Written by Anonymous

7 Apr 2019

The letter from the recruitment agency said the interview was at longhirst hall, at 4pm, the girl said you needed to dress smart, elegant and…sexy. The Job was with Shandy Leisure Ltd, the role was described as one with lots of opportunity for the right individual, you need to be quick thinking, flexible, open minded, always willing to get your hands dirty, it was demanding at times, Mr Shandy (the CEO was very demanding at times), but the job was often very rewarding. That’s all she would say, oh and Mr Shandy definitely like his applicants to be elegant & sexy and he doesn’t like to be kept waiting.

You’d be coming straight from work so you’d be wearing your nice white blouse, tight grey skirt and black heels, and probably you black stockings, if the old buggar liked sexy then you could flash him a glimpse of your stocking ha ha.

You’re nervous as you wait for Mr Shandy in reception, and you’re pleasantly surprise when Mr Shandy greets you in reception, he’s about 10 years younger than you expected, dressed in a smart suit and tie. Although his greeting is formal they way he looks you up and down, he’s definitely not gay! You feel his eyes undress you, layer by layer, and more likely he’s just imagined fucking you over the leather sofas in reception. He’s quite nice so may be wearing stockings was a good idea after all. For a second you imagine being fucked over the sofa and your pussy give a little tingle.

After insisting he buy you a drink you move to a quiet area of the bar where you can’t be overheard and he begins to ask you the usual interview questions, what jobs have you done in the last 2 years, what are your strengths, what are you weaknesses; have you any experience of dealing with the public? He’s very good and very formal but every now and then while he’s looking at his notes, he looks over, he’s undressing you again… you suddenly feel your sat in front of him in your underwear, its sexy, your pussy give anything little tingle as you imagine him fucking over the table, its more than a tingle now though, you’re damp, your body wants sex, and so do u.

“Ms Lovecock when you were working in the bar can you tell us how you dealt with a customer who made an unwelcome sexual approach towards you? If you dressed like you are today there must have been a few?” (Did he really say that??) You explain you’d politely ignore them. “What if they put their hand on your knee? “and he puts his hand on your knee (his face is completely straight), he’s very close to you, it’s exciting but he’s crossed a boundary without your permission.” I’d remove his hand & I don’t see what it’s got to do with the interview!” you try to remove his hand but it stays just long enough to let you know he’s in charge, again a tingle goes through your pussy as you imagine his hands exploring you.

It’s has to do with the interview because I run a very exclusive chain of clubs where you might just have to deal with unwanted sexual approaches, you dealt with it well. So if you really would “do anything” for this job, I suggest you follow me and I suggest you stop asking too many questions. I do like my staff to do as I say, when I say it, Ms Lovecock.”

“This way” he guides you towards the lift and slips his arm around your waist (his invaded your space again, (for a second run his hands over your bum again your body tingles) “we’ll take the stairs, I want to see how you walk.. go on” so for him you walk 5ft in front of him, not talking, slowly and elegantly to the top floor, all the time he’s behind you watching your arse move inside your tight skirt, you long legs glide up the stairs, you know he’s watching every step, you know again your being stripped to your underwear.. You’re all in black, black bra, thong, stockings and heels. You know there not a man alive that could resist you, but for now you’ll play his little game, where will it lead? What will happen behind closed doors, he’s not an old pervert so may be the interview won’t be, and goodness you could do with a job and a fuck!

Part 2

You’re sat in the room about 8ft between you both on posh leather chairs. “Ms Lovecock, my clubs are very exclusive and very confidential, and I need someone who can handle difficult situations on my reception desk, as such you must do exactly as I say, there will be times where there will be drunk men and woman about, does that bother you? “NO”, what if you knew the young women you were letting in to the club were lap-dancers? “no” what if some of the old men got a bit carried away and made some request of you ? And say they we’re willing to give you a £50 tip, for say… showing a bit of leg?? What would you do?” You pause to think, what does he want me to say….

Before you can answer

“Stand up Ms Lovecock ..Let’s pretend”. “I’d like to see some leg…now if you please…?” (This is it, do I blow it now or play some more??) You stand in front of him and slowly bring your skirt up a few inches (who’s the pervert now! Who’s in charge?) You can see his eyes fixed to you, 110% of his attention on your legs. A few moments pass, “are you wearing stocking Ms Lovecock?, show me!”…. You raise your skirt above your stocking tops but below the cheeks of you bum. You can feel the cool air on your warm flesh as you expose yourself to him, as he sits fully clothed. “Turn around” you slowly turn and stand with your legs slightly apart and arse towards him. “Expose your backside!”… You lift your skirt to your waist revealing your backside and your black thong (your ½ naked in front of a complete stranger - OMG your pussy is wet now). You flinch as you feel his hand on you naked bottom, caressing it like an object of beauty and desire “stand still, very still”

“Now Ms Lovecock, I need staff who can think for themselves, not just take orders. What do you think I’d want you to do next??” (You’re thrown by this… what sexual act would he want; it definitely has to be sex. Now you’re not sure who want’s it more now, you or him?

