Written by Karen TV

1 Sep 2005

There appears to be an endless list of guys called John on this site and having recently had visits from three of them, all at different times, the folowing relates one of the meetings.

Having advertised the fact that a room had been booked for an afternoon in Darlington I received several replies, all expressing a great interest in joining me for the session. Usually it is fairly easy to identify the wankers from the genuine TV Admirer, just by what they say and ask, Johns Initial reply indicated that he could well prove genuine. Three or four quick emails and the directions were handed on, time agreed and phone number exchanged. he was coming over from Billingham for the afternoon so not too far to travel.

A while was spent choosing the outfit for the session, not really knowing what John might be in to, but he said he had read my other stories so I guessed my normal look would suffice.

Black bra and tight black panties, black hold up stockings, red lacy teddy worn under my orange wrap over skirt and red PVC jacket. Shoulder length blond wig earings and full make up.3" peep toe high heels finished the look off.

I was just applying the finishing touches to my make up when the phone rang and I heard Christina giving directions to the caller. "Your friend just rang Karen" Christina shouted up the stairs " he will be here in a couple of minutes. The look was completed and having examined myself in the mirror I thought I looked pretty hot.

John came into the premises and we introduced each other with a peck on the cheek. We sat and chatted for ten minutes over a coffee before Christina suggested that John and I should maybe avail ourselves of the bedroom to get to know one another a little better.

Placing a video in the tape player John was informed that the short film was one I had shot by myself of myself enjoying one or two toys and things. He was very complimentary and semed to be unphased by what he was watching so once the film had finished I put on a little music and instead of me making the first move I thought I would see just how up for it John was.

As the music kicked in I leaned against a wall and just looked across at John who stood up from his position on the edge of the bed and walked over to me. He leaned forward and gently kissed me full on the lips and I reciprocated in kind. The kiss soon became a full on embrace with me sliding my hands up Johns chest and resting them on his shoulder as he put both of his hands behind my waist and pulled me to him firmly, holding me gently as his groin came into contact with mine. MMM the attention was delicious and I enjoyed feeling him harden against as he continued to move his hands down to my buttocks, then down to my skirt hem before moving his left hand up between my thighs.

I loosened his trousers as we continued to kiss and was rewarded when I moved inside his pants with a hot, firm 7" piece of manhood. Moving down to remove his pants I kneeled on the floor in front of him as his pants were removed. Remaining in that position I was given a full view for the first time of his erection, the tip glistening in pre-cum. Leaning forward slightly taking him gently in my eft hand I pulled his penis down slightly and started to lick the salty pre cum from the tip. Before long I was taking him orally all the way to the back of my throat. A satisfying groan of pleasure assured me that the pleasure was not only mine.

Standing again, with me leaning back against the wall, john lifted my skirt and inserted his now erect member in between my hot thighs and proceeded to screw me gently as he once again went to work passionately but gently kissing me.

The feelings running trough my groin were extatic and after a while I asked John if he would take me on the bed as I was ready for the ultimate compliment.

Removing my skirt and jacket I lay on the bed while John stood by the side of the bed and allowed me to take him orally once again. As I sucked and licked I started to pull on a bottle of poppers and once fully relaxed I turned away lying on my side and beckoned for John to move in behind me.

He did not need any further encouragement and quickly fitting protection he positioned himself behind me.

Taking him in hand I directed his manhood into the tip of my pussy and he slowly entered, not taking it too far initially, he knew how to keep me begging for more as he expertly inserted himself inch by inch. Finally fully inserted I let out a very satisfied groan. Then having ensured I was relaxed and enjoying full penetration he started to screw me royally. After 5 or 6 minutes he grabbed me firmly, placing his right hand onto my firm stomach and pulled himself into me hard and remained fully inserted. He started to twitch in short rythmical movements inside me as he spent himself while gripping me firmly.

Having finished he slowly removed himself I turned and lay my head on his chest thanking him for a wonderful love making session. We spent sometime discussing possibilities for future meetings before he kissed me and made ready to leave.

"Lovely legs" by the way he said as he pecked me on the lips before leaving.