Written by dave and sal

23 Nov 2003

I have to relate to you out there about the events of last night

me and Sally went out for a meal and a drink and prior to us leaving home i was in the bedroom getting ready when Sal walked in from the bathroom and started to look through her wardrobe for what to wear.She picked out a little red dress with buttons all the way up the front and then started to decide on her underwear.She picked out a red bra and panty set with the panties being the open crotch type and then a suspender belt of the same colour with dark nearly black stockings.

I said that it looked like i was in for a special evening to which she replied :does it have to be just you:I looked at her and shook my head knowing that we most likely were going to be stopping off on the way back at some local spot and entertaining some other man or men.

Well we enjoyed our meal and began the drive home and Sal asked if there was any particular place i would like us to go to,i said i had always fancied a place just outside Bridgnorth

which i had heard reports about,it is a fairly big layby which looks like it used to be part of the old road system and goes a fair way back from te main road.

She said ok let us try it we pulled in and saw only one car when we arrived so pulled up just behind it and i started to give Sal a slow lingering kiss while my hands undid a few buttons on her dress and released the hook on her bra and played with her hard nipples.

She had meanwhile got my cock out and although i cannot get a proper hard on she still gets all the right sensations going in me.

We had been there about half an hour and i happened to see that the chap from the car in front had ventured up the passenger side of our car and was openly stroking his hard cock while watching us.

I whispered to Sal that we had company and she glanced over my shoulder to see him playing with himself she shuddered with excitement at the sight and asked me to lower the window a little which i did the chap moved right up close and Sal reached out and began to stroke his hard cock and he lowered his trousers to his ankles Sal looked at his hard cock and asked if i would let her have him inside her to which i replied you know i can't say no to you cos it is what you got all dressed up for.

Sal got out of the car and opened the back door of the car and bent forward so that her rear was at the mercy of our male accomplice he got behind her and i heard Sal let out a moan of approval as he entered her wet cunny and began to move in and out at a nice steady rate.

Just then another car pulled into the layby and they both had to do some very quick arranging of themselves and they both ended up sitting together in the back of our car with Sal's dress still open wide with her boobs on showand this guy playing with them.

Eventually the two young lads in the other car made a move and came up alongside our car and on seeing this chap and my wife playing with each other started to openly rub there cocks has they watched the action.(to be continued)