Written by hornihaylz

16 Oct 2005

I had recently been feeling pretty low and had visited my local doctor a number of times to see what he could do. He examined me, then fired the usual questions at me before coming out with "I think you just need a good holiday!"

Excellent, I thought as I arrived back at my flat, a bloody holiday, I hope the doctor is planning on funding that!

Later that night I lay awake in bed, I explained to my boyfriend Ross what the doctor had said, so he suggested I take a shopping trip to our nearest city, Aberdeen - that seemed to be the cheapest way to get away for a bit.

The next day I boarded the train, and kissed goodbye to Ross. As soon as the train left I started receiving lots of dirty texts from him, we are hardly ever away from each other so I guess he just missed me. As fast as I was trying to reply, more and more texts were coming through. I could feel my knickers getting slightly moist as he described how he was going to suck on my clit and make me come hard later that day when I returned. I moved slightly further down in my seat, feeling hornier and hornier. I didnt want sex with Ross later - I needed it RIGHT NOW!

I looked up and i could see this tall older man looking at me. He would have to be older as Im only 21! He must have been about 55, but he was good looking. I thought jesus I hope he cant tell how horny I am!! We started chatting as I was still replying to Ross's texts. The train was getting closer and closer to Aberdeen and I was thinking I NEED SEX SO MUCH! I just came out with it, do you ever get real horny travelling on trains? His eyes widened as he stared at me, he then started laughing! Fuck I thought, what a fool!

yeah I do actually he responded, all the time and especially when I see horny little girls like you.

Hmmm I thought, what next so I decided to explain to him about all the texts Ross had been sending me, he asked me to read out the ones that I had been sending him back. He wanted to hear what I wanted to do to Ross's dick, so I begun to describe how I wanted to wrap my mouth round it, flicking my tounge over the tip, I looked up at him and I could see he was getting turned on. MMM i said, I wanna taste your hard dick and I want you to hold my head and slide your dick right inside my mouth.

With that the train drew into Aberdeen.

We got off together and walked up the steps that lead you straight into the shopping centre, he grabbed my hand and lead my to the shopping centre toilets, we went into the disabled one. He locked the door and starting kissing me full on, as he pulled me close I could feel his hard cock pushing into me. You want it, you got it he whispered quietly. I leant down and unzipped his trousers, then pulled down his boxers. His cock was sooooo hard and long and I covered it entirely with my mouth. We started acting out what I had described to him earlier. He moaned as I started licking all over his dick and sucking him really fast. His dick was oozing with precome and it was mixing in with my syliva. He grabbed my head and slid his hands into my hair he then started rocking his entire length in and out of my mouth, I could feel it getting deeper and deeper sliding down my throat. I thought I was going to gag so i gently pulled his dick out. He looked at me in disgust. He wanted to finish off in my mouth. I told him to sit on the toilet as I pulled the lid down. His dick was pointing straight at me as i climbed on top off him and straddled his hot cock, burrying it in my soaking wet pussy. I bounced up and down on his dick and he pulled open my top and unfastened my bra. My tits were bouncing fast and he tweaked my hard nipples. I began to pant hard as I rode him soooo fast. He then started playing with my ass hole, entering a couple of fingers and rubbing me. Jesus christ I said, Im gonna fucking scream so loud, he covered my mouth as he pushed me against the wall, I lifted one leg and leant it on the sink. He started pumping into me fast and hard and i rubbed my clit furiously. I could feel my pussy getting tighter and tighter around his rock hard cock.It was convulsing hard as i reached my orgasm. That was it I could tell he was going to come, he pushed into me harder and harder. I pulled his dick out and started sucking on it again, he came hard all over my face, some dripping down my tits and I tried to swallow the rest!

It was some going, all this was over in minutes, we had gone at it soooo hard and fast. We quickly got dressed said thanks to each other and went out separate ways. I felt like a whore but at the same time it felt good, I didnt even catch his name!!!