Written by Katie

27 Jan 2005

I,m a regular user of this site and find it the ideal place to meet all those horny men who want to use me.

I would describe myself as a fairly attractive TV, I,m tall blonde with blue eyes, smooth all over and WE, so I never run short of men wanting to meet me.

I love my sex and happy to be involved in most things but even i get surprised sometimes.

A nice young guy (BH) answered my last ad and invited me over to his workplace. He apparently worked for a small company and said we would have the office to ourselves for a couple of hours, sounded great.

I dressed as a sexy secretary, a nice white see through blouse (Wanted to show my hard nips off), a tight pencil skirt, black seamed stockings, pretty little bra and panties, and high heels.

I arrived at the office which was in a quiet industrial estate. I had a short walk into the building and god did i feel sexy !

BH met me inside and took me to a meeting room which had a large table in the middle and several chairs. I sat down and let my skirt ride up to expose my stocking tops, at which point BH came over dropped his trousers and gave me his cock to play with. I love sucking cock so i got to work giving him a good time and boy did he cum, i managed to swallow most of it down but some dribbled out of my mouth and onto my blouse.

At this point there was a loud round of applause and i realised that we had been joined by a further five men. I wasn't sure what to do at this point, however they soon made it clear what they wanted. i was manhandled over to the table, bent over and had my panties pulled to one side. I knew what was coming and i love a good hard fuck. Soon i was full of throbbing cock and pumped full of lovely hot cum, they all took their turn and i was fucked hard for what seemed about an hour, occasionally i was given a cock to suck clean and i duly obliged. I was so up for this that i would have done anything they wanted.

Eventually they were finished with me and when i sat down on the table a large pool of cum dribbled out of me and into my panties as i pulled them back into place.

It was time to go, so i took the short walk back to my car with a very satisfied grin on my face and cum dribbling down my legs.

It wasn't my first gangbang and it won,t be my last, i just hope they ask me back again soon !