Written by Jeanette

29 Sep 2006

It was a winters evening and i had become so accustomed

to Tom popping in that i didn't really mind him

seeing me in my big white nightie when he visited

after 9 o'clock when my sons had been put to bed

(looking back he always called in quite late for

some reason).However as we sat on the sofa talking

i snuggled up to him for a little cuddle (this often

happened and i didn't read anything else into it)

Toms arm was over my side and i felt a sudden shock

or thrill to feel his huge hand on my bum,i said

nothing and i allowed him to continue soon his

hand was cupping my left breast also.I suppose it

was a mixture of sexual frustration and emotional

vulnerability which made me powerless to resist this

much older mans advances and he was soon telling me

how lovely i was and what beautiful dark hair i had,

it was all to much for me really.

However Tom was to show me a whole new experience of

gentle loving i had not yet experienced,a fit and

active man for his age Tom also had the biggest manhood

out of either my husband or previous lover,having

invited him to my bed that first time i soon spent many

a happy winters night sucking and wanking his big

hairy old cock,and allowed him to sandwich it between

my large swollen breasts which he enjoyed greatly.

Because of my condition Tom was reluctant to penetrate

me deeply,we usually made love in the spoons position,

but i needed to feel the intense sensation of a

real mans large penis.It was Tom who suggested my

bottom as an alternative to normal sex and reluctantly

i agreed to try,my arse soon became accustomed to

his size and he fucked me deeply and slowly as i

lay on my side biting the pillow as the orgasm arose

deep within me.I have lost count of the times he

took me this way.