Written by KarenTV28

16 Aug 2006

I left my car and walked over to the white van parked only 50 yards or so away. We had arranged to meet through SH and he had arrived bang on time.

" You have got to be Karen" he exclaimed as he pushed open the passenger door.

"Pleased to meet you. Have you been here long" I replied and the chat continued for a couple minutes.

He had seen my pics and read my stories and was keen to see if I was genuine. Well the first part of his query had been answered as I had arrived as arranged and was wearing a short skirt, black leather jacket, black bra, stockings tight pants to keep things out of the way and a pair of black opaque hold ups, 4" heels and blond wig finished the look off nicely.

" Are we stopping here or are we going somewhere else! I quizzed.

" I want some photos of you and I know a country lane where we can go and have some privacy. Are you up for some fun"

"Lead the way, i am always game for fun"

Arriving at the place he had in mind it was obvious that we would not be disturbed. very quiet and secluded.

We got out and he came round and asked me to do a few pouting poses for him. I obliged and one thing led to another as his requests became more and more intimate. "Come on into the field karen i'll take a blanket for us to lie on".

He put the camera to one side and positioning himself on the floor asked me to remove my skirt for him and lie down next to him.

He started kissing me and playing with my nipples as he became more passionate. My nipples were already erect and aching but his attention had me moaning with pleasure.

"I have been thinking of this all night karen and I can't hold out much longer". He turned me onto my side facing away from him and having made sure I was lubed and having added some protection positioned himself behind me ready start penetration.

I assisted by ensuring he was positioned correctly and controlled his initial movements so as to ensure maximum sensation as he entered.

Within a short time he was fully inserted and then started to screw me fast with deep penetration with each thrust. It didnt take long for him to reach climax and gritting his teeth as he came he spent himself with a few expletives that gave no doubt that he had thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Having completely wasted himself he said it would take a little while for him to recover but he knew someone who would like to meet me also and if I didnt mind he would ring his friend who was only just down the road and have him join us.

Now that is another story.