Written by tony

26 Aug 2005

we are a mature couple emma is 45,nice firm tits 36b and petite with a lovely body -with a hairy pussy.i am 52 and have always had a fantasy of watching emma being fucked by another guy.emma was tuned on by the idea but a bit nervous.

she finally agreed to it and i scanned the local swingers for a male looking for couples.we agreed on a guy called dave aged 48 ,divorced and w/e.we arranged to meet in a pub about 5 miles from where we lived.

he said he would identify himself by wearing a tee shirt with majorca across the front.emma dressed herself in a short sexy red dress with a black thong and bra underneath

with a lot of cleavage showing.

we got to the pub very early and had a few drinks for dutch courage as we where both nervous but excited.

the door opened and this guy walked in with the tee shirt on

but it was my younger brother*********.we looked at each other and both realised the situation as the pub was empty apart from two old guys in the corner.

we fell apart laughing however and decided we would have a good drink anyway as i have not seen him for six months.

emma was very tipsy and had always fancied my brother however and was flirting with him and both seemed to be enjoying it.

closing time came and i suggested we got a taxi and went back to our house,which theyboth agreed to.we got back and opened a bottle of wine and carried on drinking and we all got very drunk.i went up to the bathroom and when i came back emma was sat on daves knee and he as groping her tits.

i smiled at them and siad you might as well do what you came for.emma smiled at me and dave laid her on the heath rug and slowly stripped her clothes off finishing by pullung her thong down and exposing her lovely cunt.i was by this time wanking my cock-watching your brother strip your wife off in front of you is a fantastic turn on.

he then started to lick her fanny and she was getting very aroused.i houted at him shag her bareback -he slid his cock inside her and i could hear this slurping as he shot his spunk inside her.he fucked her for about ten minutes and then took her upstairs in our bed and fucked her all night.

he is coming again in a month to repeat the action.