Written by Bob Dog

27 Sep 2005

Jo met Tom after she finished work one Friday. She always popped in to the Crown on her walk home before the start of the weekend. She always had a G&T. Her mother had had the same every Friday for years (but at home) and Jo found it comforting. She missed her Mum.

Tom was a likeable man, married, and in his late forties. He was a supervisor for a building firm and worked all over the city on different projects. Jo and Tom simply chatted about their week and what was planned for the weekend ahead. By 6 o’clock they had exchanged their last anecdote, made their last quip and were off home.

Jo was married too. She usually arrived home to an empty house about 10 minutes before her husband, Ewan. Their children were grown up and had left home. Jo was happy not to be a Granny yet. She certainly didn’t feel like one.

Her figure was pretty good for someone aged 50 and with the discreet use of hair colour she was able to keep the grey at bay. She could be mistaken for being only 40. If men were to guess her age they would say late 30’s, to be on the safe side and avoid the chance of slap for insulting her.

Marriage was good for Jo. She liked the routine and the certainty. She was happy with 2 holidays per year and a Volvo in the drive. She had enough money for nice things and enjoyed dressing up for Ewan on their regular Saturday night shag. Always followed by a Sunday morning lie in. If she was lucky, Ewan might manage again before going for the Sunday papers. Weekdays were for shopping, cleaning, ironing and gardening.

Wednesdays were an early finish for Jo. 4 instead of 5 o’clock. She liked to take her time walking home on Wednesdays and would linger through the precinct looking at clothes, shoes and anything else that took her fancy. She didn’t buy she just window-shopped. Her one weakness was chocolate. She could spend 5 minutes peering into Thornton’s window.

On this particular Wednesday, Jo couldn’t resist and entered the chocolate shop and bought a bag of ‘mis-shapes’, all the delight of Thornton’s, a little bashed and bruised but wonderful on the tongue just the same. When she came out it had started to rain. Jo took one chocolate to cheer her self up. It also got her slightly aroused. Chocolate did that to her and it was only Wednesday.

She darted from shop to shop to avoid the downpour, gradually progressing along the street. She stopped outside Marks & Spencer to catch her breath. Across the road was a building site. An old store was being knocked down and rebuilt. The building site was extensive and the foreman’s hut was next to the entrance. Standing in the lea of the hut was Tom waving at her to come over. He mouthed the word tea and made a ’T’ shaped sign with his fingers. Jo scurried across to see him.

She accepted the offer of tea and sat down in the hut. Tom looked a lot rougher in his work clothes and hardhat. His hands were dirty and the dust from the site was everywhere. Jo thought he looked stronger and manlier than on Fridays. They chatted about the rain but Jo stopped talking when another builder entered the hut. The man was even swarthier, weather beaten face and rough scratched hands. He smiled at Jo. She smiled back. Tom spoke to the man and he replied in a thick east European accent. The conversation was about some RSJ’s and where to store them. Jo noticed the man look her up and down. He seemed to look right through clothes and followed every contour over her body. She shivered at the thought but her pussy reacted in an unexpected way.

Her muscles between her legs tightened and a dampness became obvious to her. Inexplicably she leaned back and tossed her head back. She dropped one shoulder as she did so and the overall picture was of a woman who was trying to flatter her own physique and increase her attractiveness. She needn’t have bothered. The builder clearly wanted her, in the most basic sense. He croaked out a line that she was a beautiful English Rose. Jo soaked in the compliment thinking it was genuine. She looked him up and down and wondered what lay beneath.

Mike’s mobile rang and he listened for a minute and said he would be right over. He explained he was needed on the far side of the site and asked Jo to remain until his return. She smiled and confirmed she would and both men turned and left the hut.

Jo looked round from the edge of the desk she was sitting on. To the back was a scabby old sofa with a pile of ‘Sun’s’ and ‘Daily Sports’ spilling over on to the dirt-covered floor. Empty coffee mugs and several beer cans were perched on any available horizontal surface. Tall and grey, on the left stood 3 lockers, half open with perhaps a couple of hi-viz vests and sandwich boxes for contents. Jo helped herself to another chocolate.

She stood up and wandered to the back of the cabin. Behind the sofa was a pile of magazines. She picked one up and she was not surprised to discover it was hardcore porn. She leafed the pages and was fascinated at the contents. Such big men, with such big cocks, filling all different holes of the beautiful women depicted. She had never seen so muck spunk and in so many places. She winced when she came across a picture of one girl getting a filling in both holes whilst she sucked another big cock.

You like?, asked the swarthy builder standing in the doorway. Jo replied that she did but that it was really time for her to go. He disagreed and said she must wait for Mike. He walked up to Jo and stood too close. He was right inside her personal space and she felt uncomfortable. She could see his stubble which was clearly more than a day old. His skin was grimy and she could smell him, a combination of sweat, dust and diesel.

