Written by Demi

24 Mar 2009

So there I was, relaxing in my bath, letting the pleasurable aches of being screwed by 2, expert, porno actors, soak out of my body. I was feeling dreamy and sexy remembering how my pussy, which hadn’t had a penis in it for ages had been made to accommodate 2 at the same time and, despite my earlier warnings, had taken their seed, un protected, as my excitement got the better of me.

Then my husband walked in, I had heard him enter the house about half an hour earlier and guessed he had spent time looking in on the babies and having a coffee with Jodi our nanny.

He smiled at me and said I was looking good and that he was going to have a shower to refresh himself from the journey. He went into the bedroom and I heard him start to strip, I got out of the bath and pulled on my towelling robe and snuck up behind him, reaching round him I began kissing his neck and shoulders and running my hands over his naked torso, he was in good shape and smelled sexy, I reached down and slid a hand into his boxers, gripping his thickening penis, god he mustve been horny as he was already feeling slimy, he moaned and turned to kiss me, I pushed my tongue into his mouth and after I pulled away, saw him raise a quizzical eyebrow, I stuck my tongue out at him, displaying the shiny stud in it as I pushed him down onto the bed and climbed onto him, kissing down his chest and lowering his pants, freeing his willy, he pulled me back up, sliding the robe off my shoulders, and smiled as he saw the rings through my nipples, and then the stud in my belly button, I stroked him harder as he pulled the robe wide open, and licked his lips at the sight of the silver clit ring at the entrance to my hungry pussy. “well you told me it would be nice for me to have piercings” he laughed and pulled me up and onto him, his hard penis slipping straight into my waiting pussy. I moaned happily and began to ride him like he was a horse, grinding myself down on his pubes, the sensations making me quiver, deliciously. Within moments I found myself shaken by my first climax, he began playing with my breasts and nipple rings making me behave even more wantonly, I could feel the muscles inside me keep squeezing and releasing his penis, my pussy making those familiar slurping noises as my juices flowed., holding me to him he began to respond screwing me, slowly, calling me his dirty, little bitch and how he liked to see me gagging for him to “fuck my tight little cunt” even this sort of language now made me horny, and I responded saying that he felt good inside me.

Without warning he turned me over onto my back, using the robe to trap my arms together, then pulling me to the end of the bed by my ankles, he held my legs up and apart and lowered himself back onto me, his willy slipping in easily, then with my legs on his shoulders and my arms behind me he began screwing me harder, pulling on my rings and mauling my boobs, making me gasp and moan, helpless at his hands, climaxing as he pounded into me, calling me names now like, whore, cunt and slut and screwing even harder as I agreed, I screamed as a mighty climax shook me, I saw him wince as my pussy muscles clamped down hard on his penis, then with a mighty push he was going at me again while I begged him to do it more. Just as I thought he was about to climax, he pulled out of my pulsating pussy and turned me over once more so I was knelt over the end of the bed, my legs still apart, my pussy open ready, he got between my legs and inserted himself into me once more, while he screwed me he tied my hands together with the cord from my robe and began telling me what a slut I was, I was so sexed up that I was agreeing honestly with everything he said, then he was saying that he was going to fuck my ass next and that I liked that, didn’t I? I said I did, he said it didn’t matter who it was I would take anybody up my ass and I said yes, he undid my hands and told me to reach between my legs and get my fingers nice and juicy, wondering what he was up to but lost in my own pleasure, I did as he said and let my fingers coat with our mixed juices as he kept humping my pussy, once he was sure they were ready he told me to start fingering my ass, I gasped at the thought of being told to do this by my normally un inventive husband, I slipped 1 well lubed finger into my pouting bum hole and began fingering it while he carried on screwing me, goading me to say how much I enjoyed it, then he had me put a second and a third inside, I was gasping in pleasure as my body was shaken by hundreds of mini climaxes, as I did what he told me to. Then he pulled my hand away and told me to lick it clean, although it wasn’t the nicest of coatings I slipped my fingers into my mouth cleaning them with my tongue, I cried out loudly as my husband withdrew from my pussy and shoved his willy deeply inside my bottom, forcing me onto the bed as he began screwing like he wanted to hurt me, calling me the crudest names he could think of and making me beg him to do it harder, describing how it felt and how much I wanted to feel him cum in there. After about 10 minute of vigorous screwing he grabbed my bum and pulling me wide open, tried to get even deeper in me as I felt his penis explode, making my insides feel all warm and full, his willy was still spurting semen as he pulled it out, I could feel it running between my legs, over my pussy as he kissed my neck, said thanks you dirty bitch and walked off to the shower!

