Written by Ste

7 Aug 2003

Usually my wife and I went away alone on holiday but this time her mum and sister came with us. I am 50, my wife 40, her sister 44 and her mum 61. We stayed in a caravan, her mum had a win on the bingo so we all got well plastered. At the end of the night I went straight back to the caravan and they went to get some supper. They were ages so I thought that they were eating their supper in the chippy, so being a bit drunk and very tired, I stripped off for bed. I always sleep totally naked and I just dropped on top of the bed and nodded off. I was awoken suddenly because my cock was being sucked like never before, I was so shocked at what I saw when I looked down that I couldn't move to do anything. My wife's mum was riding my cock with her mouth and sucking really hard and then I noticed that she had her false teeth in her hand, I heard another voice and her mum let go of my cock and went into another room. Before I could move to cover myself her sister comes in with a big grin on her face when she sees my erect cock, I pretend to be asleep, but just squint my eyes to see her undoe her top and wank my cock between her big tits until I hear my wife's voice, her sister lets go of my cock and goes into another room. My wife comes in sees my erect cock, strips off completely and sits her pussy on my cock and rides me, so of course then I 'wake up' and we both fuck in several positions until when she is on her knees and I am fucking her doggie style I hear voices and when I look at the door her mum and sister are peering in, both their eyes fixed on my cock pumping in and out of and both of them are naked. Her mum rather thin aged body but she still has a nice pair of tits, nipples erect. Her sister is a large lady, big floppy tits, big belly hanging down, but she has lifted her belly with one hand and she is rubbing her clit hard with the other, her mum's hand has nearly disappeared up her own pussy. My wife turns to look at them while I am fucking her "I bet you two would like some of this, wouldn't you ?" She said. They both nod their heads. My wife then pulls her arse away from me, gesture to her mum and sister to kneel on the bed like she has just done and then tells me to "Fuck them both, good and hard but save your spunk for me". So being the dutiful husband I first fucked her mum and then I fucked her sister from behind and then I shoved my cock in her pussy and shot my spunk inside her.

Her mum and sister got off the bed and went to their room and we both cuddled up and went to sleep. The next day apart from being very well looked after by all three women nothing of the nights events got mentioned and nothing like that happened since, but her mum and sister always smile sweetly at me.