Written by Jason

3 Aug 2006

We had all been friends for years, and amidst all the usual saucy-talk and suggestive goings-on that never actually materialised, we all six of us were spending the week-end at Jas and Kay's house in Suffolk. Gerry, Jenny's husband had taken the car to a tropical fish centre out of town; Joyce, my missus had used our car to take Kay into the supermarket at Lowestoft. That left Jas, Jenny and me. Jas and I were sorting out some books in his spare room when Jenny, thinking we were still out in the garden, waltzed from the bathroom post-shower into her bedroom completely naked. We knew she had big boobs, but they were rarely displayed - we almost gasped aloud as her two gorgeous orbs swung past, the large brown oreole almost concealing the fulsome nipples. A theatrical squeal greeted our appearance, as she ran into the bedroom but forgot to close the door...bending over to pick up her dressing-gown from the floor merely promoted her other charms in the shape of a well-rounded arse that Italian painters used to die for. Jas, having always had a way with women, followed her quickly in, and volubly praising her various charms, was soon smothering her large tits with kisses, stroking her bare shoulders until she pulled his head in tighter, running her hands over his broad, tanned back. Having paused at the door, I then felt brave enough to join the couple, gently stroking her back and buttocks, feeling the moisture where she had not yet dried herself from the shower. Jas. with a lifetime's experience, had undone his shorts, which fell to the floor to reveal his rampant cock, foreskin back, the purple head ready for action. Jenny reached down to fondle his manhood. Clumsily undoing my own shorts, Jenny suddenly turned and kissed my shoulder, then releasing Jas's cock started playing with mine, quickly easing my long foreskin back to reveal my knob.

They whispered something to each other, then Jas laid on the bed, Jenny taking position above his erect cock. This exposed her lovely bum to my gaze, and the view of her somewhat hairy unshaven arse and cunt put the final hydraulic pressure into my cock as I slowly leant against her cheeks, pressing my tool between her crack, as she lowered herself straight onto his cock until only his balls were visible. She then started moving rapidly up and down, getting noisier by the second: In my experience, most women take ages to come, but within a minute Jenny was pumping Jas senseless. Jenny then reached behind and literally pulled me round until she could take my cock in her mouth...what a sight, Jas almost gasping for breath, Jenny bouncing around like mad, and those lovely boobs swinging uncontrolably in all directions, with my tool embedded firmly in her mouth. Jas came first, his shouts of 'Oh. fuck..' followed by the spasms as he shot his load into her: This intensified her orgasm to the point where she pulled my cock from her mouth to cry out freely, wanked me furiously, and shot my unusually copious wad of spunk all over those lovely tits......which I suppose had started it all in the first place. And not a minute too soon...the slamming of car doors announced the return of Kay and Joyce, so there then followed a hurried vacation of Jenny's bedroom, shorts in hand, where we buried our heads in a pile of old books to hide our somewhat flushed (but incredibly satisfied!!) faces. What a girl, what a surprise!