Written by Mark & Jules

27 Jan 2006

this year jules company decideded to have a party after the new year instead of a christmas party.it was held at the local golf club. jules works for a house builders. At the do was her, 3 of the sales girls who work in the showhomes, 2 of the directors, 3 site managers and 4 other men from different departments.

Jules is a very sexy 38 year old with shoulder length blonde hair, sexy size 10 figure and amazing 36c breasts. she keeps in good shape from her gym membership.

She wanted to make an impression at the party and dressed very sexily/tarty. She wore a black satin basque top that pushed her tits up and out, a short red kilt which was a wraparound type, a black satin thong, black fishnet hold ups and her favourite black knee high boots with a 4" metal heel. she looked amazing and even posed for some photos before she went out.

Jules said that when she took her coat off, all the men just stared at her.Thy had a few drinks in the bar, where her glass was constantly being filled. all the men were hanging around her blantantly looking at her tits and eyeing her up and down. She said this made her feel really horny and knew something would happen that night.

When trhey went through to the restaurant , Jules said the men where pushing each other out of the way to sit by her.The lucky ones were Gary who is 54, short and balding and Brian who is 48, tall but over weight.

As Jules sat down , her skirt fell slightly open showing more of her legs. Both men kept filling Jules wine glass getting her pissed. She said they made her laugh and was flirting with them. After a while she went to the toilet, asshe came back she could see Gary bending over whispering something to Brian, as she got closer they both looked at her and laughed.

As she sat back down , her skirt fell open a bit more showing her stocking tops, Gary mentioned this ,but Jules just told them to admire the view. She asked thenm what they were talking about while she had gone. Brian told her straight thta she was sexy as hell and that they both wanted to shag her. She said to wait and see what might happen.

after a short while, Jules kept feeling hands stroking her thighs and stockings, she never stopped them as she was getting really wet. After the meal they all went back into the bar. as it was crowded , everyone kept getting pushed together. Every now and again Jules would feel a hand on her arse under her skirt, she kept pushing back onto it , sometimes it was Gary, sometimes Brian.After another 10 minutes she turned around and told them both to follow her into the Cae park, at the end was a big shed were the tractors were kept.

Jules said as soon as they were in there they had her bend over an old drum, Gary had his cock out and was holding it in front of her face. Jules said it was a nice size and tasted nice as she took him between her wet lips. As she was sucking his cock Brian had lifted her skirt and was rubbing his cick up and down the crack of her pussy teasing her.She turned around and hissed at him to fuck her. As she carryed on sucking Gary, Brian was pushing his fat cock into her tight twat as hard as he could. Jules said she could hear G telling B , "go on fuck her hard, the dirty bitch is loving it". As he was fucking her he kept stroking her fishnets saying how sexy she was and how he had wanted to fuck her for ages.

After a few minute Gary said that he wanted to fuck her now, so they swapped ends. jules said she was more tahn happy as she as getting a good fucking. Jules sucked Brian deep into her mouth making him cum, Shes a good girl and swallowed the lot as he was telling to swallow his spunk like the slag she is. This made Gary increase his strokes as Jules was also cumming and he pulled out and spunked all over her arse.

as she was recovering , Steve , one of the other guys stepped oot from the shadow and said he had been watching it all and said he wanted some.Jules walked upto him and said no as he was only a boy andgave him her wet thong and said for him to sniff them while having a wank.

The 3 of them went back in with Jles promising them another performance shortly