Written by KarenTV

13 Dec 2006

Ray and I have been lovers for more years than either of us would care say. We met when I was only a young teenager starting out and experimenting with my look not knowing really what I was doing except I knew this was something I had to do. Ray had found a written note i had left in a local toilet and we got in touch and arranged to meet. He was a lovely guy back then and gave me the confidence to go forward with what I was doing. We are unable to get together very often but occassionally he would drop me an email and we would manage to arrange things.

Replying to his suggestion for a meet recently I indicated that I was little low and was considering that it may be time to retire Karen as my confidence was low having had a few rejections after arranging meets recently. He assured me that he would put no pressure on me to do anything he would just like to see me again even if it was just a chat and a coffee.

I bathed and shaved closely as usual. Dressed in only a light wrap skirt with black hold ups and tight black knickers white blouse with no bra. My nipples are always quite prominent and Ray knows I enjoy them being given attention, even though not excited at the time they could be seen sticking out against the material of the blouse. My make up was applied to give the look I was after, not too heavy on the eyes, lovely red lipstick which matched the colour of my skirt. Black 4" heels, blond wig and gold earings finished the look off.

Ray was as usual very complimentary. "I really dont why your so hard on yourself karen" he said " you are still a very good looking girl".

We sat and chatted briefly and during the discussion I had told him that I was feeling a little frustrated as a few of the recent dates I had arranged had failed to light my fire. But having told him about one guy I met 6 months previously he told me he had already spoken to the guy via email which was why he had contacted me again.

Ray had actually put the guy onto me telling him that I was TV who knew exactly how to play. He said he had got all of the details and leaning across kissed me softly took my hand and placed on his cock to show me he was as hard as hell. "I need you to be that girl for me now karen".

He knew I was up for it despite my downcast emails of late and he knew all of the ways to get the best out of me.

Leading me upstairs and into the bedroom he stood facing me and started by kissing me. As the kiss of two long time lovers continued he took my left nipple between his finger and thumb and proceeded to work it as I moaned in delight at the attention.

He leaned me against the wall and drove into my groin as he continued to get my motor running. I could feel his hardness as he kissed and tongued me deliciously. He sat me on the edge of the bed and instructed me to give him oral. i didnt need a second instruction and removed his trousers and underpants exposing his erection, which is a very healthy looking specimen. I devoured him enjoying the sweet salty taste of his precum as I engulfed him slowly. Taking him to the back of my throat I proceed to masturbate him with my mouth cupping his ample balls in my hand as I did so.

I was asked to remove my skirt and blouse and to position myself on my back on the edge of the bed. Ray applied lubricant and then, parting my legs started to penetrate me very slowly. He always makes me moan with plaesure as he enters at such a slow and measured pace. Once fully inserted he screwed me slowly knowing that there was time later to increase the intensity.

He then moved himself onto the bed positioned lying face up and I knew what I was required to do. Ray knows this is my favourite position. As I lowered myself onto his gorgeously hard cock and reached the point where his member stroked against my G Spot I held it there enjoying his firmness and manipulating the movement as I milked cum from myself and taking it on my fingers licked the substance from my fingers enjoying my own taste. We continued in this position for a few minutes before Ray moved me beside him on the bed and turning me onto my side lined himself up behind me and penetrated me in that position. His arms came around my waist and he held me tight as he again fucked me giving me maximum pleasure. He has always had the ability to make me whimper and I was whimpering with pleasure as he made love to me.

He screwed me doggy fashion, standing against the wall. He did me again while he put my legs over his shoulders for deep penetration he then instructed me to straddle him again on the bed and to continue until I finished.

I was pulling hard on the poppers and enjoying being given the freedom to screw myself using rays ample manhood. Without even touching myself with Ray positioned just in the right place inside I came to a shuddering climax and continued to ride him until I was totally spent.

We cleaned up and lay together for a few minutes relaxing on the bed. Ray then said "You can't tell me, being able to get as much pleasure out of what you do, that you would ever consider giving this up Karen".

"Well Ray" I said in reply " if there were more genuine guys out there to enable me to take as much pleasure out of it I could be convinced to carry on, but there arent that many genuine guys out there. Those that do turn up visit once, get what they want then move on elsewhere".

Time moves on, so they say.

Hopefully there will be more to tell.