Written by Steve

4 May 2006

I had had to move move Cape Town and was staying in a hotel for the last few days. My lover came round at about 2 so we were already nude when Jason arrived - late because of traffic. He stripped off and we started. Difficult to say in these things what everyone did but suffice it to say we all sucked, licked, and felt each other. He licked Terri and she sucked him. Then she sucked me while I wanked him. Then Jason sucked me, while kneeling up so Terri could get underneath and suck him while he felt her. I felt his arsehole - I couldn't reach to rim him, then felt his balls and wanked him into Terri's mouth. Terri then wanted to rim him again so he got on his hands and knees and sucked me while Terri started work on his arsehole - really getting her tongue in there - I was so hard watching her tongue in action.

After a while - who knows how long - we changed again and Terri and me sucked and licked his cock while Jason used the camera then we moved again and Jason and I lay arse to arse with our cocks touching so Terri could lean over and play with both our cocks at the same time - I loved the feeling of his arse on mine and Terri tried to sucked us both at once but ended up sucking one and wanking the other and then swapping over. All this time Jason was driving his fingers into her pussy as she was in a 69 with him - I think he was licking her too.

Terri then suggested we tried a double entry - we had discussed this previously - so she got off, straightened her legs and got a condom while Jason sucked me. She saw this and came across and they both sucked and licked me. Jason got off and Terri carried on sucking while Jason moved round and licked her pussy and arse.

He put a condom on while I moved down the bed with my leg having over and she climbed on and inserted my cock in her pussy - I was afraid I would could to fast as this way always gets me cumming. Jason got plenty of lube and inserted his cock in her arse. Because of her bad left knee she couldn't get down properly so only a bit of my cock was in her but it was a great feeling and Terri really loved it. Jason reached round and felt her tits while he drove into he.

We then changed again - I changed ends and lay with my head at the foot of the bed and licked her pussy while Jason arse fucked her just inches above my face - in fact he came out a couple of times and he cock slid across my nose before he got it in again - a great view, great taste and she came twice through all this. Eventually we had to stop as I was getting crushed. So Terri lay on the bed and Jason just mounted her and fucked her very forcefully until he came in her while Terri sucked me.

He took off the condom and came over to play with me as I hadn't cum yet. We wanted to do what we always used to do with a 3some so he wanked me while Terri sucked and I came in her mouth and she swallowed it all.

We then lay on the bed and rested and as always with Jason and started to stroke Terri all over. Eventually we started again and I licked Terri's pussy while wanking Jason - he had to stop we a few times as he was close to cumming gain. I couldn't quite see what was happening but I thought they were kissing - but afterwards Terri told me he was kissing her all over the face and neck but she wouldn't kiss him back as she knew I didn't like that - I said she could have done but she said it was sexier just teasing him.

We moved round again, Jason started to feel Terri and she started to suck him while I wanked him and Jason wanked me. I then took over sucking and wanking him and he said he was cumming so I carried on sucking - got his second load of cum in my mouth and the moved to Terri and kissed her deeply transferring his cum into her mouth - she didn't realise at first but then tasted it and said mmmm.

She then moved down and started sucking me and I came for a second time in her mouth very quickly.

So we all came twice, Terri has 3 mouthfuls of cum and it was a great last afternoon.

My hectic sex life of Cape Town has now ended but hopefully I will manage some mouthfuls of cock here near Grantham and hope to persuade my wife to play although I am not that hopeful.

Would appreciate any emails and pictures from all members -I am in a wheelchair so can't get out much and really appreciate all stories and pictures now I haven't got my Terri. I will swap pictures of all my activities - about 26 cocks and 5 pussies from 3 years of sex.