Written by Christine

11 Jun 2004

If you have read the other accounts of my introduction to BDSM, you will understand how I have become involved.

Well the weekend arrived and it was time for Paulines party. I did not realise that such a world exsisted, I thought I was the only one who thought about it let alone do it. As mentioned in the previous account Jan had arranged for and Vicki a girl of 22, and me the other side of 40, to help out at the party of one of her up market clients.

We arrived early, Pauline a Hyacinth Bucket look and sound a like. Let us in, and said that we must willing to serve before we have fun. Jan was going to use the night to find more clients for her specialist jewelry.

Vicki took the guest coats as they arrived and I served the drinks. It was an all ladies night, about twelve guests in total, mixed ages, but all oviously well healed.

I was leaning over atable picking up an empty glass, when the lady sitting next to the table slid her hand up my skirt, the lady on the other side took this as an open invitation to feel my breasts. I was manouvered to sit on the first one knee, I had not been introduced to any one, I was there to serve and the pair of them strpped me nked in seconds one was finger fucking me, whilst the other was pulling at my nipples from behind, Vicky was also getting a similar treatment. Vicky was also being tied and place on the floor where three of the guests started to take her body one on either side sucking her pert nipples whilst she was being fisted by the other. Pauline then stood ovr her and caned her erect nipples, I was then told to suck her nipples erect again, whist I was on all fours sucking her nipples I was firmly spanked from behind, and dog collars and leads were fastend round my breasts and pulled tight, forcing them hard and erect, It does not really hurt only sends fantastic sensations through you, unless you try it you wil never believe the feelings. I was pulled upright and tied in a standing position, the geusts took it in turn suck my nipples tweak them or whip them, the feelings were unbelievable. Some of the guest were still fully clothed and just getting pleasure from watching or using Vicky and me. My fanny was aching from the finger then my nipples were clipped in some diamond studded clamps and screwed up tight Two of the gusted who had undressed donned large strap ons then entered me back and front, I cried out in ectasy, this was about my third or fourth orgasm.

Pauline had stripped and was wearing the chains and thong Jan had made and it was being admired by the guests most of whom had started to patially undress and relieve each other, but vivky and I were still the centre of their attention for spanking fisting and nipple tweaking, the hight went on for about four hours. By the end I was exhausted sore, and very very satisfied and went home to be carressed by hubby who had to be told every thing. He know that Jan is organising another mixed party soon.

We still need some more females or couples to join us please get in touch, especially ladies any age, jsut come and watch before you try.