Written by Catherine.

21 Sep 2005

I was asked by my boss, Mr.Herdman, to pick up a couple of business men at the airport. Their names were Shay and Don and they had flown in to sign a contract for a large order for our firm. I found them waiting in Airport reception and took them straight to the hotel where they were staying. They invited me in for a drink and I found them to be more than friendly. They said that they were looking forward to their stay and that Mr.Herdman always looked after them very well.

After a white wine, I left and returned to work. Mr.Herdman was on the phone and was in a tizzy. He told me that he had promised to send two ladies to keep Shay and Don company and that they were in Spain, on Holiday. "I don't know where to turn" said Mr.Herdman,"This contract is very important and I was depending on the girls entertaining Shay and Don tonight to put them in good form for tomorrows' meeting"

I asked him if this was a normal way of doing business and he said that, unfortuneately it was expected, in this case.

I thought things over for a while and asked Mr.Herdman how much he paid the "ladies". "Five hundred pounds each" he said. I told him not to worry any more, because I would see that Shay and Don were looked after and that I understood what was required from me. Mr.herdman was amazed, but agreed anyway.

Later, that evening, my friend Karen and I arrived at the hotel to meet Shay and Don. They were, both shocked and delighted when they recognised me. We all had a meal in the restaurant, followed by Champagne and then were invited back to the men's hotel suite.

Don got room service to deliver more Champaigne and he put some music on. By this stage, I was ready for anything. Shay Made the first move and started kissing me. He unbottened my dress at the front and caressed my braless breasts. I did what was expected by loosening his trousers and rubbing his cock. Before I knew it, my dress was on the floor and I was holding a very nice thick cock of about 8 inches in my hand.

Shay, lay back on the seetee and I started to wank his very impressive penis. Shay wanted me to give him head, so I got on my knees and took his cock, deep into my throat. Shay writhed about as I face fucked his cock and I kept going, even after the first shots of cum jetted into my mouth. I had swallowed most of Shay's cum and I licked the rest off his softening cock.

I looked over at Karen, who was on top of Don, wearing only her stockings and with Don's cock buried in her cunt. She was riding on it like a mad woman. I made an excuse to go to the bathroom to freshen up.

I returned, just in time to see Don shoot his load inside Karen's pussy. "She seems to be enjoying herself" said Shay, who was now naked and reclining on the seetee. I took off my G-string and got on top of him in a 69 position. I soon had him hard, but I let him tongue my shaved cunt for ages, as I was enjoying the orgasms that I was having too much to stop.

I wanted that big cock inside me now, so I got Shay on the floor and lowered my cunt on to it. It stretched me really wide and at first it hurt like hell, but I soon got used to the size of it and bucked on it like a whore. I rode on it for ages, but Shay finally came inside me in hot gushes, which made me orgasm and I collapsed and lay on top of him to recover.

Karen was giving Don a blow job, as Shay and I went to have a shower. We carried on fucking each other for most of the night and left the hotel at 7.30 the next morning.

Needless to say, our firm was awarded the contract and Mr.Herdman was a very happy man.