Written by KarenTV28

3 Mar 2005

Having visited a friend for a very good afternoon session in Staindrop and, having been given a good seeing to by Arty, heading back to Darlington thinking of what had happened during the afternoon, smiling smuggly to myself as I remembered finishing Arty off by straddling him as he lay on the bed and riding him deep and hard until he was totally spent. I could still feel the warm wetness in my panties from his juices as I drove. The memories were so recent and arousing that I found myself getting erect again as I drove.

Passing Swan House and knowing there was a possibility of a quickie if I pulled in and being aroused again myself I thought "hell why not". Can't do any harm, even if nothing happens I could at least have a pee and possibly relieve myself of some of the tension.

Two wagons were pulled up only a few yards from the entrance so I drove to the far end of the layby, turned round and drove back again passing the two wagons slowly - well one never knows, these gentlemen of the road have passions as well.

The first guy was sat reading a news paper so I continued past to the second wagon. Couldnt see the driver but thought what the heck I'll park behind the truck and get out to stretch my legs.

The cool air felt good as I stepped out. The coolness flowing over my stocking clad legs, moving the flimsy material of my skirt as I strolled round to the front of the car. The heels of my knee length saude boots made a lovely clicking noise as I walked and as I approached the back of the wagon I could see the wagon driver standing beside his cab. I thought he was having a pee so turned and walked back to my car door. As I got to the door I looked round to see the driver facing me. I walked to where he was standing and he said as I approached " oh your TV, I hadnt realised" "you look really smart I must say" he said complimenting me on the outfit and my appearance.

"Yes I'm TV" I said "is that a problem for you".

"No not at all he replied" We stood chatting for a while and I thought he was'nt really interested in going any further so I said "well I must be off now - I've just been to visit a friend who gave me real good session and I want to get back to get cleaned up".

He held out his hand to shake my hand and say goodbye and as I took his hand he pulled me toward him and kissed me ever so softly on the lips. "Thankyou" I said "that was very nice of you" " Not at all" he said and leaned forward again pulling me to him and putting his arms round my waist proceeded to give me a full on snog. I just swooned. What a lovely kisser.

"that was delicious I said. Has that done anything for you pet, because my pulse is racing now".

I'll show you what it has done for me if you care to climb into the cab sweetheart"

Well whats a girl to do. Having made myself comfortable on his little bed at the back of the cab I gasped in delight as he released his manhood from the confines of his trousers and proceeded to masturbate gently.

"I would like you to just sit there, do nothing except show off you stockings as I prepare myself to cum" he said. Skirt lifted to required position I watched him manipulate himself. "Oh yes" he said as he approached climax. " Now suck me, please suck me". Just as I was leaning forward his first two spurts hit my lips as I opened my mouth to devour him. "MMMMMM" I moaned as his juice flowed into my mouth.

Having spent himself he withdrew Saying "thankyou that was bloody fantastic".

"Yes" I said wiping a run of cum from the corner of my mouth. Grinning happily at the pleasure of tasting his weet cum "I thouroughly enjoyed that too"

Hope this true tale has titilated you. Please look our for more from me.