Written by John, Julie and Jim

30 Jan 2005

As I pulled up outside the terraced house in Stockport I glimpsed Julie waiting in her doorway. I had come to collect her and her partner Jim to take them on our planned holiday on a Norfolk Broads motor cruiser. You will remember from my previous recollections that Julie had answered my advert for an uninhibited exhibitionist lady to accompany me on holiday. WE had already had a fantastic adventure when we first met in Manchester and at a pub on the way for sexy meal at Macclesfield. I saw immediately that Julie was looking as sexy as ever, dressed in a micro min skirt and a a black lacy top.

It wasn't until I was walking up the path to her door that I realised her top was a crochet cape affair, and a fairly losely crocheted one at that. In fact my pulse began to race again as I saw a nipple sticking through one of holes. The holiday was already beginning to look as though it was going to be great fun. She told me she and Jim were all set to go and we quickly loaded up the car. I wanted to hold her and begin teases those delicious tits, but she asked me to wait until we had got into the car and started on our journey. She wanted to Jim to drive and I was happy to have a break.

Jim had not wanted to take part in our sex adventures, so long as he was there. But this time was a little different. Julie, obviously already hot jumped into the front seat and I went in the back. We had hardly got going through the local streets when she leaned across and began to stoke Jim's cock through shorts. It was my turn to watch as she released his hard dick and begana to wank it. He had a hard job to concentrate on the road, and even more so when Julie put her head down into his lap and began to lick his dick. The tip of her tongue slid up and down his shaft, teasing the eye and around the head. Then she took his swelling cock into her mouth and her head went quickly up and down his shaft. She took it out of her mouth just as Jim began to pump his spunk, letting me see the jets shoot onto her waiting tongue. The thick white cream shot over her tongue and into her throat. Then she swallowed. Wanking his dick she squeezed more spunk out onto her tongue and then sat up on her seat. Her nipples were rock hard as they pushed through lacy top as she turned to me, leaned forward and offered me her spunky tongue to suck.

I could't wait and eagerly pressed mouth to hers, tasting the salty jism as our tongues probed each other's mouths.

I squeezed her nipples, teasing them between my fingers. I knew she loved that. When she pushed her tits over the top of the seat back I couldn't resist the invitation to suck them through the crochet cape. As Jim drove on, his cock still on view, and still fairly hard, I released the catch which allowed the front seat to fold completely down onto the back seat. With a couple of strategically placed cushions it served as a good little bed. Julie lay back and I slid forward over her. I undid the four buttoons which held her skit together and revealed her naked pussy. I parted her lips and began to use my tongue on her clit. Jim watched out of the corner of his eye as much as he could and his cock got harder again as he saw my tongue slide into Julie's cunt. My fingers worked rapidly on her clit and I knew she would come quickly. She grabbed my cock as she came, trying to free it from my shorts and failing. She thrust her hand up shorts leg and began to tease me.

Then we changed places. As the car headed out into the countryside she pulled off my shorts and lay down over me, taking my cock in her mouth. This time Jim watched as she began to suck slowly on my shaft, teasing me in the way she had done him. We we passing through a village when I came, shooting my spunk into her mouth as we passed a double deck bus. Then she turned round and shared the load with me in another glorious feast.

We chated for a while as I told her someof the things we could get up to on the Norfolk Broads. Then, abouot half way there we pulled in at a pub in another village. Now she was going to go into the pub wearing that sexy top which revealed so much of het tits. But I will tell youo what happened next time.