Written by Catherine

8 Oct 2005

My name is Catherine and I work for an enineering company in Belfast, as a P.A. to the Managing Director, Mr. Herdman. The company had just won a large order and had taken on another forty employees. One of the new employees was called Barry and he worked in the costing office. He was tall and well built and I got found him more than attractive.

While I was having lunch, Rosie, the receptionist couldn't stop talking about Barry and told me that she intended to shag him if she got the chance.

Over the next week or so, Rosie made her intentions more than obvious, as she flirted with Barry whenever she got the chance. Even Mr. Herdman commented on Rosie's short skirts and revealing blouses. Mr. Herdman liked that sort of thing.

One Thursday night, Mr. Herdman asked me to work late and copy some notes for the following day. I stayed until six o'clock and was locking the office when I heard noises from the drawing office. I walked back up the corridor and opened the office door. Rosie was kneeling in front of Barry with her tits out and she had his very impressie cock held firmly between her lips.

I should have known it, the dirty bitch had beaten me to it. Barry put his cock back in his trousers with some difficulty, as it was fully ecect and Rosie buttoned up her blouse. I said "Are you mad, the boss is still here and he will be locking up soon. Go to my office and I will lock the door"

We quickly made our way to my private office and once inside, I locked the door. Mr. Herdman came down the corridor, checking the doors as he went. He found my door locked and knocked on it. I shouted, "Its OK Mr. Herdman, I'll be here for about another hour." Mr. Herdman said "Goodnight" and left.

Barry thanked me and went to leave, but I told him that he and Rosie could stay and play if they wanted to. They agreed and waited for me to leave, but I said that it was my office and I wanted to play too, as I unbottened my blouse.

Rosie said, "Whatever" and got back to giving Barry his blow job, as I approached him and started kissing him. Barry felt my breasts and played with my nipples,as I unbottened his shirt. I undid the catch on my skirt and let it fall to the floor.

I led Barry to the sofa and we all got ourselves naked. Barry sat on the sofa and Rosie knelt down and sucked on his cock again. I stood on the sofa, facing Barry and bent my knees just enough to let him get his tongue at my shaved pussy. I held his head and ground my cunt against his willing lips and tongue

Rosie's head was bobbing up and down so fast on Barry's cock that it became a blur. He couldn't hold back his orgasm any longer and deposited his spunk in Rosie's willing throat. Rosie freed his cock from between her cum covered lips and it hovered, still semi erect for a moment. I told Rosie to hold Barry's cock straight and I lowered myself onto it and Rosie guided it up my cunt.

I clenched at Barry's cock with my cunt muscles and I soon felt him growing hard, inside me. I started to gently ride on his cock, while he kissed my nipples and gave me love bites on my breasts. My orgasm was building and I rode Barry, faster and faster. I could feel his cock stiffen and at last, he came inside me. He came in bursts and I felt his cum burn the inside of my cunt, like fire, as I had my own orgasm and let my juices flow around his cock.

The muscles in the back of my legs hurt like hell and I let go of Barry and lay on the floor, on my back. Rosie spread my legs and started to lick the cum out of my pussy with her tongue. I had never had a girl go down on me before and this was fun, so I let her continue until she had licked me clean.

Barry's cock was getting hard again and Rosie transferred her attention to it. I got up and had a shower, before getting dressed. Rosie was on her knees and Barry was behind her, Fucking her like the dirty slut that she was. I threw them my spare key and told them to lock up when they had finished.