You like?, he asked again. Jo looked confused. Me? He expanded. She nodded and stepped backwards. Her calves came up against the sofa. He stepped forward into her space again. She recoiled away but lost her balance as her feet had nowhere to go and she sat down on the couch. He towered over her. See more?, he asked. He took her silence as a yes and proceeded to undo his thick leather belt. Jo gulped. He dropped his jeans and Jo gulped again. He dirty grey/white boxers came down next and Jo gulped once more.

This mans cock was so different from her husbands. It wasn’t longer and was only slightly thicker but the veins stuck out like only something she once saw in Anne Summers. She wondered what it felt like. Jo took it in two hands and it felt so warm. She could feel it pulsing and the ripple of veins below her fingers were tantalising. She squeezed and pulled back is foreskin to reveal a deep red knob that glistened invitingly at her. Her tongue came out and circled his end. She cupped his hairy balls in one hand and dragged down hard on his shaft showing his manhood off at its best. She wanked him for two or three strokes and a bead of pre-cum appeared like a tear in his eye. Jo licked it off. As she did so the builder grasped the hair at the back of her head and guided he mouth over and down his cock. He kept pushing, his cock passing the back off her mouth and down her throat only stopping when her lips and nose came up against his pubes.

He fucked her face. She had little choice in how far he penetrated but she didn’t want to complain. She was enjoying the control that this big man was taking. She didn’t want to be asked. If she were asked she would have to say no. She knew it was wrong to suck another man’s cock or let him fuck her but she wanted to more than she had wanted anything before. Now she knew how he felt in her mouth she wanted him to fulfil her basest desire.

Jo’s hands wandered round to his firm arse. The tight muscles were strong and thrusting. The man’s cocked enlarged slightly and she could sense he was about to come. His buttocks clenched and the first spurt filled the back of Jo’s mouth. The sticky goo stuck to her mouth but the second spurt went across her face, the semen reaching from her eyebrows to lips. The third partly went up her nose and drenched her eyelid. She had her mouth open and her tongue out. She craved his nectar and was rewarded with a final squirt on her pink tongue.

His knee forced its way between her legs. She let herself slide to the left until her head rested against the armrest. Some of the spunk rolled of her face and added a stain to the fabric. She could smell old cigarette smoke and stale alcohol. Her left hand touched the floor and it felt tacky and dirty. She made no attempt to stop the builder raise her shirt above her waist. His rough hands snagged as he fingered at her tights. He groped for the waistband and his finger finally sunk between her skin and the nylon. He pulled one side down and she lifted her bottom to make sure he could. Her tights ended up around only her right ankle. Her blue court shoes, by this time, kicked off and lying on their side on the floor with the rest of the litter.

The east European builder then tried the same with her knickers but his clumsiness meant that her pants were ripped from her rather than slid down her legs. The tattered white cotton briefs hung from the edge of the sofa. He looked down to see Jo’s soft white legs contrasting against the dark and grubby furniture. Her pussy was completely natural. Soft brown pubic hair, still flattened from her knickers didn’t hide her pussy lips that were proudly pouting as her clitoris poked through the folds. The rough hands of the builder lifted her right leg high on to the back of the sofa. Her other leg was over the edge of sofa, bent at the knee.

Jo knew what was coming. She wiped some spunk from her face and into her mouth. She could see his cock was still hard and wanted it up her fanny. He rubbed the end of his cock between he pussy lips and the moisture escaped from her hole. She was very ready for him. Without any thought for her, he thrust his big cock deep into her cunt. She felt it go in all the way. Almost too far for Jo but she wanted it so bad. He slowly thrust in and out of her. He grabbed her hair and she grabbed his in return. She could feel it hadn’t been washed for weeks but still she tightened her grip. He filled her passage again and again with slow long strokes. She felt her vagina reacting in a very good way. He was hot and his pelvis was squashing her clitoris on every thrust. Her cunt was getting wetter and wetter as her arousal increased. Fuck me you bastard she gasped loudly. He continued to thrust, perhaps a little deeper and faster now.

Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me groaned Jo. She was nearing a climax and the hut started to fade. She could hardly her him breathing as the pleasure within her body welled up. Her left hand grasped his firm bum and forced him to stay on mission. The firmness of his body exhilarated her and she stiffened in preparation of the ensuing orgasm. Her cunt pulsated as she reached her peak. The builder kept on rhythmically stimulating her from within. She whimpered as the climax arrived. Her right leg arched behind his thighs to force him to stay inside her. His thrusting continued as she was held at the top of her pleasure for such a long time, and still he kept going. The satisfaction she felt was golden and exhausting.

