a pussy only tighter, Todd was enjoying the show and chuckling to himself over the whole scene. Stepping up he picked up where I left off and started to finger her clit and suck on her nipples, between our efforts Jenny began to squirm and moan a little. Getting the feedback we were on the right track we continued and Jenny’s moans began to get louder and higher, until she told us under heavy breathe she was cumming. I pulled out, walked to one side of Jenny and Todd walked to the other and we both began wanking our cocks over her body, it didn’t take long before we had both spilled our goo on to her as she smiled at us. Exhausted, Todd and I looked at each other, grinned again and gave a high five over Jenny as she glistened with out nut butter, she laughed.

We pretty much went to sleep after that, with some mattresses on the floor, Jenny in the middle.

In the morning I was woken by Jenny tugging on my cock, looking over she was doing the same to Todd and telling us both that she wanted to see who would cum first – Todd won!

Jenny and I went out for a little while after that night and in later conversations she told me that she knew what Todd and I were up to right from the start as Fiona, my ex, had told Jenny that a 3-som had always been a fantasy of mine. Jenny figured the whole swim and cards game was our plan to achieve it but went on to add that it wasn’t necessary as she was game for it anyway, Funny huh!

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