Written by wiskey

23 Jun 2006

It was quite a strange time, my wife sleeping by this time in our bed with ken and me in the spare room the only relief I could get was wanking into her dirty knickers

She always had a love bite on her breast and neck she said it was kens marks. Then one night they told me he had sugested June come offthe pill as he would like her to have his baby but I said I wanted something out of it so we made a deal she would let me fuck her twice a week and that way she would be having both our baby

The first night I was to shag her she came into my room and got in bed this was the first time id seen my wife naked for about six weeks she had a tatoo on her inner thigh saying kens girl and when I asked her about it she just said it was to remind me she was his property so I started to feel her tits and my hand went down to her fanny, it was moist and felt good and the feeling when my cock went in was great but I lasted only a few mins and shot my load up her

We lay there for about 10 mins and the door opened and Ken came in he said it was his turn now and he got in bed with us and said he wanted her in front of me June said she would rather be in her bed but he said no so she lay down again he told her to suck his cock so she took him in her mouth while I wached and when he was hard he made her open her legs and he got on top of her, he made sure I could see his cock go in and he started to fuck her hard

Ken asked my wife if she wanted a baby she said yes and it will be yours at this he shot his spunk up her

after a couple of mins they left me and went back to the main bedroom as they left I could see the glitter of wet running down Junes legs I just lay there as my wife and her lover went back to my bed