Written by Jo

24 May 2005

Hi, I thought I would tell you about some fun my workmates and I had recently. We are a pretty rowdy bunch of women, of mixed ages, who are always up for a laugh. One Friday when we were on our monthly pub get together the subject turned to male strippers. Some had seen them, others never had, so we decided to book one. I did a bit of internet research and found plenty, but all were a bit expensive, as we could only split the cost six ways. Then I found a free one on Swingingheaven. I contacted him and he admitted that he was older then usual for this sort of thing, but he was free and he said it was “for a laugh”. I like that as he clearly didn’t take himself too seriously. Venue was a problem as we could do not it at our homes and we are known at the local pub, so we decided to do it at work. We are an all female team who work in a staff restaurant, so it was simple to shut up shop in the afternoon, secure in the knowledge that we would not be disturbed.

He insisted that we all new he was an older guy, so there would be no shock, but when he turned up I was a bit concerned. He was a mature man, handsome with a neat greying beard, very slightly overweight, but generally well built. It wasn’t too late to change or minds, but, not wanting to disappoint the others, I decided to go ahead. He was a bit early so he sat with a cup of coffee while we finished cleaning up the kitchen. There was a lot of muttering and giggling, and by the time we were finished I don’t think we'd have noticed if it was Methuesela sitting there.

Eventually, the shutters were down and the doors locked and he began. First it was some friendly banter and then he got each of us to take something off him. When he was down to his trousers it was clear he was in pretty good shape for his age. Obviously, he had been quite a catch in his time, and still good now. Unlike the normal lady’s nights that I have been to with loud music and a lot of noisy women, this was very subdued and much better for that. He involved each of in us kissing and fondling. Still stripped to the waist, he tried to get us to do the same. He didn’t push it, but nevertheless it wasn’t long before two of us had our tits out and one had her top off completely.

We took of his trousers and his hard cock showed through his briefs. Soon these were off and he stroked his shaft in front of us. Each of us stroked it too. Our topless colleague was singled out for special treatment and we watched as he fucked her cleavage. By now another lady was getting very verbal, so he turned his focus on her. While she happily groped his cock and kissed him she wasn’t going to let him do anything to her. He muttered a few words in her ear and shortly they disappeared into the office and pushed the door almost shut. Lots of noises emerged and we tried to peep, but couldn’t see anything. We gave lots of crude verbal encouragement though. Eventually they emerged. She still won’t tell what he did, but she admits to enjoying it.

Finally, after some more group fun he formed us in a semi-circle and we took it in turns to wank him. Eventually, he took over the job himself and had a pretty impressive orgasm.

He then thanked us for our attention, mopped up the floor with tissues (we mopped it again afterwards with disinfectant) and got dressed. He gave each of us his card and left. Since then one of the girls has invited him to her home, and the group are planning to get him back to work again soon. We all agreed it was a good laugh and there’s definitely good tunes in old fiddles.