As I lay there on the bed, my legs still splayed, and his seed leaking from my tender bum, I noticed a movement out of the corner of my eye in a mirror, the only other person in the house was the nanny, I looked over my shoulder and saw that the door was left wide open so, if it was her she would have been able to see my gaping pussy and bottom, or maybe she had witnessed and heard the entire episode, my face burned and I wasn’t sure if it was shame or anger at the help having possibly seen me acting like that.

I stood up and showered after my husband had finished, his semen trickling down my thighs as I soaped. After I had dressed I joined him downstairs, chatting to Jodi who was in turn smiling at me, a knowing look in her eyes, I felt myself blush once more as I sat with them.

My husband asked how I’d got on with his mum over the weekend and I said it was fine, he then said that he wanted to catch up with her and was going to take the kids with him and asked if I wanted to come too. I said no, I had to go out later to see a girlfriend that had just split up with her bloke (I wanted to have a word with Jodi while he was out too) he said ok and that Jodi could have the rest of the day off as he would have the children, rather messing up my plans, and asked if she wanted a lift into town on his way to his mums, she said ok and would be ready in 10 minutes if that was ok, he just smiled and said no prob.

Ten minutes later, the kids had been loaded into the car and Jodi was skipping out of the house looking like she was off out to a club, she was wearing skin tight shorts and a bra top, both in black and really glossy high heels with platforms making her tower over me, her legs were bare, I noticed my husband run an appreciative eye over her as she climbed into the front seat next to him, the crotch of her shorts slipping into the cleft between her legs as the parted. After the farewells were over they drove off, leaving me wondering what I could do, I didn’t have to wonder long as I got a text from Lucy saying Ken was back and horny and wanted me at the pub straight after I had seen her. I dressed quickly and drove straight to Lucys rushing down the stairs, I stripped and was buzzed in.

Inside Lucy said she had an outfit for me to wear to meet Ken, and told the toys to do my hair and make up, they piled my hair high up on my head, leaving ringlets hanging down to frame my face, then they produced a clingy dress, almost the same colour as my tanned skin and helped me into it. It had a sort of halter top that was split so it finished below my belly button and displayed the inside curves of my pert boobs, there was loose material that hung down low on the backless (almost too backless) part, which was so low it showed the cleft at the top of my firm tanned bottom, it finished about an inch and a half below my bum but would climb up until it was held in place only by the shape of my buttocks, they produced a ridiculously high pair of white shoes with thick ankle straps with rings on the outer edges. I wasn’t going to wear anything underneath the outfit as it was so clingy anything worn would show no matter how tiny. I knew this was true as I could clearly see my nipple rings showing through the flimsy material, and as I walked, I could make out the prominent clit ring sticking out in front of my high up pussy! I turned around and gasped as I saw how close the dress lung to my bottom, leaving each globe looking like they had been painted with the material. Lucy then told me to wait as she took a picture of my neck with her phone and showed it to me. For the first time I was able to see the tattoo she had put on me, remarkably clear, the letters seemed to jump off my tanned skin, outlined in red, the tattoo was a word, it said, HOT for FUN. That little phrase was going to cause me to get into far more scrapes than I had ever thought possible, the first being that I couldn’t have my hair up or short in normal circumstances. Any was I walked back to my car and got in, noticing as I did, that the halter was designed so that if I was standing it clung to both breasts like a second skin, but whenever I sat or bent forwards, the material would move away revealing more of my breasts, to the point that it could even slip off sometimes, several times during the drive to the pub, the wind had blown it off of me, bearing one or both breasts. I was feeling very naughty, my pussy had been starved of penis for ages then all of a sudden I had 3 different ones in less than 24 hours, and if Ken was true to form I’d soon be having my fourth.

When I arrived at the pub, the car park was busy so I couldn’t park up next to the entrance, still, I was feeling very sexy and knew that I looked hot so I got out and walked across to the pub, I could feel the dress moulding itself to my body, my nipples were exquisitely hard and sensitive, the rings on them as well as by my clitty were being tugged with each tiny movement and by the time I entered the bar I could feel my desire to climax getting urgently close. My outfit had the desired effect as I went in the place went silent, although a lot of the men there had seen me wearing less or naked, this was pure sex!

Then I heard a familiar voice as Ken shouted out “oi you filthy little slut get your tight little cunt over here now!” (he had such a way with manners!) I went over to where he was seated with 2 strangers, at least to me they were, and introduced me to them as his little fuck pig, I found out they were his 2 brothers, Paul and Larry, they obviously weren’t identical triplets though as I would discover later.

