Written by steve w

26 Jun 2004

me and my girlfriend have been together for almost 8 years.during that time we have tried and tried for a baby but to no avail. we later found out that it was impossible for me to have kids. so reluctantly i agreed that karen could find a man for this sole purpose.

i must admit the thought filled me with dread,as we discussed who the man would be. we are both 27 years old and karen is a sexy looking woman who i loved very much.

i certainly didnt like the thought of another man fucking her on a constant basis. we failed to agree on anyone, with me being to jealous for her to sleep with any of what i would class as my good looking mates.

then i thought about our landlord,terry was almost 50 years of age and not someone i seen as a threat. karen reluctanly agreed and we went about our plan.............

the next week when terry called for the rent i openly asked him outright,he was slightly taken aback but readily agreed.

he told me it would be a gradual process and not something which would happen over night.and the sooner we started the better for all concerned.

the following night i told karen terry was popping round for a chat with her about the whole situation and that i would make myself scarce.

i headed of to the pub and stopped there until closing time.my mind awash with thoughts of karen and terry.when i arrived back home all was quiet and karen was asleep in bed.

i woke her to ask her how things went and she said that they had discussed things openly and frankly,about what she liked and disliked etc.and had both decided that there was no time like the present and proceeded to tell me that terry then took her to our bed and fucked her. she told me it was only sex and it was over in only a few minutes and that she didnt enjoy it. this put me at ease and we fell asleep in each others arms.

over the next few weeks terry would call round twice a week and fuck karen while i popped out.

one night when we were making love i noticed a love bite on karen right tit. when i questioned her about it she went sheepish and tryed changing the subject.

she eventually admitted terry had done it.but you only have straight sex with him dont you?i asked.....she went very quiet but then admitted how terry was a very dominant and fantastic lover who made her cum within minutes of their first meeting. she told me he had fucked her so hard one night that she felt her insides were still shaking when i retured home.

he would bring her off at least 3 times during one session.

she told me it didnt mean anything to her that it was just sex......

i told her it was over with terry but she begged me to let it continue until she became pregnant.she began touching my limp cock and pleading with me to let it continue.

at this stage i was confused but my cock was like a rod of iron in seconds. karen said, darling your cock is so hard you must have enjoyed me telling you about terry.

would you like to hear what else he has done to your girlfriend? yes yes i shouted out tell me go on tell me.

karen was wanking me harder now as she told me how terry had taken her to heights never experienced in her life.

how he ordered her to suck his cock to full hardness on their first meeting.she told me that she always knew she had a submissive side and terry is the first person to bring it out in her. on their forth meeting terry told her he was going to fuck her arse and not even bother fucking her cunt all night.she said she didnt try to stop him even though she only ever let me do it once before.

i pushed my rock hard cock into my girlfriends soaking wet hole and really pushed into her as hard as i could,trying to recreate terrys actions with her. i cum hard and so did karen.

i agreed to let it continue with terry and luckily for us karen became pregnant within a few weeks.

she is now carrying terrys child who i will become father to.

but when i came home from work two weeks ago terry was just leaving.saying he had just popped in to sort out some things with karen.

when i asked karen what had been going on she told me that terry had popped in and told her ha was here to fuck her one more time which he proceeded to do without karen stopping him. she said it was just a thank you and it would never happen again...........we are currently looking for another place to live where we can bring up our child.