Written by Kiwi Bri

27 Nov 2006

Back in 1996 we added a couple of rooms to the house and did up some others. We got this retired plasterer to come and do the ceilings and walls. On one day the plasterer, an old Italian named Mark, was working away when we got home from shopping. We were putting the groceries away when we realised that we had forgotten some ingredients needed for dinner that night. I jumped in the car and headed back to the supermarket and left Liz to put the groceries away. It didn't take as long as I thought and I got back within half an hour. When I walked in I noticed that Mark was heading out of the kitchen and seemed to be adjusting his pants. Liz was surreptitiously wiping her mouth on the back of her hand. Being the suspicious person I was, I made another excuse to leave and drove around the corner, parked, and snuck back home. Sure emough, my suspicions were confirmed. There in the bedroom, which I could see into from the French doors, was my wife getting felt up by Mark. I must point out that she was mid 30s and he was mid 60s. She was rubbing his pants and he quickly undid his belt and let them fall to his knees. Liz squatted down and I heard Mark say that hopefully they wouldn't be interrupted this time. She began to suck on his cock, working up and down it, cuppping his rather subtantial balls with her free hand. I have to say that she looked fabulous. She had her eyes shut and really gave it her all. She doesn't like me coming in her mouth and I was wondering what she would do when Mark came. I found out. She was sucking away and suddenly I saw her tense as Mark said that he was coming. She pulled off his cock and continued to wank him, and he started to come. The first shot hit her neck. She must have had second thoughts because she put it back into her mouth and continued to suck him as he orgasmed. What got me was she didn't stop once he had finished but kept sucking on him, swallowing his come and keeping him hard. Eventually he said that she had to stop as he was getting a bit sensitive. I went back to the car and drove home about ten minutes later. When I got there Mark was working and Liz was in the kitchn. I kissed her and could still smell the come on her breath. I don't know who was more devious, me or or.