You spread your legs wider exposing more of you.. “Good” your pussy tingles, you slowly bend forward “better”. You spread your legs wider and bend forward holding your ankles. “Better still” the damp crotch of your thong is right in front of his eyes, he will be able to see where the wet material is tight across your shaven pussy.

OMG! His fingers are stroking you, you resist the impulse to pull away as electric shocks shoot through you, gently he strokes, back and forth, you are very wet and very ready for his cock. This is driving you crazy….But it’s his tongue next, he licks very gently through the materiel, you hold tight to your ankles but can’t help as a moan escapes. OMG you need his cock as he teases you with the tip of his tongue. Ooooh. He stops, …..You’re soaking wet.

“Ms Douglas go to the bathroom, remove your bra then put you Blouse on again, then with cold water, wet your tits” .you do as he says, the thrill is extreme, the cold water is ecstasy. You love the look of your wet blouse & tits in the mirror, nipples rock hard. You walk back in to the room, looking sexier than any stripper in his dam club! “kneel and face me” you kneel “expose your tits to me a button at a time…button” you do as he says one button at a time, he watches intently as each button is undone, give more of a view each time, when there all undone, with your arms still inside he’s pulls it ½ way down your arms, trapping them behind you, once again you are fully exposed to him. You are there for 1-2 minutes. “close your eyes” you close them expecting any minute to feel his hands, tongue, cock, but instead you hear, then feel him touch your nipples with ice, the shock is mind blowing, you look into each other’s eyes as he treats your tits and nipples to ice. He, lifts you to your feet and kisses your neck, chest, tits, licking the cold water away, sucking your cold nipples with his hot mouth and tongue, his fingers rub then slip into your pussy, his hands grip your bum, OMG it nearly too much.

“Go to the sofa and …. Entertain me!” What??...

Instead you walk to him, turn and slowly remove your thong, you can’t see his face but you know he’s watching, you want his cock but you’re not going to beg for it, you’re going to make him give in, Mr bloody Shandy! You bend over right in front of him and slip your fingers into you pussy and start to play, slowly rubbing your wet pussy into a very wet pussy, right in front of him, now he lets out a moan. You walk to the sofa and kneeling arse towards him spread your legs and play, rubbing and now fingering yourself, your beautiful arse and legs and heels make an irresistible scene… “That’s very good Ms Lovecock, but you must try harder, do you understand?” He walks over “stay where you are” he walks looking at your exposed arse, stuck up in the air “you’re going to be spanked, I want more effort from you!” He gives you a very loud but not painful spank! “Ooh” you moan, “you’re going to try harder aren’t you!” SPANK “yes!” SPANK “YES!!” oooh the strange pleasure is too much for you to take in.

“The interview is over once you show me how you come… there are some toys on the bed. You return with a pink vibrator and sitting back expose yourself to him as you rub and play, slowly at first as you watch his eye (on stalks) enjoy your every movement, you tease him as you play your way to an orgasm, vibrator inside you and fingers on your clit. It’s big and strong but it’s not cock. “Well done Ms Lovecock, as you’re new, but only as you’re new, you can have a reward today”

“ kneel before my cock” you do as he says “unzip me and take me in your mouth” you need no further invite, his hard cock is trapped inside tight while trunks, it spring out at the touch of your hand, thick and the tip is all slippy and ready for you. You quickly suck it in, licking and tasting the pre-come, it taste like pure sex, your hand rubs his balls and stroke the skin behind his balls, he lets out another groan…. His cock throbs and jerks in your mouth. “That cock is full of spunk, is that what you want? “YES”, r u sure Ms Lovecock “yes”, “you want me to shoot it up you?” “YES, all of it, right inside me!”

“Good girl, on all fours Ms Lovecock” you kneel, legs spread wide,arse high, ready for his cock, but it’s his tongue again, oooo, (OMG you want his cock)but not for long, you feel his thick cock enter you, it is divine, slowly and deeply, then quickly, then more forceful. You feel your orgasm coming; the pleasure is getting more intense with each thrust. Then he lifts you to the edge of the bed and dives his mouth to your hot pussy again, fingers too, your fingers are on your clit, then he is inside you again, legs over his shoulders and he slowly starts to fuck you to an orgasm, “do you want my come?” YES, “do you want it all ?” YES, all of it!” faster and faster, your rubbing your pussy, you go into spasm as he screams “OMG I’m Cumming!!” at that he give one final thrust and shoots his load inside you, OMG you come too… you come in waves and waves of pleasure. You’ve both been very naughty and deserved ever bit of it

After a moment, we smile and giggle, both very, very satisfied