He asked what I was wearing under the dress and I told him, nothing, leering he said to show him, so I raised the hem of the dress, watching his eyes widen at the clit ring and then pulled the halter wide to show my breasts with their rings. He licked his lips and said that I was obviously getting uppity as he had told me to show him I was naked under my dress, I smiled at him and undid the halter, allowing it to fall away and expose my firm tanned breasts with their hard nipples proudly holding the 2 steel rings, and then I turned around and pulled the tight dress down over my hips, bending over as I lowered it to the ground before stepping out of it and holding it in my hands to keep it clean. That’s better you dirty cunt, he said as he reached forwards and taking my clit ring in his fingers, pulled me towards him. I almost climaxed at this treatment, he told me to stand stock still while his brothers checked me out, then at a nod from him the other 2 men stood and started touching my body, sending little electric shocks through me as they examined me intimately in front of the rest of the pub crowd. They explored my pussy with their fingers and Ken told them that my arse was up for fucking too, so they spat on their fingers and explored me there as well, unable to help my self, I climaxed noisily and felt my juice start building at the entrance to my pussy, now the 3 of them were playing with my boobs, the rings, my bum, pussy and clit, I felt my legs go weak and heard the brothers discussing what a tart I was and how they were looking forward to their stay (they were going to be around for a week!) I was told to put my dress back on and then Ken pushed me down onto my knees and told me that I was to suck each brother off while he had a game of pool. So there I was on my knees in the pub dressed like a movie call girl taking it in turns to stroke and suck each of his brothers (their penises were nowhere near as big as Kens thankfully) they acted like it was the most natural thing in the world to be sat in a crowded pub with a girl giving them a blow job.

They obviously were enjoying themselves as they took their time before cumming, each holding my mouth down tightly over their willies as they each emptied themselves directly into my tummy, laughing and calling me a good girl as I cleaned them spotless when I had finished swallowing their seed.

They chatted then about how true my tatt was and didn’t my husband object, I said he didn’t know and they said he’d guess by the time they’d finished with me this week. It turned out Paul was a builder and Larry was something in the army, but he wouldn’t say what, just that his men would love to have the use of me for a night or two.

Ken called me over and said they had to leave soon but he approved of the new look, and took me out to his van where he bent me over without even letting me get inside and rubbed his massive penis at the entrance to my well screwed pussy, then taking a fistful of my hair, nudged himself into the tight opening and lurched forwards, flattening me to the floor and driving the breath from me as my insides felt like they were going to tear apart at having to take such a big willy after such a long break, fortunately, I was already soaking wet and this made my life a little easier, I felt my clit ring get pulled right up on his penis and then started screaming as 1 climax after another shot through me, each time he moved I was crying out, pleading with him not to stop, even the painful grip he had on my hair couldn’t stop me, freeing up a hand he reached around and started pulling and twisting my nipple rings, making beg him to cum promising that I would do whatever he wanted without question even agreeing readily that the same would go for his brothers and that I was to let them use my whores body as and when they wanted, even letting them cum in my dirty cunt (something that until then he told me was only ok for him and my husband to do) I promised, shouting out my promises so the whole world could hear them, finally I felt his penis getting larger as he got ready to fill my painfully stretched pussy with his semen, then he came deep inside me calling me every name he could think of and with me thanking him for it too! When he was satisfied he pulled out of me with a satisfying plop, and zipped up leaving me half in half out of the back of his van, my legs spread, my dress up around my waist, my pussy gaping wide and a river of his cum running down my legs. He slapped my bum and told me to move as he didn’t have all night, I stood up on weak legs, his seed still dripping from me, hanging down in strands, my dress still rucked up around my hips, my swollen pussy on show. His brother had been watching my performance and slapped my bum as they passed and got in the van saying I was in for some fun. Ken drove away and I was still stood there, I hadn’t even bothered to cover myself as I was still feeling lots of sweet climaxes from the very thorough screwing I had just been given, I was in a daze as I stumbled back to my car and got in, my dress still not down so as I sat my pussy emptied a gallon of thick semen all over my leather seat, I groaned but was still feeling the aftershocks, even when I pulled up at my house, fortunately there was nobody to see the state I was in as I dashed inside to shower and change to clean the mess in my car. My entire body throbbed for hours after, 4 different willies in my pussy in less than 24 hours and another 2 that I had sucked! OMG I was turning into the slut that they said I was but the feeling were so strong it was like a drug, an addiction to me.

My husband got home late and I pretended to be asleep hoping he wouldn’t want sex with me as he would know straight away that I had been with somebody else, fortunately, he was tired too and just turned his back to me and started snoring. What a life!