Written by Cabman

14 Jul 2005

Here is my fantasy.

You would hail my Taxi (pre-arranged) and ask me to take you home. When we arrive you say I've lost my purse, and have no money in the house, yea i say have you anything of value I can hold, you say yes but you can't take it with you, why I say, it's my pussy you say. Then you you start to rub your pussy through your dress, can I tempt, yes you can I say rubbing my cock through my trousers, come in to the house and lets have fun you say. You walk to your home with me very close behind, did you really loose your purse, no, you dirty little slut I say and slap your arse as you open the door.

Once inside I order you to get my cock out, you kneel down infront of me and undo my trousers, pulling them down with my pants, my cock springs put and hits you in the face, open your mouth I say, and I then slap my cock down on your tongue, you take my cock all the way in so my balls are slapping your chin. I stop you and pull you up, march you into the kitchen, strip you naked, suck and tease your nipples with my teeth making them really hard, then I lay you on the table with your legs hanging over the edge and bury my head between your legs licking up to your pussy, licking rubbing your clit with my tongue making it stand up so i can suck it into my mouth. Do you want me to fuck you, you dirty little slut, I say, call me some more names you say, filthy little whore do you want my cock in your cunt or in your arse, both you say, with that I stand up and sink my steaming hot cock straight into your wet cunt, banging pubic bones together grinding away at your pussy you say what about my arse, I then pull my cock out and rub some of your cum juice around and in your bumhole with my fingers and finger fuck your arse getting it ready for my cock please put your hot cock into this dirty sluts arse, you say, say please, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease and I push my hard cock against your tight puckered hole, slowly it gives way to my wet hot cock, then right in to the hilt making you take a sharp breath. Just then I hear someone behind me I look round theres a man standing there staring, You look, oh my god it's my boyfriend, don't stop he said you might as well finish you dirty cow, with that he walks round to other side of the table and gets his cock out for you to suck, you can't refuse now can you, take his cock, I say. Has she ever been had DP before, no he said, well we should make her fuck us both. We pulled out our cocks and march you into the lounge I lay down you lower yourself down onto my cock and your boyfriend gets behind and slowly pushes his hot cock into your arse, I feel his cock alongside mine through the thin piece of skin that seperates the two tunnels, fucking horny this he says as we start pumping in and out of your holes, and you start to cum and cum.

I want to cum all over your face and tits, me too says your man, I have a toy in my bag it's a deluxe rabbit, maybe we should make the slut shag herself while sucking our cocks I say. I get the toy and switch it on and push it into your now soaking cunt all the way in and the rabbits ears are working on your stiff clit, we both kneel either side of you and you start to suck my cock while wanking your mans and then visa versa, when we are both nearly there we start to wank our cocks we both start to cum, you try to catch the spunk on your tongue but a lot goes all over your face and tits, when we stop cumming you lick all the spunk off our cocks then we wipe off the cum with our fingers form your tits for you to lick off, then you wipe of the cum from your face and lick it off your fingers. the rabbit is still going in your pussy, I pull it out and give it to you to lick, but the three of us start to lick it, and that starts another session!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope this little fantasy turns to reallity.