He could tell she was coming from the expression on her face. Her cunt was a pleasure. Just the English rose he had anticipated. She was a hot mother and he was going to ride till he was spent. The orgasm she was having sucked on his dick and it felt good. Her tight vaginal muscled were hot, smooth and well lubricated round his shaft. Her strong internal muscles were a pleasure to penetrate but he was not going to come like this, so soon after he had come on her pretty white face. He felt her go limp as her orgasm subdued. Her eyes were closed.

The strong arms of the labourer lifted her up and turned her over. He placed her, kneeling forward facing the back of the sofa and the wall of the hut. She looked up and saw the Health & Safety notice declaring that she must wear a hardhat. She could also feel his rough greasy hands lift her skirt up again to reveal her white mooning bottom. Do you want more?, he asked. Still she said nothing but not resisting. He rubbed his cock the full length of her slit. It was sopping wet and her pubic hair was matted from her fucking. His coarse hands started to feel her buttocks and worked down to her parted lips. His chunky fingers were covered with her juice.

The hands felt rough but exciting to Jo. She was beginning to see clearly again after her orgasm and realised she was getting aroused again. Much quicker than normal as she had not come down fully from her deep penetration, minutes earlier. She felt the knuckles of his index finger rubbing against her rose bud. The she felt his thumb slip right into her pussy. It felt, to her, like a little dick and she wondered if it would satisfy. This guy knew what he was doing and the position of his hand was perfectly aligned with both her clitoris and her g-spot. Little more than 10 seconds later and again her vision blurred and the only sound she could hear was her own panting.

Jo screamed Oh yes, Oh yes, as another orgasm cascaded through her. Her pussy was dancing on his hand as wave after wave of pleasure rippled through her. Her fluids were copious now and his hand was covered. Jo felt him remove his thumb and her orgasm started to fade gently down. She had been well and truly finger fucked. Nobody had done that to her before. It was fantastic.

His hand was covered in her juice and he started to manipulate her anus. Her juices were pulled up from below as she knelt on the sofa with her bum exposed and her legs apart. Jo’s husband never went near her glory hole and she began to panic. The builder could see her ring tighten as she thought what was about to happen. Don’t worry, he grunted, you’ll like it. He slowly dragged his cock between her juicy cunt lips and touched the end on her anal rose. The lubrication spread across her cheeks as he circled his target area. He gently nudge her hole with his knob and Jo found herself pushing back slightly. She knew what was coming.

Slowly the builder’s cock squeezed through her hole. She felt herself contract but his powerful surge kept the penetration going. Still he pushed slowly forward and Jo felt her stretching wider than she thought possible. It hurt but not in the way she had expected. The soreness was only apparent when her hole was widening. Once he was in the aching went and a sense of fullness overwhelmed the sensation of pain. Jo felt an unexpected pleasure in feeling his cock within her. Very like having a full pussy only there was nothing near her clit.

Backwards and forwards went his pelvis as the builder started to fuck her ass. She felt his hair pubes on her bum and pushed back to meet him. She could smell the sweat from his body and thought how dirty she was. He rode her ass more before forcing two fingers up her pussy. The heel of his hand stopped right on her clit and he began to grind it round and round.

This transformed Jo virgin ass fuck from an unusual and unexpected pleasure to kaleidoscope of different arousals. Her ass was full to the max, her fanny was being massaged rhythmically in time to his thrusts and her clitoris was being roundly excited and she could hold back no longer. A powerful orgasm started high in her vagina and swept outwards to her whole abdomen. Every nerve ending felt electric as she screamed out in delight. Her muscles squeezed down hard on the builders digits and cock. His tempo quickened and with Jo still coming he filled her ass with his spunk. Jo felt the warm rush of fluid within her and arched her back in a final expression of her pleasure. She slumped forward looking down at the floor.

The builder stepped back and watched her asshole slowly return from a gaping ‘o’ to a puckered pink ring. Trails of white semen dribbled down Jo’s crack. The builder looked on and admired his handiwork. He hadn’t had a fuck like that since he had come to Britain and he had enjoyed every minute.

Jo too had enjoyed herself. First anal fuck and first infidelity, both in the same day and both unexpected. The surprise nature of the encounter had really doubled the pleasure but she wondered what she would tell her husband. She straightened herself up leaving her knickers behind the sofa. The builder was fully dressed now and replaced his hardhat and smiled at Jo. Thank you, English Rose, he said. Jo replied with her own thanks and he left the hut.

Tom returned and said he would have to catch her another time, as there was a serious problem on another site. Jo promised to see him on Friday.

Friday came and the chat was just as normal. However, just as they left Tom gave her a small paper bag. Inside were her torn knickers. On her way home, she wondered what it would be like to be fucked by Tom.