Written by Mark

31 Jul 2004

I just wanted to tell the story of my day today with John and Christine whom I met through their ad on SH this week. They asked for a sub bi guy who would be content with following orders and only giving John & Christine pleasure. My only reward was pleasing them both.

My instructions were to arrive at their house at 2:30 PM, enter their kitchen where I was to undress completely, then walk into their living room. Not ever having been their or met them I was nervous, not least of entering the wrong house! However, I did as I was instructed, found the address, went around the back (a pair of sexy, lacy white panties were on the line…) the door was open slightly and I went in and too off all my clothes as I had been told to.

I went into the next room, empty, opened the next door and there were John and Christine together on the settee watching a hard core porn video. They were obviously well turned on from watching the hard video. Quick “hi’s” were exchanged and immediately, John told me to take of his shorts and start licking his balls and cock. After a short time, johns cock started to thicken as I licked and sucked it to get him hard then started to deep throat him - and Christine was enjoying seeing her guy being sucked off by another guy.

After some long, deep sucking John then instructed me to undress Christine; I pulled the lace of her dress and let it slip from her shoulders and pulled it down her body so she could step out of it. Christine was wearing no underwear and she was now completely nude in front of me. Christine has long blonde, early 30’s girl with a wonderful, curvy figure, gorgeous breasts with large, pink nipples which stand up. Her skin is wonderfully smooth and her bottom is simply gorgeous. John moved to another chair and Christine sat down again, I was instructed to then start playing with her nipples. I was told Christine loved her nipples sucked which was a pleasure to do; they felt divine as I sucked them into my mouth. I ran my tongue over all of Christine’s breast, making it as wet as I could. After a little while, Christine leant back, opened her legs and instructed me to lick her pussy. It was thrilling to be told what to do by each of them. Her pussy has the most delicate little labia; she is shaven apart from a little hair above her mound. I kissed the inside of her thighs and led up to her pussy which I started to lick gently. She pushed her pussy out further for me to lick hard and I pressed my tongue harder into her pussy lips, up to the top and sucked her clit into my mouth. I think watching the porno video (which was still running) had made Christine a wet girl already.

John then came over and joined us, parting Christine’s now puffy, pussy lips and started to fuck her. Christine told me to look closely at John’s hard cock going into her pussy which was now being pounded hard. When Johns cock fell out (as it does) he told me to put it back into Christine’s pussy which I obediently did, several times. Christine then told me to play with her clit as her pussy was being fucked by John. She adjusted the angle of her hips so that I could also tongue her clit and being this close to Johns cock pushing deep into her pussy was very erotic.

Christine then knelt on the settee straddling John so that she could ride his cock. Again, I was instructed to hold apart Christine’s pussy and position Johns cock in her vagina. My hands were on her gorgeous bottom as she pounded up and down on John, then I massaged her stretched pussy and clit, giving her extra sensations as her pussy was being fucked. She told me to lick John’s balls as she pounded down on him and I did as I was told. I could taste her wetness on his balls as his cock slipped in an out of Christine. I then started to tongue her, and seeing her pussy stretched by John’s thick cock was awesome. John then told me to lick Christine’s asshole but as she told him, I had already spread the cheeks of her bottom exposing her cute little asshole. I ran my tongue up the length of her bottom and back down, stopping at her asshole, pressing my wet tongue hard into her.

She then climbed off John and I was instructed to lie under her whilst she sat on my face, at the same time giving John a blow job. She told me to start licking her out and her pussy was so hot and wet after just being filled with Johns cock. Christine grinded hard onto my face with her wet pussy and I took the opportunity to insert for the first time one finger up her. Licking her clit I inserted another and with both fingers in her vagina I attempted to stimulate her g-spot. Several times throughout the afternoon Christine screamed in pleasure, I hope from her orgasm and now she started to wank herself off whilst still pressing her pussy into my face. Her fingers were a blur rubbing her clit and she soon orgasmed, I could feel her pussy contract around my fingers which were still inside her. To have a gorgeous, sexy woman like Christine sit on your face and wank herself to orgasm was such a wonderful thrill.

Meanwhile, John was finishing himself off by wanking over Christine’s tits, and from my position between her legs I saw him spurt his cum over her tits, abdomen and there was so much of it, over my face as well.

Thus ended our afternoon of sexy fun where I dutifully did as I was instructed by both John and Christine.

I would like to thank John and Christine for such an erotic experience. The highlights had to be taking John’s thick cock in my mouth with Christine paying close attention, Christine telling me to look closely at John’s cock fucking her pussy, seeing from behind, Christine’s pussy stretched around Johns hard cock whilst tonguing her asshole and Christine wanking herself off whilst sitting on my face.

I enjoyed being their sub for the day, I hope that I might be invited to serve them both again one day but would love to repeat this with another couple (my ad is 122563 ) . Thanks again you two for a horny day out, I’ll try to do better next time ;)