Written by Jane

30 Oct 2005

I posted an ad looking to be filmed being gangbanged on this site some time ago and after trawling thru all the dickheads i replied to Mark and his friends (5 of them) from Widnes.

I arranged to go to their house dressed as hooker and service them all.

We wasted no time, Mark explained that they all had written a request and I had to pick it from a hat. The first one I drew was to deepthroat Lee who had an 8" cock. After working up and down his cock and spitting on it I took it all the way down to balls which he loved. Next I picked out Mike who wanted to fuck me up the arse. He lubed me up and slowly slipped his slightly smaller cock up my arse. After a few minute of slow pumping he let me have it with rampant thrusting. A few minutes later he pulled his cock out and shot his load into my eagerly waiting mouth.

jim was next, he blinfolded me and tied me to a bed. I got a bit scared then but then i felt his fingers in my arse, slowly he worked them in and out until he 4 fingers in my tight arsehole, my arse wouldnt take his hole fist but not for the want of trying. After a while they untied me.

I picked Pauls request next, he was a big black man with a 10" cock. First he wanted me to suck it as hard and fast as i could,his moans were getting faster and i thought he was going to blow load in my face but he didnt instead he turned me round and stuck his dick up my arse. He began pumping away which felt fantastic, the others then took turns to stick their cocks in my mouth. Paul even pulled his dick out let me suck it, my first arse to mouth, he then went back to pounding me in the arse doggy style which I love because my tits slap together. Paul pulled out and it was Marks turn, he wanted to fuck me up the arse along with Lee, they both slipped their cocks into my now loose bum. I was in heaven as they pumped away.

Everybody had now had their choice and it was my turn. I lined htem all up and sucked their dicks. I ordered them to cum all over my face and tits which they did in bucket loads.

I got up and started to get ready to go home with a promise to repeat the gangbang but with more men.